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  1. Remind me to make a Wagstaff version tommorow
  2. Thanks Joe. We'll make sure not to dissapoint you again. And if someone does... well, we'll figure it out when we get there
  3. can I ask what exactly was breaking the rules? There was that one political meme that you deleted, then warned about. but when I looked back through it while cross-referencing the rules, I didn't really see anything that broke said rules other than maybe 1 or two posts. Though I did see a few references to posts that I couldn't find, so perhaps you deleted the offenders.
  4. quite franklt, that's rather tame compared to much of the stuff on there
  5. Try Don't Starve Wheeler. Probably should have been more specific.
  6. EDIT: also don't search Wheeler on Ecosia. It's kinda pretty fairly cursed
  7. War, War never changes Also how the fronk do I get a custom rank?
  8. You want to play with facts and logic, Then Allow me to break down why Wheeler fails as a character. Wheeler's downside is that she has 3 less inventory slots. which is all fine and well, but her upside is that that she has more speed the fewer items she's holding. Not only is speed the most broken stat in the game, but this encourages Wheeler players to wear a backpack 24/7, which goes against the entire "Travels light" jist, and ends up feeding an addiction that most players already have. Not only that, but her her low HP may aswell not be a downside. this is because Armor stacking means that even a speeding truck could barely scratch her, and her free I-frames means that you can just tank everything for free anyways. Hornet, For declaring War just becuase of a vocal minority EDIT: What in high hell happened to the text?
  9. I've actually been thinking about how Warbucks could work in DST, and I'm considering making a thread to explain my concept. TL;DR in the spoilers though
  10. I realized that Cyclum had some extra potential, so I figured I would put it into an important PSA
  11. Farms are mathmatically the worst source of food in the game, along with a massive waste of resources Rot is just as good of a fertilizer as manure for the useful things so really, this is a perfectly good use of manure
  12. oh, that actually makes much more sense than the circlejerk. huh. Still Minespatch's fault for posting Tentacle p- well you know Speaking of War Extra Saucy sauce
  13. I mean, I don't see how this falls under any of those, I suppose it's advancing a circlejerk, but what's life without a good-ol fasion meme war? or atleast that's what I plan to turn it into (I was at work when the battlestandard was set).
  14. You have incited a gang war May this be a call to arms for those who seek justice for Warbucks. (Not saying you should do it, but still)
  15. Wouldn't that be a boney? Wait, no, that's a bad idea. forget I said that also how do you even set titles
  16. Wickerbottom: oh, you're back from the expedition early Wigfrid: Möön's haunted Wickerbottom: What? Wigfrid: *grabbing spear and getting back on the boat* Möön's haunted
  17. well you do seem to be correct in that sense. However, by definition, this would be an almalgam, not an eldritch abomination