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  1. Unless I missed something obvious, that ain't how it works. Scanning proper creatures prototypes the associated circuit, at which point any Bio-data can be used to craft them. And sense creatures can be scanned once a day, you can easily have an easily-scanned creature or two in pens by your base and build up a surplus of biodata. Such as Moleworms or Voltgoats.
  2. I think the punishment for pulling circuits is a bit much. You loose 25% of their durability, all charge that the circuits where taking up, *and* you can't choose which circuits you want to pull. Despite the modular nature of WX, this heavily encourages players to have a single loadout that they never swap from. Some of the modules could also use some balance tweaks. The light module costs more than the night vision module despite being an objectively better option in most scenarios. And the tune module has waaaay to low of a sanity aura to be practical. Would also like if there where more one-plug circuits, just for a bit more build variety.
  3. Yes, and it also has one of the most pathetic sanity auras in the game. Couldn't even beat out dusk when I tried it.
  4. I would like to point out that unlike the oar, the Trident gets a significant damage increase on the ocean. But despite this, it's still utter garbage. While on a boat, the Strident Trident deals 68 damage and has 150 durability. This sounds good on paper, being that a dark sword has the same damage and 33% less durability. But then you realize that Dark Swords are one of the cheapest weapons in the game at only 1 living log and 6 nightmare fuel, and that Tridents cost 3 whole Gnarwal horns. Which are somehow the single rarest resource in the game. So in the time it takes you to make a single trident, an average player could probably make no less than a dozen dark swords. And just for reference, the Trident from Shipwrecked dealt 34 damage on land, but triple that while at sea for a whopping 102 damage/hit. A significant boost that made using this rare and expensive weapon have an actual advantage. But of course you also have the ability to cast spells. right click lets you summon geysers for 85 damage each at the cost of 3 durability. It's certainly a helpful ability. But it also suffers from the Blowdart issue where the potential safety and damage is outclassed by how expensive they are. Again, you're looking at 20% more damage per attack at the cost of 66% less durability. The extra range does not make that a good deal. So ultimately, It's a usable weapon that's held back a comical amount by price and niche.
  5. Yes it shows more items at once. But it also only shows 2 new items/scroll while the current UI shows 7 new items a scroll. So if a crafting tab has, say, 49 items in it. Then you only need to scroll down 4 paces to see the rest of the recipes in the new menu. But with your proposed menu, you would have to scroll down about 14 times with 2 columns. Or 6 times with 3 columns. Ultimately, while I respect the effort put into this, it feels like it's trying to find a middle ground between the new menu and the old menu while just ending up worse than either of them. You lack the simplicity and intuitiveness of the current menu, and you lack the ease of use of the old menu. I just don't think it would end well.
  6. Just out of curiosity, have you actually used the new crafting UI? And I don't mean popped into the beta and screwed around for 5 minutes. I mean actually went into a world and stress-tested the new system in survival. Because no, the old system is not "Obviously better". Faster overall perhaps. But the new crafting UI is more intuitive, cleaner, more organized, and faster for items you craft frequently. The issue is that, even if an item is "useless", they still take up space in the crafting menu. Including protoyping. And of course if those useless items have a fringe use, then prototyping them once will always be in the crafting menu after that.
  7. Fair enough. I do think it's a safe assumption, given that Charlie is more than eager to scoop up any source of power she can find. And Alter's been sitting there for quite a while. But as it stands, she could just be an oppertunist.
  8. For starters, Charlie's responsable for just about everything added in A New Reign. Rather self-explanatory really. And as for Return of them/Waterlogged, I don't think Charlie created that stuff, but from what we've seen, I'm willing to bet that she's responsible for it. Charlie clearly has some plans involving the moon, so it's entirely possible that she's the one who woke up Alter and caused the lunar island to fall.
  9. Alright, I know it's probably a bit late to be making any more changes, but I won't be able to live with myself if I don't atleast say something. So whatever. Please make the automatically favorited crafting recipes (Torch, Campfire, Pickaxe, Axe, and Science Machine) automatically set themselves to whatever the player's selected skin is. As it stands, Whenever you join a new world, the favorited recipes on the side will have no skin. It's ultimately an extremely minor thing, Skins are cosmetic ofcourse, and changing the favorited skin takes no longer than 30 seconds. But it would still be great for those recipes to default to whatever skin you have selected on world gen. Even if only for convinience.
  10. It's not change for the sake of change. It's change because the old crafting system, while simple and intuitive, was pretty badly designed and a lot of issues.
  11. Because OP made a terrible argument for why the game should go F2P that honestly came off more as bait than an actual conversation starter.
  12. As obvious OP's bait is, and how terrible their argument is aswell, I think there's enough nuance here that the answer isn't a clear-cut yes or no. For starters, Klei's profits from DST are without a doubt mostly from skins and the like. Most easily demonstrated by the fact that A. The game sells at a default of 15 dollars for 2 copies B. The game regularly and frequently goes on sale for a mere 5 dollars, still offering 2 copies a purchase. C. Don't Starve completely ceased development after the release of Hamlet. And it could be argued that said DLC wasn't ready for a full release yet. So all 'n all, going F2P likely wouldn't effect Klei's bottom line in any meaningful way. And going F2P could be a good way to increase the player base. Either via new players onboarding who where interested in the game, but not enough to buy in. Or from returning players getting back into the swing of things because their friends don't have any excuse to not play with them anymore. So going F2P would have some benefits, but again, not a clear yes or no answer. A greatly increased player base means a lot more potential for Toxicity. And as has already been said, going free would give griefers and hackers a lot of power. So ultimately, not something that "Should" happen, but not something that should just be waved off either.
  13. Maybe we're dog piling you because you're wrong. >Mods are protected under copyright laws >It's illegal to break copyright laws >You're saying that it's completely fine to steal code from other mods which are protected under copyright laws Not much to make up there, now is it.
  14. Ok. And he can do that. So long as he doesn't upload the mod to the steam workshop. Again, nobody's going to complain about private use mods. Hell, my first dip into modding was done by using another mod as a base. But I never uploaded it, and thus nobody's mad or feels cheated. Why? He explicitly went against your orders and ruined dinner. That's terrible parenting. Already covered this Says the person literally encouraging people to break the law. Also, changing your PfP like that is not a good image, let me tell you.
  15. The difference is that Klei has direct incentive to allow modding. By giving users access to the game's code and tools, the foster a much larger community and gives the game some self-sustain between updates. What does, say, Legion have to gain by letting people use their code. Hmmm? Here's an idea. If someone doesn't give you permission to use something. Then don't use it. Because that's how permission works. If you had a son, and you told them that they're not allowed to have cookies before dinner. Then you don't say "Well he just wanted a treat, don't blame him" if he sneaks into the cookie jar before dinner. Also, if someone "Just wants to have fun", then they're allowed to do that. People can use any bits of code they desire, so long as the mod is set to private. Tell me, how are they supposed to distribute their mod for people to enjoy while also safeguarding the code? I'd also like to reiterate that stealing or reuploading a mod without permission is literally illegal under both US and Canadian copyright law. I'ma need a source for that. Because I couldn't find it anywhere I looked.
  16. Golden tools desperately need more skins. Despite being one of the most commonly crafted items in the game, they're absolutely bone dry when it comes to skins. The only ones they have are Pantomimed skins (which only technically count) and the Nordic set. Meanwhile, Flint tools get the Nordic Set, the Fanciful set, and the hunter's set. And that's only the default skins. Opulent Pickaxes have it extra bad, becuase they also have to contend with the Rusted Scythe skin and the reaver shark skin. The sheer desparity between flint and gold tool skins is downright baffling to me.
  17. It's not selfish. It's not wanting your work to be stolen. How would you like it if someone stole the bike you'd spent weeks saving up for? Or if someone with a better marketing department blatently plagerized their work. Is it unfair to the theif to be upset that they had "To do less to reach the desired result?" No. No it's not. What? Why would something being Publicly available make it "Public Property"? Are the videos on Youtube public property? Or how about the books at your local library? Are those public library? This is also just factually wrong in general. Under both US and Canadian copyright law any creative work is automatically protected under copyright. And this includes game modifications, even if they're dependent on the developer's own copyright.
  18. AFW still renews Gems, Clockworks, and everything else in the ruins. Dust moths are *only* for Thulecite.
  19. Klei actively chooses to allow modders to use their code/assets to make mods. Also, even if the mods are built on top of a game's code base, they're still owned by the people who make them. Klei couldn't just port mods directly into the game without permission (See: Minecraft and Optifine), and if mods where automatically fair-use, then Steam wouldn't need to put in systems to help people file copyright claims against people stealing mods. Cool story. But that's a you thing. I know if I put hundreds or thousands of hours into coding and developing art assets for a mod, I'd be a bit more than mad if someone spent 10 minutes decompiling my project and shoving it into their own, almost entirely unrelated project without even asking. Probably why everyone you ask turns you down.
  20. Six minutes for an average of three theulicite shards. and a mere 1% chance to get a single large thulecite. Keep in mind that, while the dust moths are renewable, they spawn in a biome where you can very easily get several stacks of Thulecite with very little effort and risk, between all the lunar ancient statues and thulecite walls. Also Ambrosia seems like an unnecessary middle man to me. You need to make the dust with salt and niter. But then you need to cook it in a crock pot? But the recipe for Ambrosia can be literally anything. Meaning you can make it with 1 dust and 3 twigs, with the latter honestly being the cheapest part of the recipe. I dunno, it just seems weird to me.
  21. IA is back in development, a couple of devs commented on the last page. Are you two seriously accusing someone of being a bad father/claiming they'll probably be a bad father because they're talking down about a mod that that entirely deserves it? I can't quite describe just how toxic that mentality is. But it's really, really not cool. Also, he's right. Even if the mod dev does have other commitments, they still have time to develop the mod. Which means time to optimize the code or work on bug fixes. And even if other commitments did get in the way of that, the dev could just try and set up a team to help develop the mod. Other large content mods such as Island Adventures or Uncompromising Mode have multiple developers contributing to content and bug fixes. If they don't have enough time to make something so big on their own, then getting help is just the smart thing to do.
  22. Fair, but my point is that those methods still take time, thus keeping them from being the objective "best option" as you claim they are. You really want me to cheese this boss, don't you? So what you're saying is that the player should actively hinder their abilities to get healing in the future, just so that they can get an immediate burst of healing now, that may or may not end up spoiling if they're not getting hit enough? How is it easier to mass-produce bacon and eggs? The easiest recipes require atleast 4 items of meat, and unless you want to gamble on Monster Lasagna, requires a pure meat aswell. In that case, you could just make 4 meatballs with easy to mass-produce filler. Not to mention there's a much higher investment cost there if you want to farm raw meat. Yes, there are better alternatives, it's just rare that those alternatives are worth the time.
  23. Fair enough. You do realize that cooked blue caps hurt you, right? This method both makes them less efficient for healing, and over doubles the quantity of blue caps that you need. I repeat myself. Hardest solo boss in the game. The only time I've ever killed QB myself was with a modded item that hard countered her. 1. They still drop sanity 2. Why the hell are you using a shovel? They can't regrow if you dig them up. No. This is exactly the point I'm trying to make. Efficiency does not matter. If I can choose between infinite meatballs and infinite Bacon and eggs, then the meatballs are going to be just as effective as the Bacon and Eggs because there are no benefits that getting an extra 10 hunger/click would net me. Getting meatballs set up is much easier than getting Bacon and Eggs set up, and by that point, there is 0 practical difference between 300 hunger worth of meatballs and 300 hunger worth of Bacon and Eggs.