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  1. Many A Time All My Berries And Grass Burn Down BEcuase A Theft Pig Came And A Guard Attacked It And BOOM All My Crops And Bushes And Everything Are Burnt To A Crisp. Some People Say To Remove The Torches And Replace Them, But Instead... You Should Be Able To Give Them A Lantern OR Keep Torches, But Just Remove The Ability Of Burning Things
  2. I Was Mining An Iron Hulk And Then Went On Water With My Boat The Hulk Followed Me On Water With Its Normal Walking Animatation (I Have Been Testing Some Random Things)
  3. Queen Womant Perma-Sound loss

    Happened To Me As Well I Just Relogged And It Was Fixed
  4. I Placed 2 Oddity Shops At Midnight, I Accedentally Clicked On One And Entered, The Same Thing Happened With The Other Shop I Have Only Done This On An Oddity Shop So I Do Not Know If It Works On Other Shops