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  1. The website was moved and the URL-Redirect seemed not to work for everyone so i've updated the link to go directly to the new location
  2. Hey so me and my friends got really into don't starve together character modding and wanted something to help us quickly generate the portrait names so I threw together this website real quick and I think some other people MAY find it helpful. @Staff Please let me know if I'm in violation of any copyrights or anything by creating this page and i'll remove it. Just want to help out the community without disrespecting the game. About the generator: - You type in a name and it will auto generate a gold and gray name shrinking it accordingly if needed. Then simply click the download button to save the PNG file. The Generator: Don't Starve Together Portrait Name Generator If your character's portrait name isn't working read the thread at this link --> Character Select Screen Does Not Display Name Possible future features: - I'm thinking about adding options to allow squishing the text closer together and also shaking the characters up n down to get a more natural DST look. Let me know if this is something you'd be interested in and I can try to fast track working on it. - Also let me know what you think if you have any ideas/feedback. Hope you enjoy! Thanks!!