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  1. Hello guys . I love dont starve, but i dont have it on steam. As a teen its pretty much impossible to get money in Bosnia, is there anyone who bought dont starve together who dont need that 2nd copy? My steam username is hicmet or hicmettt
  2. And me and my friend are really close (in the same city)
  3. I know its the best to buy it, but you gotta understand me, i live in a poor country where as a teen its almost impossible to get money, and thanks for that
  4. Hello guys, i have a pretty cheap pc (2gb ram,dual core e7400) and when i host a server with caves im kinda lagging especially when its autosaving, my friend has a better computer, if he hosts a server with caves and if i join will i still be lagging or not (im currently saving money for dont starve together so i use a pirated copy so i cannot check out), sorry for bad english im from Bosnia
  5. I know that, we will start saving money, steam wallet is expensive in my country 5€ wallet is 15 BAM (7.5€ is 15bam) , so i need 45 bam to buy dont starve whats 15€
  6. And it crashes, everytime. I tried also this and again it still crashes modmain.lua
  7. Hey, i was trying to add recipe in the game for dubloon (from slot machine mod) can you tell me what i screwed up? and how it needs to go? modmain.lua
  8. Hello guys! Me and my friend we love dont starve together, we are playing it but we dont have money to buy it, we are just broke teenagers. Is it able to play LAN using any software if hes far from me? I tried hamachi, everything but its not working. Our only solution is to save money for 2 months and thats it.
  9. Thank you a lot! I know something, not much, i reskined one mod that had disgousting looking freezer.
  10. Hello everyone! I'm new to a modding (and sorry if my english is bad, i live in Bosnia and my main language is bosnian) So, i want to know how to make a mod that will change mob drops, what to do, where to code... Example: Bunny have 15% chance to drop bunny puff.
  11. Hello everyone I'm new to this forum, but i've done something that was bothering me, i changed that ugly freezer "skin" from mod called DST Freezer by cr4shmaster based on DS mod by Afro1967 (I used freezer "skin" from IceBox v2.0 mod by cr4shmaster) Enjoj everyone DST Freezer (Reskined).rar