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  1. Ranking DST characters by how likely they are to be gay.
  2. By the titan that was nearly 100 pages ago.
  3. Did I ever post this here? My memory's utter Beefdung, but I couldn't find it in my post history. so I guess not. Agony of a Toadstool 2.0.mp4
  4. I'd have to test this to make sure that it's not a mod allowing me to do this, But you can "Feed" a pig to get close to it, and then before feeding it, use force attack to kill the pig without it running away from you.
  5. Killing a bee hive in 1 hit won't summon spawn any killer bees, and destroy any bees that where inside the hive
  6. Leaked footage of the Wigfrid refresh is looking great
  7. Wigfrid was the most popular character up until Wendy's refresh, at which point they've been fairly neck and neck
  8. Mod character. Tl;DR they could wear different hats to gain different traits to fit in with Various Roles. A concept that many have suggested for Wigfrid, despite how bad of an idea it is.
  9. And at last, The most-played characters list returns to Order Also re-posting this one due to the possible threat of relevency
  10. New short is definitly for Wigfrid. I just hope they don't pull another Woodie on her. Rest of the QoL changes are sick though. Thank's klei
  11. Has this been done yet? I feel like this has been done yet
  12. You'll be the one burning For thinking she's so pathetic as to take damage from being lit on fire
  13. Oasis doesn't have Wildfires your Opinion is invalid
  14. Hasn't this been a problem sense DST released? I wouldn't call that quickly
  15. Say pal, I'm going to need some citations for those lyrics.
  16. I definitly like Walter's new downside. I still wish that Winona got it, But It's better than what we saw before.