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  1. 23 minutes ago, Cheggf said:

    What, the boss loot sucks point? I still disagree with that on everyone except Toadstool (who only needs a slight tweak to his drops) and Crab King (who currently drops an unusable item so it'll clearly become better in the future).

    You're saying that items that give infinite light, infinite heat, infinite item cooking, infinite thermal stone warming for no cost suck, items that grant the most cold protection in the game and slow your starvation rate by 25% suck, items that expand your inventory and halve the rate items spoil inside (including Ham Bats, effectively increasing your damage) suck, you're saying all the best items in the game suck.

    The scaled furnace is definitly good. But it's really only worth it because Dragonfly is the easiest of the raid bosses. Once you get a wall built so the lavae won't harrass you, then it's just a matter of getting the kiting pattern down.

    The Hibearnation vest is good on paper. But the issue with it is that, for most players who would be able to get this item in the first place, Neither winter 'nor hunger will ever really be a problem for them. Winter is trivialized with just a thermal stone and a torch, while food is trivialized just by planting a berry farm and a spider den.


    And as for the insulated pack, Sure it gives extra storage slots. but it gives the same amount of slots as some grass and twigs. And then how often is that 50% spoilage rate *actually* going to help you? Sure there might be a few scenarios where you're out and about for a really long time, But these are few and far between.


    And both of these have to content with the fact that Bearger is much more valuable *alive* than his fur is. Bearger is the single best wood gatherer in the game. both of his drops pale in comparason to being able to collect hundreds apon hundreds of logs in mere minutes.


    And as for the rest of the bosses, most of them don't fare much better.

    Deerclops, Beequeen, and Ancient Fuelweaver get a pass. They all have really good drops.


    Moosgoose's luxury fans and weather pains are decent, but you need to kill a lot of meese geese inorder to make a few of them.


    Toadstool's glowcaps are really only good for mega basing, And funcaps negate any hunger drain they grant by making food in them spoiler *faster*.

    Klaus's loot is pure RNG. You could get loot anywhere from a Krampus sack, a Beequeen crown, 2 royal jelly and a bundling wrap BP (notice how all of those come from the same boss), Or it could be as bad as Scales, 2 steel wool, and no blueprint.  And then outside of that, his only other loot is charcoal, gold, and a lifegiving amulet. And then you can only fight him one/year, thus potentially screwing you over for an entire world length.


    Malbatross only gives items that are good for sailing, Which is still a bit boring at the moment.

    Antlion's drops are only good for Multiplayer

    Shadow pieces just drop magic items and the item to fight the ancient fuelweaver.


    Most boss drops are really just sub-par compared to the effort put in.

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  2. 36 minutes ago, W0l0l0 said:

    Are there any instances of Webber only referring to one part of himself? Does he do that? Then we'd be able to know for sure, as he might just have gotten used to talking using "we".

    Otherwise we wouldn't really be able to draw conclusions just yet, as it could still mean anything. 

    A couple, Actually.


    Off the top of my head, The main ones are the Froggle Bunwich (Sandwich for me, Frog legs for him) and Flint (oh, to feel a sharp edge against my skin)

  3. 18 hours ago, Sunset Skye said:

    In my opinion this isn't a problem with Winona, this is a problem with players. Winona's catapults are really fun and interesting just to mess around with, and I'm 100% sure there's tons of farms you could make using them, but it's the players who decided that the catapults are only ever supposed to be used ever for the two bosses they're "meta" against. Klei gave us an interesting new tool in Winona's rework, everyone found the very few situations where they're the most meta option, and then collectively stopped experimenting with them in favor of saying they're not useful enough (while simultaneously too overpowered?)

    Admittedly I exaggerated a bit. But the point still stands.


    Winona's catapults may be strong, but there's never a reason to play as Winona once you get them built.


    I could build dozens of farms as Winona with her catapults. But they'll still function perfectly once I swap back to Warly to get all his benefits.

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  4. 3 hours ago, ShadowDuelist said:

    I think it varies with the time of the day, when Chinese servers are peaking Wigfrid is #1 and when Western servers are peaking Wendy is #1 But I could be wrong. And even if she's number 2, I think the point still stands, she's still super popular.

    Mr @CarlZalph is the supreme allseeing eye that has the numbers. I'm based on one of his latest posts about the subject:



    2 hours ago, GetNerfedOn said:

    The three character popularity polls I made could have helped with that but they're also stricken with lack of respondents and the phenomenon called recent character release bias so yeah, CarlZalph holds the best data regarding this query

    Wigfrid was the most popular character up until Wendy's refresh, at which point they've been fairly neck and neck

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  5. 46 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

    It’s got everything to do with this topic, op asks if there some grand plan they’re missing.. I would say the biggest part of franchise lore?

    Technically, This post was more specifically about the Mechanics and content of Shipwrecked than the Story side of it.


    That being said, it could be the story-based content that ties everything together, so we can really only wait and see

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  6. 1 hour ago, shadowDigga said:

    Very nice to see goat problem being solved so quickly. Many thanks.

    If it isn't too much trouble, can the same be applied to beefalo since people like to exterminate them as well? Spring rain + Savanna biome. Please.

    Hasn't this been a problem sense DST released? I wouldn't call that quickly