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  1. 7 hours ago, 1bubbainpa said:

    “I like wormwood, I think he’s a good character that provides a bunch of benefits to the team.”


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    Lol! I can tell by your reply that you aren't that great at the game, but that's okay. Everyone learns at a different rate. 

    Living logs are already free. There's never a point where wood becomes irrelevant, which means you'll be farming living logs every time you farm regular logs. I generally spawn at least 2 tree guards every 5 or so days. That's more than any solo player needs.

    Speaking of free, you do know that farming composts to make living logs takes exponentially longer than just chopping trees and spawning tree guards for living logs right? Oh..

    Cheap tooth trap side grades? You do realize that when tooth traps become relevant is around the same time they become free to make right? Oh..

    65% armor is trash on a character that doesn't heal from food. There will never be a point where the unnoticeable aoe damage from the armor will be more useful than a simple log suit.

    Lol! Splumonkey farm? You do know that willow exists right? And she has no down sides compared to trash tier wormwood. Unlimited food? Do you even play this game? All you need is one spider den and a bird cage and you have unlimited S tier food forever in every season. 

    Why would you waste time using bramble traps to make a splumonkey farm when you can literally use willow or winona or spiders or bunnymen for a splumonkey farm that requires no maintenance. 

    Best team play out of anyone? What on earth are you talking about lol. He plants seeds on the ground, an ability which becomes irrelevant before the first harvest can even grow. 

    There's nothing fun about not healing from food. That's not a meaningful downside, it's an anchor that slows every aspect of the game down.

    Trust me young man, I have more than enough experience on wormwood. I've already done a full boss run and guess what, he's just an all around bad character. He is at least 5 to 10 days slower than even Wes at clearing every boss because you have to actually farm for your healing items. 

    Have you even killed fuelweaver before? Have you killed him without the houndius shootius cheese? How many pierogi and blue mushrooms did you bring? About 30 of each, right? Imagine fighting him and your only efficient heal is the compost wrap. You literally have to lazy explorer around to get a heal off because of how slow the animation is. 

    Get back to me when you can actually kill every boss sans cheese.

    also woodie rework stinky klei pls

    Pretty sure that was a reply to me

  2. 11 hours ago, maradyne said:

    Foodie from Louisiana, can confirm this is the secret to everything.
    Maybe that's why the odds of butter dropping seem tripled for me. KLEI KNOOOWS


    foodie not from louisiana. can also confirm. I've also found chicken Boullian to make wonderful mashed potatoes, and make boxed mashed potatoes much more palatable.

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