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  1. Ah. Fair point. But even then, what are you looking for out there? On land you've got all the different biomes, set pieces, ect. You can't exactly look for, say, Pig King while on a boat. I didn't say that the crown was a bad reward. But it's in no way worth all the headache you need to go through to get it. Let's just compare the Celestial Champion to the Ancient Fuelwaver. To fight the AF, you have to >Kill the Ancient Guardian for the ancient key. >Repair the Chess pieces and kill them to get a shadow atrium >Find the tentepillar that leads to the atrium. >Kill a difficult boss. And you're rewarded with an upgraded nightmare amulet, a shadow thurible which has a few uses, Bone armor; which is possibly the single most powerful item in the game, and the Ruins get reset making the most powerful gear in the game renewable. To fight CC, you have too: *Deep breath* Go to the ocean. Find the Lunar Biome. Assemble the Altar. Go to the Ruins. Make a Starcaller's staff and deconstruction staff. Complete the Moonstone Event. Disassemble the Mooncaller's staff. Go the the Archives. Turn on the Archives. Do the Minigame for the Astral Detector. Find the Celestial Sanctum with the Astral Detector Find Crabby Hermit's island. Befriend her for Pearl's Pearl. Find CK with the Astral Detector. Kill CK with Pearl's Pearl. Bring all that stuff to the Lunar Island. Activate the Moonstorm event. Do Wagstaff's quest. Kill Queen Bee (Or turn on Winter's Feast) So you can actually get the stuff you need to the Lunar Island without it spoiling. Assemble the lunar collector. Kill a hard boss. And for that. all you get is a ton of moon glass and a shiny crown. Don't you see a bit of a discrepancy there? 1. I wasn't playing when caves where new. So I can't speak for them too much. 2. The ocean isn't new anymore. In six days, Turn of Tides will officially turn 2 years old. If I was making this post 6 months or even 12 months after ToT, then sure. Maybe that would be an argument. But as it stands, There's little to no reason for Oceans to still be in the state they're in. Yes, but the ocean and land areas never interact. You don't cross the land while exploring the ocean the same way you might cross the sahvanna biome on your way to the desert. And if you're exploring the ocean, you don't pop back onto land unless you need to resupply or drop off some items. For all intents and purposes, they're entirely different and segregated areas.
  2. Triple mac tusk is good for farming Lazy explorers, if you're planning to fight AF. And Beefalo are a good source of meat. Beefalo wool is a good for base building and fuel. And Beefalo herds are good for early-mid game hound waves and Frog Rain. and @Sunset Skye is right. Knobly Nuts are more of a reason to re-visit the waterlogged biome compared to even some mainland biomes. The issue is that the ocean as a whole has practically nothing to it's name. If you're exploring the mainland, then there's a variety of biomes that you'll pass through while exploring. And even if there isn't much reason to re-visit most of them, the variety's atleast there. And there's generally something to gain just by passing through them. Sahvannas got a lot of grass and beef. Forests have lots of spiders, along with the occasional grave or pig house. Rock Biomes have gold and tall birds. Ect. Ect. The ocean, on the other hand, has both a noticable gate to explore it in the first place (Lots of wood, plus stuff for sails and anchors if you want to explore at a reasonable rate), and you get barely anything to show for it. 90% of the ocean is comprised of a single biome, which has little more in it than fish and kelp. Barnacles are an average food source. Salt is used for like, 2 things. 3 if you're Warly. The first being a fridge side grade, and the second being a very slow, and honestly kind of expensive method of renewable Theulicite. The lunar island has mid-tier gear at best, I'd say. And stone fruit are nice, but little more than a convinience. Crabby Hermit has some stuff, but gives mostly just more fishing items. Crab King is considered one of the hardest/worst bosses in the game, and his reward is something too expensive to practically use. And then Celestial Champion. Easilly the longest, most drawn-out task list in the game. Gives a glorified mining hat as a reward. I haven't seen a single person consider this a worth-while reward. Compared to how expensive it is to explore and how long it takes to do so, There is very little reward for exploring the open ocean. And what is out there is little more than minor convenience items. Just compare the ocean to the caves. They're almost as desolate as the ocean. But they're free to explore at any time, and have valuable items such as Lightbulbs for lanterns. Glowberries for moggles. Bunnymen, which make for a great food source and mob/boss farmers. The ruins, which have some of the strongest items in the game. Easy early-game living logs in the lunar grotto. and probably more I'm forgetting. Point is, people are so harsh towards the ocean because, for all intents and purposes, it's an entirely new world just like the caves. Yet you can completely ignore it without missing out much on... anything.
  3. While there's nothing wrong with using "off-meta", and Szuku definitly could have been a bit less... Abrasive, about it. If the only good reason to choose one option over another is for Variety's sake, then I feel like there's still a problem to be had.
  4. Personally, I'd rather have entirely new way of getting those sorts of resources at sea instead of just adding transplantable boats and calling it a day. Perhaps some kind of junk net that produces twigs and grass over time, with a small chance to catch other ocean resources.
  5. Probably because it would be hard to give it any uses. Anyways, re-visiting this thread because I had the excellent and very obvious idea of just googling "Fig Pasta". There are actually a lot of recipes, but it seems the most consistant ingredient among them (Other than Figs and Pasta, obviously), is Prosciutto. An Italian cured ham. Hell, going a bit more specific, and here's this fig and Brussel Sprout Rigatoni recipe I found. Rigatoni with Figs & Brussels Sprouts - Love and Lemons
  6. Aaaaand now the entire tri-state area's on the naughty list.
  7. As has been said, it's really just Fig and Rigatoni pasta. I am willing to bet that a nice Goat Cheese would go good with it. Perhaps a dash of mint?
  8. How come Woodie can tell the difference between Mysterious plants and Glowworm lures? but not Wormwood?
  9. Does... this apply to Warly's chef pouch?
  10. I'm glad you like them, because honestly I'm rather dissapointed all-around. First things first, Figs have a 6 day spoil timer raw, and a 3 day spoil timer cooked. This + the fact that you can't re-locate the vines means that Figs aren't something you can really "farm" as a food source. This is already a pretty big hit to them as it means that they're really only something you can eat/cook with on the go. So in that regard, how do they hold up? Well, let's go in the same order you did. So first we have the Figatoni. As you said, the stats on Figatoni arn't bad. The spoil time leaves a lot to be desired, but 30 HP, 15 sanity, and 56 hunger is pretty good. The problem is that it's recipe requires 2 vegetables, which means you can't use kelp for it. So either you're bringing vegetables with you (which are honestly pretty darn OP on their own. A pair of potatoes are beating it in HP, just behind it in hunger (Unless you're Wolfgang), and can be made into spiral potatoes). Or you're fishing for Corn Cods. But this biome also has Grass Crocodiles, which drop a whopping seven leafy meat. If you're going through that much effort for vegetables, then you may aswell go all the way and make some Beefy Greens for the extra HP and hunger. Next is the Figgy Trunk. 60 HP is good, without a doubt. But the hunger's nearly half of what you'd get just from eating the trunk and 1 fig. And on top of that, you can't find Koalaphants out in the ocean. So the only reason you'd make this is if you brought a trunk with you a head of time. But if you're going to do that, then just bring some healing foods with you out to sea. Third is the Fig Kebabs. And ironically, I think this might very well be the best of the fig-based recipes. Allow me to explain. Fig Kebabs restore 20 HP, 25 Hunger, and 15 Sanity. Low, but decently balanced stats. However, unlike every other recipe, all the ingredients are readily available in the biome you find them in. Figs are self-explanatory. Meat can be obtained from Spiders or Grass Crocodiles, and twigs can be found from the mangrove trees. Even if they're stats are below the other options, they're still going to be the easiest sources of HP and Sanity to make on the fly. And they restore the same amount of Sanity as the Figatoni. So you're really not loosing out if you just want to get Wavy Jones off your tail. And Finally, we have the Figgy Frogwich. And Honestly... this dish sucks. Not only are frog legs not found in the waterlogged biome, but this dish is just a worse version of the already existing, and much cheaper, Froggle Bunwhich. half the HP and hunger for what? 10 sanity? If you bring the frog legs you need out to see with you, then you can just pick some bull kelp to make the bunwhich. This is quite possibly the third worst dish in the game, beaten out only by Fish Tacos and Unagi. As it currently stands, the only dish I can see being made regularly are the fig kebabs for the reasons I listed above. But if Klei lets the above average trees grow figs, then I think the other two dishes could have some potential. Also, I said it in another thread, but where's my Figgy pudding? Don't get that excited. There are actually a lot of dishes that can change your tempature. The issue is that the tempature of the food decays much, much quicker than the spoilage timer. So if you made a batch of Fig Kebabs before going out for a trip in winter, then by the time you start freezing, the kebabs would have gotten cold.
  11. Figgy Pudding is an English desert generally served around Christmas. It doesn't actually have any fig, my idea's just a bit of word play.
  12. Look Klei, I love you and all. But come on. You had one job. You added figs. You added recipes for these figs. But you didn't add Figgy Pudding, the food that most people probably think of when you say figs. Never mind the fact that Figgy Pudding doesn't actually have figs in it. Heck, give Sweetish Fish the sweetener value their name suggests, and you could have a pretty good on-the-run sanity option, and maybe even just a good sanity option in general. So maybe like 2 figs, 1 sweetener, 1 filler for 32.5 hunger, 33 sanity, and 5 HP. Unlike the other fig recipes, I could actually see myself making this one. Especially if, As I said, Sweetish Fish are given a sweetener value, thus letting you make this entirely at sea.
  13. A hunter/explorer character could be really fun. He could have perks like a gun or compass, be voiced by a bugle, and maybe take inspiration from stereotypical English explorers. Oh, and he's also a greedy git.
  14. Very Unsatisfied other. While I don't really mind the event not adding to core gameplay ( I mean it still sucks, but atleast I can ignore it) I still have no idea how this is supposed to be a summer event. Everything is themed around painted eggs and hatchling birds. Sure, carnivals in general tend to be a summer thing, but if you just looked at a list of all the content added, the only reason to not assume that it would be a spring event is the conspicuous lack of rabbits. Also I'm sorry but the minigames where boring. Egg match and bird feeding where just clicking on the right objects, and the egg chase was super easy to cheese just by building a wall around the game.
  15. An overhaul to cooking mechanics would be inconvenient more than anything. The crock pot already works really well for what it wants to do. The current problem with Crock Pot is less about the stats of dishes, and more so the fact that there will always be recipes that are just easier to get than others, and that the benefit the harder recipes provide rarely balences out the increased time investment. Meatballs, for example. While their "OPness" is definitly overblown, they're still a super good recipe despite their relativly low stats. Why? Because they're so cheap to mass-produce, that you could make half a dozen meatballs in the amount of effort that it takes too farm some higher-tier foods. While ice results in the highest raw-stat return, many players are likely going to use berries due to ease of farming. And because you can reliable farm the 1 meat needed with a spider den, it's entirely reasonable to have a fully self-sufficient food source by day 5. And really, this is where the real discrepency starts. Not only are some ingredients dramatically easier to get than others, but the harder ingredients rarely result in higher-tier food dishes. Meat is super easy to farm. Monstermeat only needs a spider den to obtain, and large meat is easy to farm with some moved pig houses. Veggies are also easy to farm thanks to RWYS. But even with farms, there are still obvious "Best" crops to farm, either because they're easy to keep fertilized (Potatoma farms) Or have blatently better uses than other crops (Dragonfruit, Tomaroots, Potatoes). Fish are very slow to farm, especially late game. And they're used in very few dishes that can match the previous two mentioned food sources. If you're catching fish, it's either for Surf n' Turf or Fish Sticks. Probably the latter, given that you're trading 60 HP and a meat item for +18 sanity. Wobsters specifically are decent. They're still a bit slow to catch, but they're reliably in the same place, and are used for some powerful dish Probably other things I'm forgetting, but the point of the matter is that there's little reason to go after rarer foods when, more often than not, more common foods do the job just as well while being several times easier to get. For example, why should I go set up a Sea Weed and bull kelp farm for Barnacle Nigiri when I can get the exact same effect with a spider den and some mushrooms. Why should I bother making Melonsickles when Veggie stingers are easier to make and restore 50% more sanity. Heck, I'm not even sure you really need a crockpot any more with how busted some veggies are on their own. Potatoes in particular grow in 3/4 seasons, restore the same amount of food as meat, and restore a whopping 20 hp each. Not to mention you can harvest stacks upon stacks of them with fairly little work. Trust me when I say you can live off farm crops alone, because I have. The point is, with the way that food is currently implemented in the game, the easier option is almost always the best one. And honestly I don't know how to fix this. This sort of problem is prevalent in 90% of survival games, I've found. The only game I've seen completely avoid it is Valheim. And I'd call that game closer to an RPG than a survival game.
  16. In DS, Willow would light fires when her sanity was low, and a trick many people liked to use was lighting items in her inventory on fire to basically give yourself a kill aura. Also her lighter was infinite durability. when DST first launched, They removed her fire immunity, gave the lighter durability, and gave her an entirely new downside that was... Well honestly I don't know how bad it was, I just know that people hated it. And they also gave her Bernie, who distracted shadows. And with her re-fresh, they made her restore more fuel for fire pits and added BERNIE! And fire immunity? Willow's defining trait in the single player game? The forums literally had to riot to get that given back to her.
  17. Ok, but I could go on for hours about how Bernie's existence is a crime against humanity. Willow is the "The Firestarter" Willow's personality can be boiled down to "Pyromaniac" Willow's perks and downsides in DS where built around her being "The Firestarter" Even in DST, She still had her lighter and fire resistance. So even if it was neutered, she was still "The Firestarter". Bernie was added as a "We're sorry we shot your main in the knees and left her to die in the woods" after Klei stripped her of 90% of her character for the sake of dealing with griefers. (Which is a problem in and of itself for a whole list of reasons. but that's for another day). So them choosing to almost completely ignore her defining character trait and focus on the damned bear for her re-fresh is an insult. Like, you're a Wendy main, right? Imagine if they nerfed Abigail to have 300 HP and only deal single target damage when DST came out, and then years later they buffed Abigail's HP to 350 and decided to make Wendy's main perk about flowers. That's basically what happened with Willow
  18. Frankly, I'd argue that a character's downside is more important than the upside in the "fun and unique" regard. Sure, playing a character who's nothing but a bum isn't exactly groundbreaking, but if a character doesn't have a substantial downside, then you're basically just playing with a stronger version of Wilson. Sure, you might do a couple things differently with these characters. Wolfgang you might fight bosses more often due to his damage boost, and WX-78 might spur you on an early ruins run. But at the end of the day, you're going to play these characters almost the exact same way you'd play Wilson. It's downsides like Wormwood's "No healing from food" that forces you to use items you otherwise might not touch, or Warly's "Is a picky eater" that (attempts) to force you to expand your horizons and eat more than meatballs or meaty stew. Hell, while I think he could have been designed better overall, even Walter's unique interactions with HP and Sanity dramatically change the way you play the game. Without fun and unique downsides, character choice ends up being about as meaningful as a racing game making you choose between "four points into weight and 5 points into traction vs. five points into weight and 4 points into traction". I imagine it's from a lot of older players being drawn in by Don't Starve's premise of "an uncompromising survival wilderness game", only to feel alienated by Klei moving away from the reason they bought the game in the first place in favor of making DST lean more towards a survival sandbox game. I do admit, I could be wrong though.
  19. Well Wigfrid absolutly dominated her role.