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  1. actually, Webber is speaking in the singular here, and when he's referring to both him and the spider, he always uses plural (IE "That jerk tricked us) though whether it's the webber or the spider that's talking there... it remains to be seen.
  2. Leaked concept art of "Return of them"'s final boss. Click at your own risk
  3. Hey, can anyone look to figure out what the saladmanders are doing when they spike up and thrust with their tails? If you don't' know what I mean, just stand around them, they'll do it sooner than later.
  4. Soooo, Wheeler just doesn't have a downside now? you should make it so that she's penalized for using a backpack, that way you're discouraging using the backpack meta instead of encouraging it.
  5. Hey has anyone datamined Wagstaff's sprite sheets yet? I ask becuase it seems that something's giving him a monochrom filter, and I'm curious about what his actual sprite looks like. And I make this claim because both it and his outofworldprojection tag apply to boats once you bored it.
  6. The hulk is officially the best stone and flint farming method
  7. Woodie doesn't count. Klei's Canadian, so really he's just self-deprecating humor
  8. I have no idea why I'm giving a manure about Warbucks now when I barely cared for him when he was removed. I guess Wheeler being so similar for no good reason is just rubbing me the wrong way.
  9. I've heard they are, but I'm certain it's a glitch, as right after you kill the hulk it explodes and the head drops right where it died.
  10. Actually, to my knowledge, they said that there wasn't an issue with his character, 'nor was their much of a controversy. They just didn't like how he was designed. I'm just confused as of why they decided to go with a whole new character that could have easily been a Warbucks rework instead of, you know, just making it a Warbucks rework.
  11. Wheeler should have just been a Warbucks rework. change my mind
  12. I never said her personality would work, that would obviously stay the same. Dodging is pretty nice though, I'll give you that. However, other than the dodge, I can't really see a reason they couldn't just give her perks to Warbucks. Do that, and now Warbucks is a much more interesting character, People aren't mad that you got rid of him, and the devs save the time and money it took to design and make her.
  13. This may not be the perfect place to ask, But sense you're active here, Can I ask why you decided to make Wheeler a whole new character and not just a Warbucks rework? I know I'm kicking a dead horse here, But Wheeler's kit could have easily been a Warbucks rework, just with some minor texture tweaks. Make the Airhorn an antique/heirloom/clockwork blunderbuss, make the compass look more antique, and give him the fewer inventory slots. Boom, now Warbucks is unique, his perks fit his character, and he's useful outside of Hamlet. Maybe give him one more upside sense dodging wouldn't make much sense at his age.
  14. Not sure how to unlock the new character, But the new boss is summoned exactly how you would expect. More info in spoiler