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  1. Not bad, though I think there are a few problems. As others have pointed out, it doesn't make much sense for Willow to lose HP for putting out fires when she's immune to fire. The downsides also feel a bit scattered. The wetness-based downsides are almost entirely negated just by wearing an eyebrella, and then you also have things like "Won't use watery or cold items" or "Looses more sanity when cold"


    Ultimately, while this rework is an improvement (I ****ing HATE Bernie-centric Willow), It feels a bit spread-out overall. And Willow doesn't really do anything new with fire, she can just use it a bit better than others; which really isn't saying a lot. Even then, the only thing she can do "Better" than others is combat, and we already have more than enough combat-centric characters if you ask me.


    I've actually been thinking about a Willow rework of my own, though I'm not about to try and hijack your thread with it. 



  2. Y'know. I just realized that; despite being 2 pages long, nobody here's actually posted the Sunken Chest loot pool for reference.

    So here y'all go


    Now as you may notice. Most of this loot pool is really, really bad.

    The vast majority of loot in the chests are basic resources that are easily aquired through other means; often much faster at that. Notably Stone, Gold, and Moon glass. You have a lot of boat supplies. Which I guess is useful to have as backup. But while I can't speak for everyone, I generally keep a single boat for an entire playthrough. And even then it's extremely minimalist, so getting lots of boat kit definitly ain't that great. And as I said before, Ruins supplies are only useful if you're going to the ruins in the first place. 

    So if you're going for chests, really the only things you'd really benefit from are the walking cane; which good luck. or the Pick/Axe which... actually probably the best source of them TBH. Everything else may aswell just be a nice bonus.

    And honestly? I think it would be completely reasonable for sunken chest loot to be completely busted. Spend an hour sailing around the world over and over again looking for chests? Damn straight you should get a ruins stave or something. Some bloke cleared out the ruins half an hour ago anyways.

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  3. I know I'm beating a dead horse here, but yeah, Ancient Fuelweaver is definitely fine as-is. Even if the fight seems overwhelming, you're not punished much for small mistakes. Yeah, you'll suffer if you don't bring enough sanity food. But if you get mind controlled once then you're generally not going to miss out.

    The only real exception is the woven shadow phase, due to just how much HP Fuelweaver can heal with each batch. But I can't really hold it against them when they also have the second lowest HP of any raid boss, only beating Klaus with 16k total HP. Really I think the only thing I'd like to see "changed" with the Fuelweaver fight are more ways to deal with the woven shadows so the entire thing isn't dependent on a single, season-locked item.

  4. I love sunken chests, but only because I play with both Sailing Rebalance and Unlockable Sunken chests, which makes finding them actually useful. 


    As it stands, while I will go after Vanilla chests if I'm in the area. The VAST majority of the loot is extremely sub-par. Constituting either simple resources or fishing/boat equipment. And the best items you can get aren't that good either. Walking Canes are a nice boon if you can somehow get them early enough. But the chance of you getting one before winter are sub-optimal at best. And even then, most players are only ever going to need a single walking cane unless you're Wanda.

    And then Ruins gems plus Thulecite sounds good on paper, but then you remember that to use them you need to go to the ruins anyways. So at most you're getting an extra crown or staff that you may or may not even craft.

  5. 5 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

    Woodies Wereforms are a “Curse” too but that didn’t stop Him & Wickerbottom from figuring out how to create Itchy Idols to use his curse to his advantage.

    For Woodie.. this is just another Ben 10 alien added to his Omnitrix, for Wes and Maxwell it’s more a blessing in certain situations- 

    While Wonkey can be used to cancel character's downsides, being cursed is still an overall net loss in most situations.

    5 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

    Really it depends on who your playing as, if you play Wendy and rely on Abigail, or your used to Wolfgang’s 2x strength then I guess it’s a curse? 

    Or if you were relying on Webber's spiders. Or Wanda's clocks. Or Woodie's forms. Or Wickerbottom's books. Or BERNIE!. Or- y'know what? Just stick every character onto a dart board and cover your eyes. 9 times out of 10 you'll hit someone who looses big perks from turning into a Wonkey.

    5 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

    However: How is this any different from playing till chapter 3 of DS and unlocking Wes? A character who is intentionally designed to be worse than other character choices?

    The difference is that Wes is just that. An unlock. If you reach chapter 3 and take the time to free him. Then Wes dissapears and becomes a character you can pick at any time. Whatever character you pick, you keep playing as.

    Meanwhile, killing Pirate Monkeys spawns a cursed trinket that forces itself into your inventory. And if you get 10 of these trinkets, you're forced to turn into Wonkey, thus losing all of your character's perks, becoming a monster, (likely) having your stats lowered, and getting a penelty towards kiting. You then need to go to a specific location and pay the Moon Quey Queen bananas (or just die) inorder to undo the curse and get your actual character back. 


    Wonkey, is a curse. Wes, is an unlock for people who don't like too have fun.

    5 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

    If Wonkeys Curse was truly a “Curse” it would feel incredibly punishing.. such as- your Monkey only eats Bananas and refuses all other types of foods, trying to die to remove the curse just increases the amount of trinkets you have to get rid of, The player randomly losses control over Wonkey and it runs off to eat any nearby bugs out of impulsive instinct (such as Crustashine) 


    See above

    5 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

    Wonkey is in actuality a glorified Wes unlockable character. 

    Ok then. Go start a world and pick Wonkey from the character select screen. I'll wait.

    5 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

    I believe the “Curse” of Moon Quay was literally just an update Klei wanted to do that tells a story of people/pigs/Merms that become transformed into monkey pirates.. it lets us as gamers think “You know.. maybe Wilbur really was a King before he became Monkey?”

    There is literally nothing to suggest that being the case? ? ? 

    5 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

    As far as this feeling like a “Punishment” lol no.. no where near.

    I've covered this by now.

    5 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

    I would feel more punished if Monkey had Wagstaff levels of eyesight and couldn’t create Bifolcals to see better with.

    I mean yeah, that would be more "punishing", but that doesn't Mean Wonkey still isn't a punishment.

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  6. 5 minutes ago, Mysterious box said:

    You don't feel it's good which is fine and it doesn't really come with a lot of advantages but I've come across many who enjoy being Wonkey in fact I've seen the only people who actually "suffer" from the curse are those who choose to I agree allowing it to be removed by death was a really bad move though since it completely removed it as a curse as anyone who is Wonkey either likes Wonkey, fears death, is attempting to setup a troll, or just doesn't know death removes the trinkets even then these monkeys are realistically just passive mobs who steal things now so there's almost never a point where you actually feel you need to fight them which is the trigger to the curse considering the pirate raids were the only variant who did things that made you more likely to fight back have been nuked out of existence.

    I mean they're not like, Wes bad. It's really hard to be Wes bad. But they're still pretty bad overall. Below average HP and Sanity, Count as a monster. Harder time kiting. Only perks are being neutral towards a specific mob and being faster on long trips.


    If someone likes playing Wonkey then sure. More power to 'em. But none the less, they are still a punish state for the player and are designed as such.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Szczuku said:

    It's more of a mild inconvenience really. 'Oh no, I'm now Wilson without his beard and with a monster tag. How sad. I'll go kill myself next to an eyeplant now since I can't be bothered to sail to the Queen' like please, playing as Webber probably counts as a bigger curse than Wonkey

    If Klei wants to add a curse mechanic then 1) make it good and 2) don't make it a cool monkey

    1. I'll conceede that being able to clear the curse through death was an incredibly stupid choice.

    2. Wonkey isn't good. The only way they can be considered good is if you're playing a character who already has nothing going for them, like Wes or Wilson.

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  8. I think that griefing should be accounted for. But shouldn't be dictate a character's entire design.


    While yes, Griefing is incredibly easy. That doesn't mean it should be easier to do. I could go to your house and douse it in gasoline. But that doesn't mean regulations should be lowered to make electrical fires more common.

    In Wicker's case, not only can she completely block access to 2 bosses by constantly restarting the lunar cycle, she can also make life a living hell for anyone playing Woodie. The first one was probably already possible. But Wicker still makes it much easier. And Woodie mains being forced to dive into the caves every other night because they exist on the same plane of existence as Wickerbottom is something that no form of griefing can currently do. And is definitely a big problem that needs addressed in one way or another.


    5 hours ago, Cheggf said:

    What nerfs did Willow receive because of griefers? 

    When DST first entered early access. Both Woodie and Willow got massive nerfs to "accommodate" for the multiplayer environment. Woodie I believe was mostly directed towards PvP, because apparently Klei saw that as more than a novelty at one point. But Willow received significant nerfs towards her interactions with fire. Which. At the time, was all she had.


    I forget the specifics; the Willow Rework was 3 years ago after all. But if I recall correctly


    Don't Starve Willow:

    >Immune to Fire

    >Has an infinite durability lighter

    >lights fires when insane


    Pre-rework Don't Starve Together Willow

    >Temporarily immune to fire

    >Lighter has durability

    >Freezes when she goes insane


    This may not sound like much. But combined with some overall nerfs to fire as a mechanic, Willow ended up becoming much weaker and less interesting as a result. The reason some folks (like myself) get up in arms about the Willow refresh is because Bernie wasn't added until after these other changes I mentioned. He was basically a "We're sorry we took your favorite character and broke their knee caps." Apology gift. And then they decided to focus on that gift instead of, you know. Giving the Pyromaniac interesting things to do with fire.


    One notable thing that Don't Starve willow was able too do was called "Inventory burning". As the name suggests, Willow could ignite items in her inventory without taking damage thanks to her fire immunity. She was able to reach some extreme DPS with this tactic and basically become a death ball


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  9. 16 minutes ago, xxXolot said:

    I think Astral Detector is a really nice ingredient if Distilled Knowledge item is kinda too awkward to use as recipe!

    I never see full moon as op so I never really minded moon rock recipe, but I think at least locking it behind Lunar Island exclusive ingredient is reasonable, but for Wicker's quote alone I would want it to require something that requires archive activation but not the iridescent gem, that cause all sorts of problems.

    If the thing requires archive activation than I think it doesn't need the moon moth as ingredient, if the dev doesn't want it to require archive activation than it should just be moon moths and moon glass.

    That... Yeah, that sounds good.

    Thematically appropriate, Gated but not expensive, doesn't mess with the archives. That's pretty good in my book.

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  10. It's important to remember that Pierogi has been around much longer than Wobster Bisque, so nostalgia likely plays some part. But otherwise? Yeah, no. As has been said, Pierogi is extremely cheap and easy to mass-produce for how much it heals, and how long it lasts. Just dealing with a hound wave gives you half the ingredients you need. And the vegetable requirement can be met with so many different things, it's not even funny.

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  11. 4 minutes ago, Hornete said:

    I had never implied nor mentioned that what they've already done with the character wasn't a slap in the face. I think Willow being able to put out large areas as fire would be just as saddening as what has already been done with the character.

    Your ideas are neat, I was just addressing the main post bringing forth the idea of the book mainly focused on extinguishing fires being a willow perk, but the general concept of Willow having a better affinity with the creation of fire is very cool and definitely what I would want, just don't make it about extinguishing her fiery loves, :p.

    That's fair, my main line of logic for that kind of perk is "Picking Willow will already get you insta-kicked on many public servers, so if she gets any more affinity for fire she damned well better be able to put it out just so people can actually play her"

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  12. 14 minutes ago, Hornete said:

    Right about the item that extinguishes fires feeling like something that should have belonged to the firestarter?

    This would be such a slap in the face to Willow and her as a character. I'm aware of the fire pen you get afterwards, but it's a gimmicky fire staff as a bonus for using the book, not an actual great item.

    Honestly? Yeah. I don't see why not. Just give her a small sanity penalty for each fire put out and a quote along the lines of "Sorry my pretties, but these aren't for you", and I think it would work pretty well.

    And in regard to the fire pen, yes, that's gimmicky in and of itself. But if we go full "Pyromancer/pyrokinetic", then the functionality of the stored fire could be expanded on. For instance, instead of simply making a new item, extinguished flames get stored in her lighter, with the size said lighter's light radius getting larger and larger as more fires are stored in it.

    And then instead of simply being an alternative to the fire staff, it could be used to cast a variety of spells. It could be used to cast fires from a distance, sure. But it could also be used to summon "Willow Wisps", Harmless, floating fires that hover around players similarly too Bulbous Lightbugs. Or you could cast it on a creature, which would summon a flaming ring around it to trap it. Not good for increasing your DPS. But still good if you're fighting multiple foes and want to pick them off one by one.


    Perhaps I've gone past just "giving Willow this firebook", but I'd say these ideas still fall into the spirit of things. And frankly, even if Willow having any interest in putting out fires would "be a slap in the face to her character", It's still better than the GOD DAMNED TEDDYBEAR that they focused on with her rework instead. And remember Willow wasn't supposed to have her fire immunity post-rework, and the entire forums had too riot for it to be reimplemented? If that doesn't count as a slap in the face, I don't know what does.


    Sigh. Sorry. I guess you could say I get a bit heated over the Willow rework.

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  13. I'd rather existing recipes get rebalanced before adding new recipes. Puffed Potato souffle still has the stats of its Shipwrecked counterpart despite the fact that Sweet Potatoes where closer to carrots in the DLC, plus eggs litterally growing on trees. And 90% of existing fish recipes are either worthless, don't actually take fish, or need so little fish that they can just be made with freshwater fishing

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  14. 3 minutes ago, meow meow meow said: the cost of 50 sanity per day. I've been playing Wickerbottom a lot today and I was honestly baffled to learn that the lunar grimoire takes 50 sanity per cast. People talk about it here like it's free but no it absolutely has a hefty cost.

    I mean... Eh?

    Just wearing a Tam o' Shanter consistantly is going to refund about 75-80% of that (53 Sanity a day- whatever's lost at Dusk and Night). And even then, Sanity's pretty easy to manage once you know where to look. Cactus, Green Mushrooms, and dried kelp are all cheap ways to restore sanity. And sense Wickerbottom's got farming books, she can easily grow crops for the magnitude of sanity foods those can make.

  15. 1. No, the books are incredibly cheap. One can easily grab a stack of reeds just from running through the swamp whilst outlining the map. And Moonrocks can be found in the mosiac biome before reaching Lunar.

    2. Even if they weren't so cheap, You don't need to craft that many. The Bookshelf will repair books in it's inventory over time. Meaning that you only need to craft 3-4 copies of the Lunar Grimoire to just completely negate night time. Just cycle through the books, and by the time you use the last book, the first one will be fully repaired. 

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