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  1. 11 hours ago, maradyne said:

    Foodie from Louisiana, can confirm this is the secret to everything.
    Maybe that's why the odds of butter dropping seem tripled for me. KLEI KNOOOWS


    foodie not from louisiana. can also confirm. I've also found chicken Boullian to make wonderful mashed potatoes, and make boxed mashed potatoes much more palatable.

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  2. 17 minutes ago, Hornete said:

    Pew o matic turns literally any idea into a projectile, Fryfocals deal 50 dmg + fire, Blunderbuss's need gunpowder to be reloaded, Warbucks will die before he waits for eggs to rot, :>


    You want to play with facts and logic, Then Allow me to break down why Wheeler fails as a character. 

    Wheeler's downside is that she has 3 less inventory slots. which is all fine and well, but her upside is that that she has more speed the fewer items she's holding.

    Not only is speed the most broken stat in the game, but this encourages Wheeler players to wear a backpack 24/7, which goes against the entire "Travels light" jist, and ends up feeding an addiction that most players already have.

    Not only that, but her her low HP may aswell not be a downside. this is because Armor stacking means that even a speeding truck could barely scratch her, and her free I-frames means that you can just tank everything for free anyways.


    9 minutes ago, DavePlaysDST said:

    Hornet only started the war beacuse of people harassing him to add warbucks to his mod.

    so who’s the real villain here.

    Hornet, For declaring War just becuase of a vocal minority 

    EDIT: What in high hell happened to the text?


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