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  1. Sealed Apartment Strategy.

    Note that putting the eating area outside of the oxygen zone have important benefits - if the great hall is flooded with chlorine, you can just leave food on the floor of the great hall and save some dupe time in travelling. And food poison germs will all die as well.
  2. The new steam turbine deletes roughly 1 KDTU of heat energy to produce 1 J. This sounds stupid and all, but it actually make sense: when you are heating something with electric power, whether you are intentionally generating heat or not, you generally produce way more than a single DTU of heat per Joule spent. The small and smart batteries, for example, create 750 DTU of heat for each J that they lose, which is about right? Of course, there are things that are just totally wrong - the space heater is simply underpowered at 150DTU per J and so forth, and they probably deserve a buff.
  3. I actually like it when game rules leads to real world solution being good in-game solutions as well. Most of my favorite builds are the kind that comes from real world engineering, not from the game's engine acting up. Things like transferring heat efficiently and effectively between incoming crude and outgoing petrol is much more interesting then exploiting the game's weird pacu mechanics. Real world oil and gas companies deal with the problem of storing natural gas by liquifying it. Turns out that the game's simulation makes it possible to do. Well, then, players should be encouraged to do it instead of inventing new science fiction tools. The rest is just game balance. I would argue that a reduction in the electric cost of the thermoregulator is the correct solution, so that liquidating natural gas would make sense for long term storage.
  4. Large scale heat deletion with steam turbine, thermotuner and supercoolant is power-neutral in QOL3 and power-positive in QOL2. If you really want to abuse the game, freeze the thing into solids since you can store an infinite amount of debris in a single tile.
  5. But distant resources generally don't have anything special - the actual rare resources often do spawn on the first rocket destinations.
  6. In the real world, when people want to store a lot of natural gas, they turn it to liquid first. That solution work well in the game as well.
  7. Rocket Engine heat

    In general, to prevent heat of leaking in or out of something, just leave a vacuum gap. The rocket silo is absolutely no exception to that rule. With that said, I store LOX and LH2 right next to the rocket silo insulated with only a single layer of ceramic, so I am pretty sure that will also work in insulating the rest of your base from rocket heat.
  8. I see isoresin much sooner on my map. If you can get it at 3 cycles and have 5 rockets making the round trip, that will not be a bottleneck.
  9. It is only 5kg per use, and the animation takes ~20 seconds? That is what, 30 rounds per cycle? 150kg per day is really not a lot in the grand scheme of things - for example, it isn't enough make enough dirt for pepper bread for a single dupe. Putting it differently, a single petrol generator will generate 6x more p-water.
  10. Eating eggs means that you need a stable supply of algae to keep the pacu population stable. Probably a bad idea.
  11. For some definition of massive, anyway. The sink don't convert that much water.
  12. That is why I asked about you will want for the dupes to do as opposed needing them to do it - steelmaking is such a good idea because steel is so much superior to iron means that you will pretty much always want more steel. On the same note, you probably want to grill the meat. I am actually dubious of the idea that you want 20 guys building something - there is usually a clear order that something must be built simply because most of the build isn't reachable until the tiles and ladders are built one by one. I don't think I can productively use more then 3 dupes on a build site anyway.
  13. One last thing that I missed - oil wells need dupe to relieve the pressure at some point.
  14. I don't think there is ever an need to tune up power generators if you keep the number of dupes small because your power needs scale with dupe count to some extent but your nat gas geysers are alway a fixed number. Same goes for harvesting crops - with a small enough team, you simply don't consume that much crops to have to worry about their resource consumption. Yes, I forgot about the molecular forge.
  15. I am trying to compile a list of things that you actually need dupes to do. My general suspicion is that you can run a deluxe base with very little, if any action from dupes, and this is a reason why you should never print new dupes except maybe to man rockets. So the full list of stuff that you actually want for dupes to do in the late game is the following: Cooking BBQ/Pepper bread Crushing eggshell into lime steel making (metal refinery) digging/building ranching.... stuff (dreckos for reed fiber seems like the only thing useful into the end game) Possibly flipping compost for the pepper bread route And as far as I can tell, that is the entire list; 3 dupes should be plenty