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  1. Having played Winona with a mod that increases her work speed (albeit at the cost of hunger), that alone does make her much more appealing to play. Not sure it entirely solves the pick & swap problem, but it does give her a strong, simple niche that she's currently lacking. Not sure how to feel about weaponizing Charlie. I suppose it could be a fun mechanic to play with, though I think the current implementation as a simple flavor perk works well. Winona's isn't a master of the night, or someone who made a faustian bargain. She's just Charlie's sister, and is able to dodge a hit from her because of it. And finally, the downside. While being unable to properly prototype items is interesting, I'm not sure it works here. The thing with downsides is that the best ones are both interesting and play off a character's strengths in interesting ways. Either purely from emergent gameplay, or because of purposeful interaction. Wigfrid's carnivorism is great because it spurs her into an aggressive playstyle. Making use of her damage bonus/resistance to obtain food, and her vampirism to restore stats that she would otherwise struggle with early game. Wanda's health is replaced by time, and her healing options are severely limited. But it's her magic proficiency in old age that makes players risk everything by staying old in hard fights. Wagstaff's poor vision means that he can't effectively wear weather/tempature protecting Headware, but he has a variety of goggles that only he can wear in their stead, each with unique perks. Hell, even something as simple as Wendy's 25% damage reduction encourages her to have Abigail out at all times so that she can make up for the missing damage. For each of these examples, the characters downsides directly function as pedestals for their upsides the shine upon. And your suggestion for a Winona downside doesn't do this. Winona can craft faster, but this doesn't interact with the short-term memory at all. And I guess being able to fuse 2 items together for double durability kind of does? though I'd argue that it just as much makes the downside worse, sense you're less likely to have to craft the item again in the memory time frame. Overall, I do think this is an improvement over current Winona, but between the unnecessary Charlie perk and annoying; disjointed downside, that's mostly on account of this being a very low bar to match.
  2. Warly can be easily fixed just by giving him a couple tweaks that only he can benefit from. He actually got more stats from foods back during Shipwrecked, so I'd start by bringing that back. His food memory would probably need to be tweaked to compensate, but being able to heal 50 off of a pierogi instead of 40 would be great for day-day patching up. Other than that, the main thing I see suggested is Warly getting a better effect from his buff foods, either on Duration or effect. That way anyone can use his buff foods. But Warly can use them the best.
  3. Does this mean that Woodie can find more Mushgnomes?
  4. 1. I looked up and linked the definition of cherry picking, so I definitly know what it means. 2. You didn't count the Sisturn in Wendy's perks so that Winona would look more complex in the comparison. Ergo, cherry picking. EDIT: Ah, double-checking your post, I realized that you left out Winona's tapes along with the sisturn. Terribly sorry about that one, it's on me. My further points still stand; however. But you didn't reference them at all. Your comparison was completely directed towards me, and ergo; I shall treat it as being directed towards me. They didn't say "Winona without catapults is just Wilson" they said "Winona's non-catapult perks are so insignificant that she may aswell be Wilson". An important distinction that is true for reasons previously talked about. You say that, yet you completely ignore the counterarguments that several people have brought against you. Yes, Wendy is simpler than Winona. And yes, Wendy without Abigail is less complex than Winona without catapults. But the difference is that you have an actual reason to play Wendy full-time. Sure, you can swap to and from her to farm a bunch of whatever, but then you're not going to have her reduce sanity drain, or Abigail's help in day to day fights like Hound Waves or food farming. Also, nobody said you were claiming that Winona's better than Wendy. That's all on you. No. I read what you had to say. I understood what you had to say. And I broke down everything you had to say one by one. You claimed that Winona was worth playing for her perks, I explained why those perks don't matter. You asked why anyone would play Wendy full time. And I explained why. It's you who came to these forums to proudly declare that Winona's not a swap character. You who's responsible for defending your argument, and you are the one who's chosen to ignore everything that everyone has to say against your claim. You say that this is your last reply to me? Good. As far as I'm concerned, that means I won. You couldn't defend your claim in any meaningful way, and now you're just going to pretend that my arguments don't exist. If this is your last reply to me, then this is my last reply to you. I bid you farewell and wish you a good day.
  5. Because Abigail tears hounds to shreds, effectively making her a- Well not a Living tooth trap field. But you get the point. Keep a bush hat on you, and the only thing you have to worry about in Hound waves are the fire hounds burning things down 'round you. You mean to tell me that if you ignore half a character's features, then you can say that they're less complex than a different character? Bloody hell, that's the textbook definition of cherry picking In addition, even if a character is more "Complex", it doesn't make them better. As said before, Winona has a lot of perks, but none of them really matter much outside her machines. Trusty tape is just a cheaper version of Sewing Kits and boat patches. Can take a hit from Charlie. But how often is that actually going to happen? I went over 300 days in my Wanda world and didn't get hit by Charlie once. Loosing 5 hunger per batch of crafting is comically low, especially sense you honestly don't craft individual items that often. "Oh no, my shovel broke. Better make a new one and completely negate the cost for doing so by eating this seed I picked up off the ground." Crafting slower on low hunger is again; something that's not going to matter often. If you're about to starve, are fighting and need to craft something, I'd first ask how you got into that situation in the first place, rather than thinking that Winona's downside is the blame here. And finally, Winona being able to identify Wagstaff's Widgets is legitimately pretty cool. too bad about only 3% of DST's playerbase will ever get to the Moonstorm event in the first place. Ultimately, the only reason to play Winona is for her catapults. And once Winona builds her catapults, you can swap characters and make use of them as anyone. You may be able to swap off of Wendy after farming a bunch of Silk or Frog Legs. But you still have reasons to play Wendy after doing so. Which is; ultimately; why she's not considered a swap character.
  6. Infinite free light, defense, good damage, ect. You can't swap to Wendy whenever you hear a hound wave coming. See above. Wendy players can just kind of turns their brains off a lot of the time. ...Who's side are you on. Wendy has her reduced damage, the Sisturn for sanity, Ghosts are neutral towards her, and the Pipspook minigame. Winona has faster crafting speed and can dodge Charlie. "More complex"
  7. While it's true that character preference is subjective, game design and mechanics are not subjective. One can enjoy playing a "Swap" character, while still acknowledging that they are a swap character. Hell, I'm a big fan of playing Warly, and many consider him a swap character. In either case, the reason Winona's considered a "swap character" while Wendy isn't a swap character is because other characters have a strong utility that justifies playing them at all time, while almost all of Winona's benefits can be built and then used by anyone. Wendy has reduced sanity loss from passive sources, and Abigail gives her a significant DPS boost and can shred hound waves. Wormwood has a faster time farming, and blooming gives him a significant speedboost. Wolfgang can use a piggyback penelty-free and has work speed bonuses while mighty.\ Wanda has her backtreck watches and shadow proficiency when old. Winona, for all intents and purposes, only has the things she can build. Her crafting speed bonus and Charlie dodge are a mild convenience at best. This is why she's a swap character, because you have no reason to play her once the catapults and lights are set up.
  8. To be fair, the Mining Helmet also uses live creatures, yet they have no problems when running out of durability. As for tweaks I'd like to see, I mostly want to see some food rebalances. Particularly around fish dishes (Not many of them require sailing, and the ones that do are bad) and Crops (There's a massive disparity between crops like pomegranates and eggplants compared to Potatoes and Toma Root). I'd also love to finally see some Single Player utility for the Lazy Deserter. I know it's supposed to be a friend thing by my Internet hasn't been stable enough to play with friends as of late. And finally; I know it's bad edquite to say "Add this mod!" in any game community. But I think it's justified in this case. I want to see Unlockable Sunken chest added to the game. I am not exaggerating when I say that this one simple change fixes (or at least helps to fix) 75% of the issues I have with the ocean. It makes Sunken Chests more valuable; it gives ocean content meaning and purpose on the mainland, it gives a reason to make repeated visits to the ocean, it even makes fishing more valuable despite not adding any new fish dishes. It is actually just the perfect mod.
  9. Holy [Cungadero], those skins look GOOD! Not sure I'd end up using most of them (Why no matching fence gate?) But that's definitly the best batch o' Skins you've released in awhile.
  10. Wanda, in her travels through time and space, once met a young Abigail. The time traveler gave her vague, slightly ominous advice about "Living Life to the fullest, because you never know when your time will run out". Advice that Abigail followed until her death a year later.
  11. While the game and other survivors do refer to WX-78 as They/Them, it's worth noting that WX-78 themself seems to be masc-leaning. Examining the shark-tooth crown from Shipwrecked has WX call themselves king If you go through adventure mode as WX and the throne has another WX on it, they'll refer to the throned WX as "Brother" And some of WX's skins would traditionally be considered masculine-coded, such as the Guest of Honor skin, Were WX gives themselves a bow tie and mustache; and the Merrymaker skin, Were WX dresses up as a Nutcracker. (Female Nutcrackers do exist, but the Merrymaker design is definitely intended to take after the iconic soldier designs). In conclusion, I believe WX-78 to use He/They pronouns. Accounting for all evidence and upsetting nobody.
  12. Oh wow, an 8-and-a-half year old thread that hasn't been archived. Am I a bit of a cur for necroing such a long-dead thread? Maybe, but it's still facinating to see how the fandom's evolved and changed over nearly a decade. And my impression is... It hasn't changed at all. Nearly a decade in, and we're still arguing over whether the game's too easy or not. (Well, arguing about the sequel/spinoff being too easy atleast). Never change Klei forums. Never change. But in regards to the actual topic at hand (From a much later perspective), It's honestly hard to say if the game got harder or not as the years went by. Sure, tons of seasonal and survival challenges where added. But so where things meant to counter-act those challenges, such as magic; more food sources, ect. It really is quite the debate.
  13. How come Woodie can tell the difference between Mysterious plants and Glowworm lures? but not Wormwood?
  14. Well Wigfrid absolutly dominated her role.
  15. *points out that Maxwell was also an NPC before he became playable*
  16. I suddenly regret buying the complete victorian bundle less than a week ago.