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  1. He does seem much, much happier sense he switched though. So atleast there's that
  2. Hearing them talk is still disturbing on a fundemental level.
  3. alright, let's stop before Joe has to lock this thread *again* Also reposting becuase it got deleted in the hell train
  4. Let's just say that there was a string of memes that are more... oriented towards an older audiance, and then just as many people complaining about them.
  5. Wow, that's younger than I thought. Thank you though.
  6. if I recall correctly, It was already confirmed that the next DLC character would be an original one rather than an unused concept. So it's probably not Waverly, though I could be wrong. also if there's no friend-eater wormwood we riot
  7. Rick gives decent, straight to the point advice that has admitedly gotten a bit outdated, and is a C*** Beard has long, drawn-out videos that don't always give good advice, is a known content stealer, and is also a C***, but is better at hiding it. So no, Rick was definitly better when he made DST videos, though he definitly seems a lot happier now that he's moved on to TF2 and Minecraft. oh, uhhh, memes, right. Uhhhh, screw it, take a repost with a new headline