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  1. Never tried using mods in a game before though many friends do a ton, but I do do my own .Kia programming etc for my eqemu server so I am familiar. I downloaded and added a bunch of mods this morning, some wouldn't work but most did just fine all together, for 50 game days. Saved and exited to run errands, came back and with no updates or other changes whatsoever, game crashed upon loading the save. Plenty of lines, have log on computer, but through that and all following crashes color cubes or color blocks was always one of the error strings. I tried making a new game with only a few of the mods, same crash. Disabled all mods, created new world but with presets...same crash. Mods disabled yet crash says to disable mods. Removed the mods from the mod folder as well as disabled, still crashed no matter what...except once it let me load the game without any mods that had previously had about 10, and I suicides a few times to get the xp for new chars (this was a new install after old install began crashing at different time and for different reasons) So, once accomplished began new world with all mods removed from folder and of course disabled, and still got the same crashes. Tried running the installer hoping it would repair things but no dice until full uninstall and reinstall. I understand mods having issues though the work fine til save and reenter is a little wonky, but then disabling and removing and even fresh games and worlds would crash before fully launching, that I don't understand. After full removal and reinstall everything is again fine, but now I'm afraid to do anything if using mods can permanently screw up the game files, how is that possible?