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  1. I sort of didn't want this to again make people fight over if Warbucks was good or bad. I liked the character and just wanted to share my idea. He's gone and theres nothing anyone, but Klei, can really do about it (and I understand bringing him back into the game now would be a little weird).
  2. Now, I understand I may get some hate for bringing up a certain removed character and I respect Klei's decision, but I just want to share my humble opinion. ... I just think Warbucks could be a good addition for dst during an update like this. With the new lore it brings and new locations, his character would fit, since he's an explorer with geological/archeological knowledge (and if he would really be considered and reworked, it would be probably the best to focus on these aspects of his character and lesser his hunter side). I think he could have really interesting quotes and maybe could even be able to decipher a bit or read the Lunarune Glyphs. It at least fits for him that he would want to study it.