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  1. Willow illustration from last year
  2. (sorry i stopped responding for about a month. whoops.)
  3. a short psa: i love wheeler very much...
  4. a charlie from my tumblr [igenious over there as well!], with a tarot-inspired design
  5. good heavens this took me way longer to finish than i anticipated. i scrapped like 4 different, near-complete drawings because i wasnt too happy with em
  6. I'VE BEEN FOUND.. Nevertheless, 'tis my duty to post more stuff because I need more consistency in my life. Might redo the Wes later on, not too keen on how it turned out to be honest.
  7. another request from tumblr, ive got 5 more of the color palette drawings to do so whew
  8. stuff from the good ol' tumblr
  9. i'm just gonna throw this hear because i have literally no explanation for it
  10. i'm beginning to dabble into animation again as well, here's a WIP gif
  11. i made a verdant webber today...love them a whole lot...
  12. im reaLLY BAD with keeping up with this thread but ty all!!
  13. image 1 (wendy): i'm actually really happy with this one, still, even though its a month or two old maybe more than that but time works differently in the upside-down img 2: firebird: another from last year, tried my hand at some monster designs, attempting the style of Don't Starve its art dump time, have some snowfallens, featuring my 328947 ways to sign stuff