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    Thank you! I might try that if I work up the courage to go back there. When I went back, there were SO many more than I thought (I guess you can't see them in the screenshot because the light radius of my miner's hat isn't very broad). I managed to kill about 4 of them with gunpowder after making them fall asleep with the pan flute, but I could only get as many as were on screen to fall asleep at the same time. There were HUNDREDS of spiders and the queens of course pooped out more every 45 seconds. It was a nightmare. I bailed. So my plan from here on is: - I've world hopped in RoG and gotten the seaworther so I can pre-build a Seaworthy - I'm going to world hop again to get another seaworther - In that world, I will build the seaworthy, then immediately pre-build another one - I'll go to the scary Shipwrecked world at night when they're asleep, and try to build a raft and GTFO that island ASAP. Once I've done that, I will build a small base and the second seaworthy to get back to RoG Do you think that will work? I have no idea how small/big the island is because I haven't had a chance to explore it for obvious reasons!

    Hi there, This is my first post to Klei forums, and in fact, I joined up just so I could share this. I am on my 5th world, having survived 319 days, and I finally decided to go over to Shipwrecked. This is what I found when I got there... I am SHOOK! I'm so scared and don't know what to do considering they're right next to my damn Seaworthy!!! Anyway, please tell me about your scariest moments in the game. This is mine by far. I am currently back in RoG collecting some (a lot of) gunpowder.