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  1. Multiple colonies? My computer wants to cry at the thought of reliably simulating all of it.
  2. Is it possible to tell us what the changes are instead of just telling us that there are changes?
  3. My vacuum and ceramic sealed steam turbine is heating up very slowly, more like a battery and less like a, well, steam turbines of old.
  4. Initial testing suggest that there is a minimum temperature of 125, so cool steam vents won't work, directly anyway. I suspect, however, the new meta for cool steam vents are going to be heating cool steam up a bit so it goes over 125 and becomes water that you can use. If you use an aquatuner, it is even energy positive because you extract the thermo energy from 120->95.
  5. Supercoolant. Sadly, aquatuner based energy positive designs are a thing of the past.
  6. It gets the steam from below. The steam turbine needs to sit on top of a set of tiles, but it takes in air from one level below. The thing stopped working when the steam dropped below 500g/tile, so there is still a small amount of pressure needed, but much less then the massive amounts that it used to need. Doing the math on the 195 minimum for max power, it would appear that if you used an aquatuner to heat it, it would perfectly break even powerwise.
  7. From testing the new steam turbine a bit in debug: The steam turbine takes in steam over 125 degrees at 2kg/s, and output water at 95 degrees (2 kg/s). The power production is based on the heat of the steam consumed, with full power production (850 watts) reached somewhere around 195 degrees c. The new steam engine would appear to be a win for simple engineering and heat deletion, but a big loss for power positive designs around aquatuners.
  8. Anyone know how the new steam turbine works? I can’t test it yet, and the steam turbine basically underpins everything I do in this game.