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  1. 15 hours sense the last post?! Y'all are getting lazy. Also, Feast and Famine is a good mod
  2. Klei: Teases a Wendy rework Klei in 3-5 weeks:
  3. to be fair, that's still more resource efficent than Farms.
  4. I'll repost this as many times as I need too
  5. the ammount of stonefruit you can break open stonefruit directly corolates with your mining strength. I'm not sure how many methods there are to demonstrate this, but the easiest way to do so is to mine them with the Honey Crystal effect added. Doing so will result in mining 2 stone fruit at a time instead of 1.
  6. I am from the future, you will understand this meme in 8 months
  7. You can't sue everyone for how Puny you are Also I wasn't kidding minespatch, thou must repent to thine lord and savior Shreksus Christ in his holy swamp
  8. You must now make a Shrek 2 edit to atone for your sins
  9. doesn't have to be a DST meme if it's a DST template
  10. does the merm agression change also apply to Creatures and bosses? or just players?
  11. The sun never sets on the British empire, but look where they are now.
  12. That's it, Someone call joe. It's time to shut this hellhole down.
  13. Bad wording on my part. And apon further inspection, It seems I remembered the amount of panels wrong and that you added one.though I'm still confused as of why the chair is thrown last
  14. Nevermind Wurt. What I want to know is why panel 6 is the fourth panel and why panel 1 is used twice