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  1. I think it mostly depends on what you need. Slime can be converted to 90% O2 (via the deodorizer) + a bunch of clay* or it can be converted to food via Mushroom farming. My dupes eat nothing but BBQ, so lower quality food is of very little value to me, so I just let it off gas into PO2 because I have a desperate need for more clay to fuel endless demand for ceramic. *Assuming you have infinite regolith because the game gives you a lot of regolith.
  2. If you are trying to go all the way to natural gas, it is a bit tricky to do without space materials. A bit tricky as in I am not aware of a good way. You need a reliable heat source and a way of getting that heat source into your oil beyond petroleum boiling points. A volcano can work, but they are never in a convenient place. If you want to go to petrol, you need a three stage setup, separated by doors. When each stage is done, the doors will open and oil will fall into the next layer. For materials, you need some steel and some petrol to jumpstart the system. As an ongoing cost, you need a plentiful supply of raw metal (seriously). If you are building this in survival, don't automatically control the doors since you will make mistakes in designing this, and dupe access into 400 degree areas is annoying. Instead, wire each door into a pressure sensor set to something absurd. By toggling the pressure sensor from below/above, the player have an instant automation switch. In stage one, you have the crude enter via a liquid vent. You will want to use a liquid shutoff to control how much crude enters - the condition should be pressure under 2000kg. To heat the oil, we use a smelter, cooled with petrol. You will want to use automation on the smelter so that it only turns on when the coolant is under 410 degrees C, or else you risk bursting pipes and getting sour gas everywhere. Send the coolant into the first chamber via radiation pipes. This will heat up the oil to 410 degrees, turning it into petrol. When it hits 405 degrees, open the doors to let it into the second chamber. In stage two, you will need to cool down the oil so that you can touch it with a steel pump. For that, we use an simple loop of petrol. One end is our stage two, and the other end is the hot chamber of an steam turbine (recycle the steam with your favorite method - I use condensation because it feels less cheaty, but doors are going to be more efficient). As long as you are recycling the steam, the hot chamber of a steam turbine is going to around 230C, which is cool enough for a steel pump. We open the doors to let the petrol enter the third chamber when the petrol hits 235 degrees. In the third stage, we simply pump the petrol out with a steel pump. This setup served me well until I literally turned all of the iron ore in multiple biomes into refined iron and turned all the fossil on the map into steel. At that point, I had to switch over to using space materials, which made it a lot easier.