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  1. Wouldn't that be a boney? Wait, no, that's a bad idea. forget I said that also how do you even set titles
  2. Wickerbottom: oh, you're back from the expedition early Wigfrid: Möön's haunted Wickerbottom: What? Wigfrid: *grabbing spear and getting back on the boat* Möön's haunted
  3. well you do seem to be correct in that sense. However, by definition, this would be an almalgam, not an eldritch abomination
  4. nah, it needs either less than 2 or more than 50 eyes to be considered an eldritch abomination
  5. That thing has way more than 8 legs. That also apears to be the neck of a Brachiosaur, rather than the trunk of an elephant. therefore, a proper name for it would be the "Centibrachioquiduck"
  6. so if you haven't heard, wigfrid can eat taffy now because... reasons also, Thanks for 1000 points.
  7. sense this now seems to be the sprite/animation commision thread, does anyone have the sprites for various burning base structures? I can't find any good images online
  8. I mean the feather pencil exists for a reason
  9. first, that image is what I was refering too, though I see how my wording confused you second, "softcore"
  10. me: "Hmm, I never did read that dossier thing that Minespatch posted, I should probably do that" *Gets to second paragraph* me:
  11. So then once I cam get back to my computer and start maki ng war memes, would I go under "would probably break the Geneva conventions" or something?
  12. Be glad that you got hit right in the feels, some of us don't have feels to hit
  13. When you realize that the DS/T timeline takes place in the early 1920s which means you can legally make WW1 memes Trust me, It's going to be (The) Great (War) suppose I should start with my favorite bit of the era, the Attack Of The Dead Men also, if this is against the rules, please tell me, because I have 0 idea where I look at those
  14. Wagstaff when he's inevitably added: I'm about to end this Beaver's whole career *procedes to knock down and uproot 120+ trees in 2 clicks*
  15. Put on your tinfoil hats, because I think I found the real reason Wormwood got a redesign before release
  16. ooooh, more eldritch monstrosities? I wanna see
  17. Y'all have been complaining about the Pog's rear, yet failed to even aknowledge that Wormwood has been putting everything on display