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  1. An overhaul to cooking mechanics would be inconvenient more than anything. The crock pot already works really well for what it wants to do.


    The current problem with Crock Pot is less about the stats of dishes, and more so the fact that there will always be recipes that are just easier to get than others, and that the benefit the harder recipes provide rarely balences out the increased time investment.


    Meatballs, for example. While their "OPness" is definitly overblown, they're still a super good recipe despite their relativly low stats. Why? Because they're so cheap to mass-produce, that you could make half a dozen meatballs in the amount of effort that it takes too farm some higher-tier foods. While ice results in the highest raw-stat return, many players are likely going to use berries due to ease of farming. And because you can reliable farm the 1 meat needed with a spider den, it's entirely reasonable to have a fully self-sufficient food source by day 5.


    And really, this is where the real discrepency starts. Not only are some ingredients dramatically easier to get than others, but the harder ingredients rarely result in higher-tier food dishes.

    Meat is super easy to farm. Monstermeat only needs a spider den to obtain, and large meat is easy to farm with some moved pig houses.

    Veggies are also easy to farm thanks to RWYS. But even with farms, there are still obvious "Best" crops to farm, either because they're easy to keep fertilized (Potatoma farms) Or have blatently better uses than other crops (Dragonfruit, Tomaroots, Potatoes).

    Fish are very slow to farm, especially late game. And they're used in very few dishes that can match the previous two mentioned food sources. If you're catching fish, it's either for Surf n' Turf or Fish Sticks. Probably the latter, given that you're trading 60 HP and a meat item for +18 sanity.

    Wobsters specifically are decent. They're still a bit slow to catch, but they're reliably in the same place, and are used for some powerful dish


    Probably other things I'm forgetting, but the point of the matter is that there's little reason to go after rarer foods when, more often than not, more common foods do the job just as well while being several times easier to get.


    For example, why should I go set up a Sea Weed and bull kelp farm for Barnacle Nigiri when I can get the exact same effect with a spider den and some mushrooms. Why should I bother making Melonsickles when Veggie stingers are easier to make and restore 50% more sanity. Heck, I'm not even sure you really need a crockpot any more with how busted some veggies are on their own. Potatoes in particular grow in 3/4 seasons, restore the same amount of food as meat, and restore a whopping 20 hp each. Not to mention you can harvest stacks upon stacks of them with fairly little work. Trust me when I say you can live off farm crops alone, because I have.


    The point is, with the way that food is currently implemented in the game, the easier option is almost always the best one. And honestly I don't know how to fix this. This sort of problem is prevalent in 90% of survival games, I've found. The only game I've seen completely avoid it is Valheim. And I'd call that game closer to an RPG than a survival game.

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  2. 13 minutes ago, Captain_Rage said:



    Willow's strength revolves around fire and heat, and managing them. Not sure what you are getting at. I've only been playing as Willow since DST was conceived and currently it definitely feels like her main perk is about fire, lol.

    In DS, Willow would light fires when her sanity was low, and a trick many people liked to use was lighting items in her inventory on fire to basically give yourself a kill aura. Also her lighter was infinite durability.


    when DST first launched, They removed her fire immunity, gave the lighter durability, and gave her an entirely new downside that was... Well honestly I don't know how bad it was, I just know that people hated it. And they also gave her Bernie, who distracted shadows.


    And with her re-fresh, they made her restore more fuel for fire pits and added BERNIE! And fire immunity? Willow's defining trait in the single player game? The forums literally had to riot to get that given back to her.

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  3. On 6/27/2021 at 9:34 AM, Atkvin said:

    That is probably the point. To only make characters more fun and unique.

    Somebody else has already said this somewhere else, but these are character refreshes, NOT reworks. They're either polishing clunky mechanics like followers to make gameplay smoother or giving them more unique mechanics to play with - most of which are buffs which don't need to be balanced out by making the character more unfun or negating buffing a weak character in some new way.

    While I have no qualms against Wendy, I will note that her refresh is the only one I can think of does literally do away with her drawback in her lower damage, and even makes it a net buff with Abi's petals with teamplay.

    Frankly, I'd argue that a character's downside is more important than the upside in the "fun and unique" regard. Sure, playing a character who's nothing but a bum isn't exactly groundbreaking, but if a character doesn't have a substantial downside, then you're basically just playing with a stronger version of Wilson.

    Sure, you might do a couple things differently with these characters. Wolfgang you might fight bosses more often due to his damage boost, and WX-78 might spur you on an early ruins run. But at the end of the day, you're going to play these characters almost the exact same way you'd play Wilson.


    It's downsides like Wormwood's "No healing from food" that forces you to use items you otherwise might not touch, or Warly's "Is a picky eater" that (attempts) to force you to expand your horizons and eat more than meatballs or meaty stew. Hell, while I think he could have been designed better overall, even Walter's unique interactions with HP and Sanity dramatically change the way you play the game. Without fun and unique downsides, character choice ends  up being about as meaningful as a racing game making you choose between "four points into weight and 5 points into traction vs. five points into weight and 4 points into traction".

    2 hours ago, Roodmas said:

    I personally don't understand why balance is so important to people in this game. Unless you play PvP of course, this is a game of people working together for common goals. In my opinion, a character is well designed if it can help the team in a way no other character can.

    I imagine it's from a lot of older players being drawn in by Don't Starve's premise of "an uncompromising survival wilderness game", only to feel alienated by Klei moving away from the reason they bought the game in the first place in favor of making DST lean more towards a survival sandbox game. I do admit, I could be wrong though.

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  4. 1 hour ago, Wardin25 said:

    maybe their versions from uncompromising mode mod?

    Eh. Uncomp doesn't generally change characters that much. The only ones who could be considered "B-side" (atleast as I understand it) Are Willow, who got a minor re-work to be more fire based. And Wolfgang, who got a re-work to be less combat-oriented and get more strength-based utility.


    Frankly, I'd rather that second one just be his re-work in general. But Willow's re-work I could see as a "B-side" upgrade.

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  5. Another issue is that Crops tend to be really good on their lonesome. Sure, some of them are pretty sub-par or average on their own, such as Garlic, onion, and peppers. But half of the crops crops are really good to eat on their own.

    Toma roots and pomegranate restore 20 HP, which is really good if you consider that that's for a single ingredient in a crock pot.

    Corn and Asparagus are as filling as meat. Corn straight off the stalk and Asparagus once you cook it.

    Potatoes and Eggplants are as filling as meat, and also restore 20 HP. Wolfgang's favorite food is also roast potatoes, making them restore 40 hunger.

    Pumpkins restore a whopping 37.5 hunger and 8 HP. Again, this is for a single slot in the crock pot.


    So yeah, basically the only crops that you probably arn't better off eating raw are Carrots, Watermelons, Dragon fruit, onions, chili peppers, Durians, and garlic. And of those crops, I'd say only Dragonfruit has any real use in a crock pot thanks to Dragon Pie. Not counting Warly, obviously.


    Durians and Carrots flat out don't have any unique recipes. Peppers are only used for pepper poppers, Garlic is only used in creamy potato puree, and onions are only used in Veggie burgers and Salsa Fresca, the latter of which is just a more spesific version of Veggie stingers, which also use tomatoes.


    So I conqure, vegan croc pot dishes are in massive need of an overhaul.

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  6. On 5/3/2021 at 6:24 PM, thegreatJash said:

    But I think we all agree that Eye of the Storm will go in S Tier.

    Spend hours going through the ruins, doing the moonstone event, raiding the archives, finding the lunar island, befriending Pearl, fighting a stupidly hard boss with bad rewards, bringing three seperate heavy objects to the lunar island, activating a world-spanning event, performing a fetch quest 3 seperate times, and fighting a raid boss just so you can obtain a glorified mining helmet.

    Yeah, I'mma put that in E tier.

  7. 2 minutes ago, clickrush said:

    Keep in mind I only plan to farm for just enough food for a year. Meaning the plots will be barren for the rest. Are you saying that it’s too much after just one round? I assumed that one or two yields cover a year.

    If you're trying to mass-produce for a whole year. Then you're plan might work? Your biggest hurdle will be spoilage, but if you can get 16 farm plots filled up and get all of them giant. Then yeah, you'll probably have enough food for a year after only 1-2 harvests.

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  8. 3 hours ago, clickrush said:

    * Do you think this plan will yield enough food, too much or too little?

    too much. Comically to much.


    In vanilla DST, All Warly's diet demands is that you restore 180 food every 2 days. Notice anything about that number? That's right, Warly's stomach can hold 250 food. This means that all you need to stay fed is either 3 75 hunger foods, or 1 105 hunger food and 1 75 hunger food. Meaty stew+bacon and eggs/honey ham is more than enough to keep Warly fed at all times.


    As such, I recommend using your farms to focus on Spices, healing and Sanity rather than food.



    >Tomatoes and Peppers/Dragonfruit combo at a 2/1 ratio. Tomatoes are useful for veggie stingers and salsa fresca; both of which restore 33 san. Peppers are obviously useful for chilli powder, and Dragon pie is Dragon pie.

    >Onions are also used for Salsa. But they're also used for moqueca, which I suspect to be one of the strongest dishes outside of Mandrake soup; restoring large amount of hunger, sanity, *and* health.


    > I also reccomend setting up a barnacle farm. 1 sea weed can produce 3 barnacles at a time, and you only need 1 barnacle for Moqueca.


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  9. Use your hunger meter as a timer for your food countdown. 


    Warly has a max hunger of 250. He also has a 20% increased hunger drain, thus bringing him to 90 hunger/day.


    So, if you bring yourself to max hunger, you can wait until you loose 180 hunger (70 points) and then bring yourself back up to full. And so, you won't have to eat again until loosing 180 more hunger.

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