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  1. Do you two realize what you're saying? Bee Queen is the single hardest boss for solo players, save for maybe Crab King. Sure, you might get a lot of returns, but that's still one hell of a challenge, and some people don't like using cheese. And as the last guy said, blue caps drain a lot of sanity. And y'know what? Even if someone does use Jellybeans as their main source of healing, that's still bad. Jellybeans restore 120 HP, 75% health for most characters. Y'know what that means? It means that if you're not letting yourself dip super low on health, then you're going to be losing out on a ton of health from the jellybeans. Mess up your kiting pattern against a tallbird and go down to 100 HP? Welp, either suck it up, or waste 80 health from eating a jellybean. Saying that Pierogis are bad Because Jellybeans are MVP (Which they are, not denying that). Is downright tone deaf at best. Speaking of Pierogis, And in turn Meatballs. I think this poll and most comments here really demonstrate how the hunger system in Don't Starve is fundamentally broken. See, it is entirely accurate to say that these recipes; particularly meatballs; are inefficient. However. In Don't starve, the hunger system exists purely as a meter. Unless you're playing Warly, all you have to do is eat food, and the meter goes up. This means that all you have to do in order to manage the hunger mechanic is have a reliable source of any food. And this is where meatballs come in. As said before, it is true that Meatballs are inefficient. Making them with 1 Monster Meat and 3 berries only gives about a carrot's worth of hunger compared to just eating those three things cooked and on their own. However, it's also comically easy to make. The Monster Meat can be sourced from a spider den which is practically free to relocate to your base. And Berries are easy to transplant just by using a shovel. You can easily and cheaply get an infinite supply of meatballs in about 10-15 minutes. And by that point, you've won. The hunger bar has been entirely neutralized with 2 basic farms. There are some food sources that might have an advantage, such as Honey with it's long shelf life or barnacles with their unique and efficient farming. But ultimately, you can go through the entire game with nothing but a spider den and berry bushes while never worrying about hunger again. This same principal applies to healing aswell. You use an item that increases the meter, and the meter goes up with very few caveats. Looking at the recipe for Pierogi, you need 1 meat, 1 egg, and 1 veggie. We already have a spider farm for the meat requirement. And because a Bird Cage can convert Monster Meat into Eggs at a 1-1 ratio with no penelty, that's 2 of the 3 requirements down with a single farm that cost nothing to set up. This only leads the vegetable. This vegetable has no limitations on what it can be, and only requires that vegetable be in there, not any specific amount. That means we could choose anything from kelp, stonefruit, mushrooms, carrots, ect. ect. And we have our pierogis. And like last time, we've won. We don't need anything else to sustain our health stat, even if there are options that could be seen as "Better". After all, why bother farming; say, 180 HP worth of Waffles or Fig-stuffed trunks when you can farm 400+ HP worth of Pierogis in half the time. So once again, these are why these recipes are so commononly used. They may not be the most efficient recipes, but they require so little time and set up to make, and there's no significant advantage to moving on from them. As an example of a food system that doesn't fall into this trap. Let's look at another game, Valheim. On the surface, food in Valheim and Don't Starve is rather similar. Both games have you scavenge and farm food. And you can combine these foods to make better foods at a crock pot/cauldron. The main difference is that Valheim doesn't follow the traditional hunger system in games. Instead, your stomach can hold 3 different meals, and these meals temporarily raise your maximum health and stamina. And to understand why this is important, I want to look at 3 dishes. Raspberries Blueberries And Queen's jam. Raspberries and Blueberries are self-explanatory. They're berries that you can find and eating them gives stats. Raspberries raise your health by 7 and your stamina by 20, while Blueberries raise your Health by 8 and your stamina by 25. Queen's Jam, on the other hand, is a combination of Raspberries and Blueberries, and raise your health by 14 and your stamina by 40. So immediately, you can see that eating a queen's jam is less effective than eating a raspberry and a blueberry individually. This becomes more apparent when you realize that it takes 8 raspberries and 6 blueberries to make 4 jam. Meaning you've effectively halved the stat output by making jam. However, as I said before, you can only eat upto 3 different dishes. So while a rasp and blueberry give more stats, they take up 2/3s of your stomach. While replacing them with a single Queen's Jam means that you can replace them with another, more effective meal. Now, I'm not saying that DST should be more like Valheim. Valheim is less survival focused and more combat/progression focused. I just wanted to give an example to show that there are ways to encourage players to collect rarer/more expensive foods. but Don't Starve doesn't do this. Hence why Meatballs and Pierogi are so prominent.
  2. Nobody's brought it up because there's no point in bringing it up when the mod itself isn't even worth it.
  3. Oh, it ain't just broken, the mod developers have also stolen a ton of stuff from other mod. Frankly, I'm surprised it hasn't been taken down by a dozen different copyright claims.
  4. Honestly, just stop playing. I know the idea of it sucks, but nobody's holding you at gunpoint to keep playing the game if you're not feeling it. Give it a few months to a year while you find other games to play, and you'll come back reviggorated and with a boatload of new content to enjoy. To put simply, the DST modding scene is kind of sort of extremely bad. As someone who loves modding and plays more modded games than vanilla, the DST workshop has a lot of issues. Most notably, the amount of effort and skill it takes to replicate DST's art style, along with the fact that programming's hard in general, means that there are very, very few mods that add meaningful content, and even those that do add such content tend to look a bit... off. Per se. Any mod that does do so is either a massive undertaking on part of the developers (Black Death, Uncompromising Mode), or is using pre-existing assets. Usually DLC ports.
  5. As you said, this can require mouse scrolling. Which really sucks if you need to craft items which are down low semi-frequently. This also isn't accounting for the fact that the old system was so bad with large amounts of recipes that Klei needed too make the Terra Firma Tamper and the Tackel receptical not prototype items. Tell me, is the old menu faster if I need to run back to a certain point every time I want to craft Turf? How is this a good thing? There's definitely a lot of overlap between which tabs some things can go in. I entirely fail to see how this point is relevent. Known issue, though I can't judge because I didn't think to check if this was a bug either. Has it occurred to you that UI mods can update to support the new crafting menu? You can double click to craft an item. Which is technically still 4 clicks, but it is less mouse movement. You can also pin/favorite recipes to craft them in 1 click. Even faster than the old crafting UI. 1. These are 2 entirely unconnected points. 2. I've heard you can change the size. Though I haven't had an issue with missclicking. 3. Again. How is this an issue? Once again, irrelevent. Again, bug. Known issue. I assume you like these, given Or maaaaybe, you're just an old codger who doesn't like change, even if it is objectively for the better.
  6. Title is self-explanatory, really. While the crafting menu is open, players can't use the interact key to pick or grab items, 'nor can they use the mouse to pick up items. This is a bit of a problem, because they ability to interact with the world while the crafting menu was open was honestly one of the best features in the game, to be perfectly honest. It just made the whole thing feel a lot smoother, either because it let you look at what materials you need without needing to pause whatever you're doing, or because it lets you make use of the ability to craft with items being held in your cursor, such as making an alchemy engine with a full inventory (electrical doodads go onto the ground, pick them up in the mouse, make engine). This is still technically possible in the new system, but it requires you to close the crafting menu in order to pick the items up.
  7. Calling him a "Fan Favorite" might be a bit of an exaggeration, I do admit. But frankly, that doesn't really change my point. When's the last time you saw someone complain about the AFW fight? Or make a video essay on why AFW is fundamentally flawed in execution. At worst, all I see is people complain that turn of tides made it so so that you can't dodge the bone cage attack anymore. And as for where I got the "Sailing is bad" mentality, I've done it. I've experienced what the ocean has to offer, I've spent hours at sea, And despite my enjoyment of sailing, it has many fundemental flaws that make it "bad".
  8. Sailing in and of itself isn't bad, it's the content that surrounds it that's the problem. Well, glad someone likes it. Don't think they need to do a mass consensus to find the problem. It's pretty easy to find the issue if you just look over everything the ocean offers. To put simply, sailing just doesn't offer many benefits if you're not already sailing as a large part of your play style. The vast majority of what the ocean offers is food. Fish, Barnacles, Kelp, Figs, ect. But of the food options at sea, the only ones that do anything interesting are Kelp; which is good filler and decent sanity option. Stone Fruit; which is berry bush but better. And Barnacles; The best ocean food source thanks to it's unique recipes and meat/fish values. It's also worth pointing out that the first two of those are primarily from the lunar island. Which is technically sailing, through most players end up finding it by looking for patterns on the mainland. Making the act of seafaring more of a gate than an activity. And other than sailing, there just... isn't much out at sea. Gnarwal horns aren't that useful, the Strident Trident is only good at sea. Malbatross drops an upgraded sail and watering can. Pearl only trades items for fishing, cookie cutter caps are useless, Driftwood is only used for things at sea. Treasure chests are too rare to be useful, especially with the good drops being even rarer. The only things in the ocean that directly aid the player on land are Salt and Knobbly trees. Both of which have their own tribulations. (Salt boxes only being able to store un-cooked items, and salt being really bad at preserving food. Knobbly knuts only being able to be planted on the edge of land masses.) At the end of the day, there's simply very little reason to go sailing except for the sake of sailing itself.
  9. I don't think that's entirely fair. Ancient Fuelweaver is an extremely complex fight, yet is a fan-favorite boss, last I checked. The issue is that CK is just really poorly designed. He gives the player no time to breath, all his attacks are insanely dangerous, he has DoT, Minions, and stuns. He can stunlock the player for no good reason. And his loot is bad. It's entirely possible for CK to be a good fight, Klei just missed the mark by a lot. Also, Sailing's bad in general, and I'm not sure what you're on about with "Players don't like putting much effort to accomplish something"
  10. "Become" an unpopular boss implies he was ever popular to begin with.
  11. While I do agree that people treat Klei to harshly, "Being Patient" if you're not satisified with content can only last so long. Turn of Tides was over 2 years ago, yet the ocean still exists almost entirely in a vacuum. And of all the character refreshes, they're pretty much a 50/50 shot on whether or not they're actually good. Winona, Willow, Woodie, and Wolfgang all caused massive strife when they were released, and all but Wolfgang's still have a lot of the issues brought up way back when. I don't think Klei's ruined the game by any sense of the word, all the content not tied to the ocean has been really good. But if a player's only had disappointment after disappointment for 2+ years, then I'd say they're fully within their rights to be frustrated. Not toxic, mind you. But definitely frustrated. Because, to be entirely honest, the content around Eye of the Storm is kind of... bad. I talked about it in my thread on ocean content, but Ocean content exists almost souly to improve interaction with the ocean. And on top of that, the content directly tied to the eye of the storm is also pretty meh. Crab King is an incredibly difficulty boss, yet his only significant drops are the celestial tribute and a strident trident blueprint. Pearl's trades are only useful for fishing. And Celestial Champion itself only drops an upgraded tam 'o shanter. Just compare the drops with Ancient Fuelweaver. A similarly tiered boss that's much easier to fight. Celestial Champion: A ton of Moonglass and Moonrock, plus the celestial crown. Ancient Fuelweaver: Bone armor, Bone helm, Thurible, and resets the ruins. Celestial Champion does not have good loot. And on top of that, Eye of the Storm was supposed to be the "conclusion" for the RoT update chain. But then nothing really happened there? Wagstaff shows up to kidnap the Celestial Champion, but then that's really about it. We still have no idea who "Them" is supposed to be, or how they've returned. We don't know what Wagstaff or Charlie are planning, we don't have any answers for the plethora of questions introduced before RoT. Eye of the Storm felt more like a mid-season finale than a season finale, if that makes sense.
  12. The idea behind Hound Waves including Vargs was; presumably; to make them less annoying. More obvious now that they've been nerfed to Varglings. Ancient Guardian is still a very easy fight, all Klei did was make it a fun fight. And let's not forget that they also made Wolfgang gain mightyness on hit and greatly increased the rate at which he can gain mightyness.
  13. What Uncompromising/RougeLite features? Did I miss something in the patch notes?
  14. Think so, but it doesn't quite matter much sense it still does the same damage as a spear.
  15. I think the 13 mightiness lost/hit is a bit excessive, sense boss fights can easily make you loose mightyness in 2-3 hits. This also kind of screws Wolf over in some scenarios, sense the loose/gain mighty animation can end up stunning you in battle. I'm also not sure that the Gem Bell was buffed enough. Like, 0-100 mightness in 21 seconds is good, except now it costs Thulecite and the Marbel can do the exact same thing in ~24 seconds. It's not a significant improvement in speed, damage, or durability. Atleast not in any way I've seen. Other than that though, I do believe that this solved the biggest issues in the Wolfgang rework, so only some minor tweaking should be needed from here.
  16. Except for Wurt's marsh turf recipe. Why? Because screw them, that's why.
  17. It's a reference to the classic Christmas song "Santa Claus is Coming to Town", with the verse in question being "He sees you when you're sleeping He knows when you're awake. He knows if you've been bad or good So be good for goodness sake"
  18. Crafting UI rework? Ancient Guardian Rework? Wolfgang tweaks? Pardon my language, but Quality of Life update my ass. This goes a bit beyond that, I'd say.
  19. We talking Bosses? And if so, what defined "Unique"? A lot of bosses actually get eliminated depending on how you phrase it, due to Klaus' sack. Or what about unique items that can be gotten from Seasonal events or rarely by other means? By the strictest sense of the word, I do belive that the honor; surprisingly; goes to Malbatross. Malbatross feathers can be found in sunken chests, and the Loot stache can drop a Malbatross bill. However, Malb manages to pull through regardless on account of dropping three separate blueprints. One for the Waterfowl can, one for the Feathery Canvas, and one for the feathered mast.
  20. How does it do this though? Do you not need two of something to weld them together? that's the impression I got. And I guess that makes sense, though I already established that I don't like the Charlie perk. If you want an example of how this mechanic can improve one's downside, look no further than the WIP Modded character Whimsey (Note, everything in here's subject to change, but it still serves as a good example for me) As demonstrated in the Video, she can't prototype items at all. But she can craft portable crafting stations. This is what I mean when I say that Good downsides serve as pedestals for a character's strengths. If Whimsey could just prototype things, then having portable crafting stations wouldn't matter in the slightest. But because she can't prototype items, then suddenly those portable crafting stations become incredibly valuable. I guess that's fair. Though I don't think it would be a big issue. With Walter, his problem is that he's 25% fighter, 25% scouter, and 50% flavor perks. Winona wouldn't have nearly as bad of a ratio in her perks, even without changing Charlie.
  21. Don't forget how it spoils food in your inventory faster.
  22. I mean I guess that could be the case. I just can't see that making any sense with what we see in-game. For starters, Pearl's entire arc is her accepting that Crab King doesn't care about her, but that's alright, because she has friends she can rely on in his stead. And I don't think that arc hits as hard if Crab King was "corrupted" or the moon's influence is was made him abandon her, rather than being his own choice. I'm also not sure the "Corruption" argument holds up. Even if the moon did mutate his body (Which may not even be the case. We don't know what CK could have looked like before his supposed mutation, and Rock-shelled Crustaceans have existed in the constant long before the moon's influence started to grow ala Rock Lobsters). He seems rather proficient in spellcasting, and I'm not sure something without mind would be able to do so. CK not choosing to forsake Pearl also leaves me with a lot more questions than answers. Did the moon completely take over/destroy his mind? If so, then why don't we kill him? (He does have an unused death animation where he kicks the bucket, and Klei chose to change this). Does his mutation keep him from returning to pearl? Then why doesn't he try to message her? Or why doesn't he go to her once freed from his behemoth shell? The way I see it, Pearl's story just... doesn't work as well if CK didn't leave her by choice. I'd also like to add that it doesn't really change my suggestion. Pearl accept that her lover is gone and moves on. That much is consistant in all interpretations.
  23. I suppose it's technically possible that CK's just hopelessly trapped, but that's most certainly how it's framed. Between Pearl getting more and more desperate to reach CK as the player increases their friendship, and pearl saying "Oh... I think I understand now... Thank you for bringing this back to me" when giving her the cracked pearl. Also, if CK does still love pearl, then why does he go sicko mode when you give him Pearl's Pearl?
  24. As players will quickly realize as they sail the seas and collect bottles, the reason Pearl is throwing these bottles out to sea is in an effort to find her lover the Crab King. Which... doesn't work out. So why then, do pearl's messages stay the same once she's accepted that CK doesn't love her anymore? Sure, they could just be left overs (though I think you can still see her throwing bottles out. Could be wrong though), but that's no fun, now is it? Instead, I propose the following. After Crab King has been defeated and you give pearl the Broken Pearl, then: 1. The chance of finding a treasure chest increases to 66-75%. While the loot pools themselves could use some tuning, increasing the amount you can find would still be very nice. 2. Similarly to how the first bottle you find reveals Pearl's island, the first bottle you open will have a special note from pearl, thanking the player for everything they've done, and how she's come to enjoy the "Game" of theirs where they find the bottles they cast to sea. 3. If the player finds messages instead of a treasure map, the message will no longer be for Crab King, but instead will be directed towards the player. These messages would give fragments of lore about Pearl and Crab King's past. Some examples of things the player might learn could be >How Pearl and Crab King met >What Crab King's name was before making a pact with the moon >What Crab King was like before making a pact with the moon >Why pearl knows about all these treasure chests All and all, I think this would be an excellent change to the bottle system. It doesn't fix all the issues I have, namely Pearl's trades being bad and treasure loot tables being average at best. But it would be a better reward for defeating the Crab King, and be a very noticable shift in how the world works for doing so.