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  1. ok, figured out how to change my signature, now how do I change my title?
  2. If Woodie's a Steryotypical canadian, and his curse forces him to turn into Steryotypicalally canadian creatures,
  3. Now we're cooking! I think. havn't been able to play yet, unfortunitly
  4. To be fair, it was a good short. It just didn't deliver what was promised
  5. As the darkness falls and Arabia calls One man spreads his wings, as the battle begins May the land they claim on Lawrence's name
  6. Ok, that's enough everyone. We don't want the meme thread licked again, now do we?
  7. Atleast his advice is useful to an extent Unlike Wes
  8. I just want to know what happens if you where to give a ghost a shadow atrium
  9. Probably the only skin combonation that I've found that I can say really looks good. I also just noticed that Warly's hair is braided into a rose. also is it just me or are distinguished skins dropping way more often then they're supposed too?
  10. foodie not from louisiana. can also confirm. I've also found chicken Boullian to make wonderful mashed potatoes, and make boxed mashed potatoes much more palatable.
  11. Remind me to make a Wagstaff version tommorow
  12. Thanks Joe. We'll make sure not to dissapoint you again. And if someone does... well, we'll figure it out when we get there