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  1. Nevermind, the problem was in Steam, it didn't open any games on it, restarting the platform helped me.
  2. DST doesn't open. Logs are suspiciously short and it seems like they don't contain any errors... Troubleshooting steps didn't help. System info in log file should be enough.
  3. Well I tried to search topic, but didn't found any related with my question. Does PauseHack mod exists? Well, you know... QoL + Hallowed Nights Update gave us ability to pause server. I don't understand some mechanics in pause feature, can some objects be paused while other thing's aren't. Is it possible to pause everything except something (player, bushes, trees, moving objects, fire spread, etc.)?
  4. Will the new update be 64 bit only or it will be AnyCPU, meaning you can choose the version you want to install?
  5. Nevermind, I checked the integrity of game files via Steam and it repaired everything
  6. Caves from other servers work fine (checked Klei Official Servers)
  7. I cannot generate world with caves, if I try to do that, an error pops up. No client/server mods were enabled. Worlds, generated without caves, work fine. I didn't use any worldgen presets (everything was set to it's default settings).
  8. Will be number input or input type range compatible with game (for example, game settings or mod config settings)? Or will ⏩⏪⏭️⏮️ maybe added to scroll to the end/start of the setting? I'm tired of clicking > or < all way to the end.