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  1. No, you only need to scan a creature once to unlock the circuit. Once you do that, you can craft them so long as you have the materials. Think of them like blueprints, if that helps.
  2. The "can" WX-78 throws at Wagstaff looks to be some sort of Empathy Module
  3. Y'all want a hot take? Here's one. I don't think permadeath works for DST's formula. The game's supposed to be "Die, Learn, repeat". But once you get past autumn, the time between "Die" and "repeat" gets so long that the lessons slow down to the point of frustration. You're looking at what? 4 hours just for Deepclops to spawn in your world? Hours of investment time to fight the various raid bosses? no wonder save scumming's become so common.
  4. It definitely exists, the authors just have to be motivated by wanting to tell a story, rather than just going "Hey, I like these two things. I should write them together!" No comment
  5. See, I fully agree with you there. Downsides are often the best part of a character. But for that to be the case, the downsides actually need to be good. A good downside is not one that arbitrarily gives characters a worse time. It's one that plays into the characters strengths to make their abilities more pronounced and meaningful. Notable examples of this are Wigfrid's carnivorism, Wagstaff's near sightedness, or Warly's picky eating. All of these are objectively downsides. But they're also directly countered by the character's upsides, making them much more valuable than had you just slapped the upsides onto Wilson without any downsides in return. And this is where making WX-78 paddle slower fails. WX-78 has no reason to go sailing, nor does he have any advantages on the ocean/unique interactions with the water. All this downside would serve is to be a minor annoyance for the few people who actually do like sailing and do it on the regular. It's like Walter's bee allergy. Walter doesn't have any reason to interact with bees. 'nor does he have any more reason than other characters to interact with bees. All this downside really does is to make the Queen Bee fight much worse than it already is.
  6. Reading/finding that would require me to go look for it. And given the brain damage I received the last time I looked at DST's AO3 page, I have no interest in doing that any time soon.
  7. Wolfgang rows faster when mighty because he's strong, thus has more force. Not because he's a nautically-attuned character. Also, how would this change "Define" WX's character? All it does is discourage them from exploring the ocean. Which is already barely worth exploring. Not to mention that WX already has disadvanges for sailing. As you said, if you miss-time your rows then you'll get wet, which will deal damage to you. And WX also takes double the max health penalty for falling into the ocean. So ultimately, as so many others have already said- No.
  8. Because it didn't make sense with the functionality. Drones are bees yes, but what do they have to do with healing in and of themselves? And what is WX the master of? When I first saw the circuit, I thought it was something that buffed followers. Drones can also be used to describe followers or thralls, you need to kill Bee Queen for it; who is most known for their minion spam, and "Master" would make sense if you where controlling or leading something, hence "Drone Master". But no, it's just a regeneration effect.
  9. Ok, here's a question in regards to the slurper pelt debate. Does their renewabiltity being locked behind Ancient Fuelweaver actually matter? 1 pelt makes 1 circuit each I presume. If we lowball and assume that you get an average of, say, 24 pelts per ruins reset, then that's a minimum of 21 circuits if you're playing solo and make a belt of hunger with a construction amulet. Each circuit has 4 uses, meaning you'd have to unplug and re-plug the hunger circuits 84 times before running out of Slurper Pelts. And given how the circuit extractor just got buffed, you could plug it into the bottom of your system and only worry about removing it whenever you properly need other circuits. So yes, you do need to kill AFW to make hunger circuits renewable. But the practical matter is that I can't see any situations where one would run out of slurper pelts before needing to kill Fuel Weaver. Technically possible, but it's also technically possible that I could win the lottery and retire before I turn 20. And if Slurper pelts being hard to renew is that important, then frankly I'd rather just add another source of them. Sunken Treasure could use the "buff" I suppose.
  10. Because as I've talked about before, and many have brought up in this thread, A good downside on a character can often be the most compelling aspect of them. A character's upsides may lend themselves to certain playstyles, no doubt. But it's their downsides that can grab the player by the neck and force them to think outside the box. Wigfrid may have the fighting prowess and starting gear too get into fights earlier than most, but it's her carnivorism that forces the player to engage with combat. Otherwise, why would a Wigfrid not just survive of berries and carrots like any other survivor in the early game? Likewise, Wagstaff could have all the fancy hats in the world. But without a downside, people would just swap to a Tam o' Shanter or Eyebrella once the seasons for them rolled around. The fact that Wagstaff is short-sighted and relies on his goggles is what makes him so interesting to play. You can't just wear a backpack around all the time with Wagstaff. You might need that body slot for rain or tempature protection. And thus, this fundamentally changes how many players approach the game. I do agree that not every character needs massive downsides, there is a place for a mild inconvenience on an otherwise convenient character. But WX-78 in particular could potentially be one of the most compelling characters in the game. They just need a proper downside and a few re-balances to compensate.
  11. Possible, though I personally doubt it. Going by WX's biography, it seems that however Wagstaff made them, he regrets and feels shame about it. Not enough to dismantle them thankfully, but it definitly seems like something that Wagstaff wouldn't be particularly eager to show to the public.
  12. Has it occured to you that, as a robot, WX-78 would understand the importance of things like "Wattage' and "Compatability", and thus would design all of their circuits to be compatible with their hardware?
  13. Problem there is that there's no advantages to being "Comfortable". There's no penalty for being within the threshold for the freeze warning, all it serves is to be mildly annoying.
  14. Sense nobody's actually answered your question for some reason, allow me to explain. Ahem. The old farming system was utter ASSSSSSSSSSSS You claim (or atleast imply) that the old system of farming was better for average players, but it's actually the exact opposite. Old farms where a trap for newer/average players on account of the fact that they where comically inefficient. This mostly comes down to 2 main things. 1. The cost 2. The yield. For the cost, farms where very expensive. A single improved farm took 10 grass, 6 manure, and 4 rocks. The rocks and manure wheren't too bad truth be told, but 10 grass is a lot. That's only 4 farms/stack, and when you're expected to make 20 of the things, well, it's not exactly a small hurdle now is it. But more importantly, the yield of farms was abysmal compared to other sources of food. Someone on Reddit did the math better than I could, but despite your experiences, Farms are objectively worse than even berry bushes. Crops on their own average out to about 15 hunger each compared to berrie's 12.5, which is a slight edge, except for the fact that you can fertilize several berry bushes per farm. And even if you optimized a farm set up for Dragonpies, you'd only get a second seed back about 33% of the time, meaning you had to burn 66% of your crops just to sustain the farm. The new farming system is more complex, yes. But by all accounts old farms where the worst food source in the game. Not unusable by any stretch of the word. I used them once in my Wagstaff world because that was my first Megabase and I wanted to try something new. By there was without a doubt no reason to not make a better food source, such as rabbit or pig farms. New farms are much cheaper to set up and operate, and a well-tended farm can produce stacks upon stacks of crops with a bit of maintenance. Oh, also old farms didn't work in Winter, meaning that you needed a better food source anyways to get through it.
  15. Yes. That is the entire point. Add a tradeoff to using those "Valuable perks", you now have to counterweigh them against having reasonable stat modifiers. You could. But at that point why would you ever use the stat modules? I suppose the "Modules supplement those who have the hard time with those stats" is fair. But I don't see how making them more important is a bad thing. Why though? I don't consider myself particularly good at the game, so if I had low HP then I could see myself choosing HP boosts over, say, speed. But if I got better or was feeling more confident, then I could forsake stat boosts inorder to get night vision or better speed. Because that's how modular character systems are supposed to work. You have to constantly be weighing the cost and benefits of each perk. Yes, That's how higher HP works I mean you could, but does that solve the problem? Tell me, how does lowering maximum stats make more forced choices? Constraint is the true driver of creativity after all. Going off your previous posts, your mindset seems to be largely on "I like using the enlightened crown. This nerf would force me to use sanity circuits to use the enlightened crown". This is true, but tell me, what if someone doesn't like using the enlightened crown. You like using the enlightened crown, meaning that you could stack sanity-boosting modules to be better at using the crown than most other characters. If we assume that the slot count increases to 7, per popular demand. Then you could, say, Use 2 super-processing circuits, an electrocution circuit, and a hearty circuit. Now you've got 250 sanity (Same as Wickerbottom), are dealing retaliation damage to anyone who hurts you, and have an extra 50 HP. You could also just replace those last 2 circuits with any circuits that have a combined cost of 3 slots. Such as a dronemaster circuit, a hearty module 2.0, a chorusbox circuit, ect. And maybe a different player perfers to use, say, Slurtle Shells. In this case, they might not care about speed or HP, so they stack a pair of retaliation circuits and a dronemaster circuit so that they'll deal damage whenever they're attacked, and have a bit of regen to back them up. Again, constraint is the true driver of creativity, so by lowering WX's stats, you've given a lot more incentive to mix and match modules to however you like them.
  16. That's the point. As it stands, having perfectly average stats across the board means that WX doesn't have any strong incentives to use the stat boosting circuits, so lowering their base stats would make the stat buffing circuits more valuable, while also adding a risk/reward factor too the non-stat circuits. You want to eat less often? then plug in a hunger-boosting circuit or two. Want to use the enlightened crown? Then use the sanity-boosting circuits, and be better at using the crown than other characters. Want to heal less often? then use healing circuits Obviously such a concept would require significant balance changes. But the WX rework is in beta, they're supposed to be getting significant balance changes.
  17. You're right. On their own, perks like "Getting around the map faster", "Being better at fighting" or "Saving times on some tasks" aren't overpowered. The problem is that speed gives the character who has it all of those perks at the same time. A WX player who has the speed chip in will always be better at combat, will always be getting around faster, and will always be finishing chores faster. Compare that to, say, the electrocution circuit, which will only help WX in combat. Mind you though, I don't think that stacking 3 speed modules would be the meta. WX *does* have some useful perks that could potentially rival speed. The issue is that the speed 2 module outclasses everything in the same tier as it. All the other 2-prong circuits are simple stat boosts, and WX's stats aren't low enough for these to feel important IMO. The only one that isn't a stat boost is the electric retaliation circuit, which does less than spear damage when you get hit and is only effective against single targets. Atleast as I understand it. So really, while I wouldn't make every slot a circuit, if I have 2 circuit slots available, then having a speed circuit there is a no brainer.
  18. Except WX-78 can't have 600 HP and passive regen over time. Having the passive regen requires 2 module slots. AKA the same module slots that the health modules need. Also the health regen is kind of bad. Healing 1 HP per 15 seconds or 16 HP/day. Not bad if you're only getting into the occasional scuffle now and then. Not something you can rely on while facing down gods. Also Also you need jelly beans to make the passive regen circuit. So making it WX's main source of healing is practically suicidal. You'd be better off constantly dying and reviving with life giving amulets for healing than using the Dronemaster circuit. You seem to be caught up on the whole "Massive HP pool and health regen" bit. While your suggestion would make sense from looking at those in a vacuum, the problem is that WX doesn't only have the health circuits. And in fact I'd say that the HP circuits are probably some of the less useful ones. Night vision, Speed Bonus, Heating, Cooling, electric retaliation. Ect. Are all perks that WX can choose instead of health augmentation. So balancing WX around said health augmentation would only seve to make it so that health are the only modules that get used. Well that an speed I suppose. You got me there.
  19. If one fights, say, Ancient Fuelweaver with Football helmets, the the average character (150 HP) will need 8 hits to be killed (20 damage/hit), while WX with maxed-out HP modules will take 30 hits to take down. Or a difference of over 300% between the two characters. However, if both characters have, say, 20 pierogis and are eating them whenever needed, then the average character will need 48 hits to be taken down, while a max-HP WX will take 70 hits to take down. Only about 45% more hits than the player with 150 HP. This is why people have been saying that having such a high HP stat isn't that good, because ultimately the healing items that most other characters have access too are going to be much more effective at keeping you alive than having a health pool that would make the average Dark Souls boss blush. Also, you kind of missed the point of the post. if you have a max HP WX-78, then you're only going to have that HP. You won't have any of the other perks that come with WX's modules, such as free light/night vision, speed bonus, or temperature immunity. The other characters that Egg mentioned might not be as tanky as a WX, but they have other perks in addition to the health. Wigfrid has her vampirism and moderate damage bonus/resistance, Wolfgang has his X-treme damage and the ability to wear marble armor for free, and Wortox has the ability to heal groups and can get I-frames with well timed dodges. All of these perks also help make the characters more tanky without just needing more HP.
  20. Ermmmm. No. For starters, I think you're overestimating just how helpful 600 HP is. Is it useless? No, not at all. But you get diminishing returns. Armor alone allows any character to get effectively hundreds of HP. And while a WX can theoretically get into the thousands for theoretical HP, at that point the HP is only a buffer. Remember, any character can quaff down food or apply healing items at any time to restore HP. So if you have healing items, then it doesn't really how much HP you have, higher HP just means you can wait longer before healing. And secondly, as the Forums' foremost expert on character downsides (why yes my ego is massive. Thank you very much), This downside... wouldn't work very well. You see, a good downside isn't just one that's more complex than low stats. A good or even Great downside is one that pushes the player to interact with a character's upsides, or fundamentally changes the way they approach the game. Wigfrid's carnivorism means that she's more reliant on her damage bonus and stat vampirism to maintain her stats. She can't rely on the easy restoration items that other characters have such as mushrooms or cactus. Wagstaff's near-sightedness makes you rely on his various goggles, and all the benefits that come with them. It also means that he's more reliant on body slot equipment, so you can't just run around with a backpack 24/7. Wanda having time instead of health means that her ability to heal is severely limited, but the age mechanic also means that she's rewarded for being on low health. Thus, you end up with a high risk/high reward playstyle where you want to be on low HP, and can't easily escape that state if things get too hot to handle. All of these downsides don't just serve to nerf characters, they directly compliment what they can do and raise their strengths even higher. The exact opposite of what your suggested WX downside would do. For starters, why does WX want to be getting into fights in the first place? He can buff his health and speed, but other than that, he doesn't have any easier time fighting enemies, 'nor does he get substantially more benefit from fighting enemies like Wigfrid does. And even if WX was a combat-oriented character, how would loosing his modules/base stats on hit improve his playstyle? We have 2 characters who roughly fill the "Don't get hit niche". Those being Wanda, who again; high-risk high-reward. And Walter, who has a ranged weapon and a unique mount that lets him distance himself from enemies. Actually, There is one combat circuit that I completely forgot about until now. That being the electrocution circuit. Which only deals retaliation damage if WX gets hit. So ultimately, not only would this downside not fit WX as it stands, but it really doesn't fit the idea of a "modular" character at all, and would need a character fully built around the idea to work. This is actually why I'm fond of the idea of nerfing WX's base stats down too 100 each. It's not a particularly interesting downside, but it would force WX to rely on their stat modules more instead of just sticking with speed/nightvision/whatever at all times.
  21. yeah, I was originally thinking something like that for the Dynashell circuit I previously suggested, but Klei probably wants to avoid circuits that require you to interact with them outside of plugging in/unplugging. If only for simplicity's sake
  22. I'd personally love more one-slot circuits in general. Like a +25 sanity circuit. But you know what would be really cool? Compass circuit. unlocked by scanning any short bird, it takes one slot, allows you to see anyone holding a compass on a map. And the circuit itself is a nixie tube that will display whatever direction your camera is currently facing (N, NE, SW, ect.) If something like that where added, I would definitly be a bit more excited about different circuit loadouts.
  23. I mean that's how the crown works. Chance to activate on hit, 9 second cooldown once it activates. Not much different really
  24. I mean as I said, the suggestion works just as well with removing the illumination circuit. The point is to remove redundancy.