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  1. 2 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

    But guys.. the three 100% confirmed updates left this year are a Content Update, Wolfgang Rework, QoL update, And not exactly in that order either.

    It won’t be just skins because that isn’t a game content update, it also won’t be limited event because they would’ve already stated so if it were.

    My guess is they will permanently add things that fit DST well enough or maybe add a cross-over themed horde mode?

    I'm guessing that the stuff will still be hallowed nights/halloween themed, but end up staying all year 'round, similar to how Klaus is a christmas-themed boss added with Winter's feast, but can be fought every winter.


    7 hours ago, Creatorofswamps said:

    Why are you all so poisonous, the developers are not fools, they know how the game works and know how and what to add to make it look good, after all, SEVERAL WORLDS ARE ALREADY INVOLVED in dst, so if we have a lava world and a world with a mouth in the sky in the plot, then I don't see anything wrong with objects, maybe even a boss (for example, a world eater is quite lorno justified) from terraria


    Actually, now that you mention it. Eater of World's with Pugalisk's AI...

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  2. 21 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

    She still needed a fire to start that fire, regardless of the explosion afterwards- so she either can’t control fire and is only immune to it like I said, which means all that stuff in the closet with her exploded, OR she can only control a fire once one has already been started by normal fire starting methods (Aka the lighter) 

    There was no fire in the room until the Terrorbeak lunged. As I said, that was assuming that Willow somehow had time to start a blaze in between the Terrorbeak Lunging and making contact. Which is already an assumption and a half. Also, Fire is only a part of an explosion. And frankly, the least dangerous part. There's also the matter of the shockwave that should have turned Willow's body to Jello.

    21 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

    Think of it like how fire spitters in circus acts need to hold a Fire source to start a larger fire source.

    Still Pyrokinesis

    21 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

    Its also important to note that WILLOW isn’t the only one the shadows have been chasing outside of the Constant itself- They also have been chasing WANDA in her new short, which makes me question the Constant as a whole: Why if these things can get out into the real world.. what exactly is Charlie or even Wagstaff current Intentions???

    Can only a “handful” leak out & escape to the real world and Charlie is trying to set them all out amongst humanity?

    Does Willow have some Connection to Wanda if they’re BOTH being chased in the real world realm by nightmares?

    Wanda's being hunted by the shadows because, like Maxwell, she's been exploiting them for her own purpose. Only instead of magical fame, it's outrunning her own fate. Theulicite is a key component in her clockwork mechanisms. And the very first shot we see in Wanda's short shows nightmare fuel emitting from one of her clock parts. A shot that takes place outside of the constant.

    21 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

    Theres also Wagstaffs ability to pull spiders from the constant that created Webber… could it be possible that the same devices Wagstaff were using to bring spiders out and put WX78 in- Was also used by the monsters to break out into the physical realm?

    Maybe, But that doesn't change the fact that the nightmares seemed to be targeting Willow specifically. A character who, no matter how you cut it, seems to have a supernatural affinity for fire.

    21 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

    What about poor Charlie and Maxwell? Who literally also get kidnapped while performing a stage show act utilizing the Codex Umbra? They were also pulled in by creatures in the physical realm.

    As I said. Maxwell was exploiting shadow magic for his own gains. Willow was just some orphan kid who the shadows decided to go after. This only makes sense if there was something about Willow that they wanted. Or something that got their attention.

    21 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

    The Wavey Jones emote icon seems highly appropriate for these Nightmare creatures manifesting themselves into the real world.

    Can't argue with that.

  3. 10 hours ago, QuQuasar said:

    Rather than a stat boost, I'm of the opinion that creating a merm king should remove the loyalty timer from allied merms whenever you have less than 3 merms. So you will always have a few permanent companions, but not a massive forever-army the way Webber can.

    I also like the idea of there being one more step to Wurt's story: it would be cool to give Wurt the ability to overthrow the pig king. Basically a boss battle where you lead your merm army in battle against the pig army. Vive la revolution!

    Once you win the event, the merm king will relocate to the pig king's location and no longer require upkeep, as well as gaining the ability to trade trinkets for gold since he presumably now has access to the Pig King's wealth.

    As yes, exactly what Wurt's kit has been missing.



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  4. 16 hours ago, Lord Cafe said:

    Why so many people complain about her being OP? is that a joke? we literraly have Wolfgang which can do double damage, double speed, 300 health and 200 sanity which nullifies his unique "dowside" which is a completely joke but Wanda is op cus she can do more damage while having to stand with 7hp? you can literraly die if the battle takes to long and you forget to "heal" youself in time.

    Nobody's saying that Wolfgang isn't OP. It's just that he's been OP for so long that there's no point in complaining about it. It's like the dull throb of a sore leg while you're not using it. Sure it's there, and you sometimes forget about it. But it still sucks, and you sure as hell don't want more of them.


    'cause yeah. Nobody in their right mind is asking for Wolfgang to be the basis for character balance. Sure, there are those that don't think balance is nessesary at all for this game, but even then, I don't see them saying things like "Give Wormwood 3x damage while blooming" or "Make Warly gain 3x the stats from crock pot foods".

    16 hours ago, Lord Cafe said:

    Teleporting to avoid hits takes time and more time in battle means more chance to die, that's why wolfgangs are always the rush characters for bosses you can easily go to the battle with 40 perogies and heal youself at every single hit without any problem and you can heal while attacking since there's a way to cut the healing animation in foods while keep atacking so it's literraly healing while attacking.

    Not super handy for day-day combat, I admit. But while fighting Deerclops with Wanda, I could consistently get 5 hits in with the alarming clock and backstep watch; and probably could have gone for 6 if I was bolder. 

    16 hours ago, Lord Cafe said:

    But you can't go the battle with 40 clocks to heal or cut the theal animation you since there's not enough slots and there's cooldown between the uses so it's WAY EASIER to just make a bunch of food to tank instead of a lot of clocks, eventually you will beat bee queen and having bundle wrap so food will not spoil so any character in mid game can easily have heal at any time so clocks healing and not "spoiling" or breaking ins't bad, i saw some guys saying that self revive is OP cus she can use all the time, i mean, this is really a problem? Life ammulets are EASY to craft sometimes i literraly don't pick red gems cus of how many i already have so having a ammulet to self revive ins't anything new in  this game, maybe they can change the time to take more days since we don't need short cooldows to self revive since the game ins't about dying and reviving.

    The self-revive was nerfed, so this isn't an issue anymore. But even then, not everyone has super good luck with red gems. And the issue wasn't so much that self-reviving was cheap. The issue was that you litterally could not fail.

    With life-giving amulets, you would still run out. Either out of resources, inventory space, ect. But pre-nerf second chance watch had a cooldown that was equal to that of the world reset timer. This meant that, as long as you had a clock on you; you could just revive over and over and over again with no penalty. You may aswell have been playing endless mode.


    But ofcourse, this is no longer an issue. And thus, we shall stop talking about it.

    16 hours ago, Lord Cafe said:


    see above.

    16 hours ago, Lord Cafe said:

    I know it's to early to talk about the character but that's my point she ins't even released yet and people are already asking for a nerf while theres literraly a character in this game which is almost easy mod by just eating some meatballs which are  the most easy recipe in all game. Please stop asking Klei to nerf character, instead ask Klei to make all characters good with good mechanics we don't need to make someone else character worst to make your character shiny.

    Sorry by any writing mistakes i'm still learning, Cheers.


    Something else that people complained about was her weapon, as it's easilly the most powerful in the game.


    Not gamebreaking by any means, but it's still incredably powerful compared to other such armaments; even in Wanda's weakened state. So yeah, she was definitly a bit over-tuned pre-launch. But as it stands now, I am incredibly happy with how she turned out.

  5. 33 minutes ago, BezKa said:

    Tbh, all of me says no. Like, I really don't like the idea. At all. 

    But I already learned the game. I won't ever experience the "learning wall" in this one. I think the experience is very enjoyable and strapping new players of that would be taking away the fun. 

    On the other hand, DS isn't changing. I personally played DS first, when I bought both games intending to play with friends. I don't know if people share the sentiment of playing the original first, but who knows. I don't know what's better for new players. For me it was a breath of fresh air, to not be led by hand and explained everything. I reveled in the fear of unknown, and took each death as an opportunity to improve. Maybe new players don't need that. Maybe that is the price of popularity. 

    Idk, I feel like DST does with compendiums to help organize the amount of information. It's steadily increasing after all, new recipes etc, having some way to keep that info in the game instead of outside notes sounds like a good idea even for people screaming git gud at every chance. But the set pieces you suggested sounds like putting a tutorial for a program hidden in several folders in the zip file. If we're doing tutorials, just put it in one place. Like a starting world. You pick a gamestyle, choose "noob mode", you spawn in a world with health bars, pre-made base and said set pieces. People who don't feel like climbing a wall and chill there. And the fans of falling on their ass every couple minutes can play normal mode. 

    Like I said, I really don't know. It feels damn wrong to "soften the curve". I don't want it. I think it takes away the biggest charm of the game. But in the end, it's Klei's decision. 

    And modders I guess, who can make a tutorial mod if they want to. 

    I do agree that the "Learning Wall" is an important part of the game. But at the same time, Klei has said that they've been moving away from the "Uncompromising" aspect of the original game. So if the game was built to be uncompromising, and the devs are removing that aspect. Then what else can and should be removed?


    I also disagree that the setpieces would be like your analogy. While we can't really say for sure without an actual system like this being implimented into the game (which, last I checked, Set pieces are an absolute pain to work with). When other games use such a system, it generally feels less like a tutorial and more like a discovery. Finding a mechanic or structure that I didn't know existed and thinking "I can do that?"


    In addition, The original game and RoG actually does this already; just to a much lesser degree. In those games, you can find set pieces with an ice box, a chest, and a thermometer. The chest contains items for surviving winter (or summer in the desert), and opening it has a large chance of instantly turning the season too winter.


    Now, these set pieces where cut from DST for... obvious reasons. But the spirit's still there. A set piece with specifically designed to teach players how to survive a season.

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  6. 12 hours ago, ShadowQueen said:

    I feel that meaty stew is a very useless dish in many ways. It's one of those dishes I don't really enjoy... Here's why

    • Requires big meat!
    • Doesn't really help with hunger issues

    Another reason on why this dish is useless is because you could use the same amount of meat you use in the meaty stew for 4 meatballs, which gives more hunger than 1 meaty stew (250 hunger for all 4 meatballs), you also won't have to waste them all at once! And making meatballs doesn't require big meat like meaty stew does. i'd rather waste my meat on ham bats (yes even in late-game!)

    So really, meaty stew isn't all that great imo, at least make it to where it doesn't require big meat like it does now...

    Thanks for putting your time into reading this post :D

    Large meats are extremely easy to farm. Just off the top my head; an early-game player can get them by

    >Killing pigs

    >Killing Werepigs

    >Killing Tallbirds

    >Killing Volt Goats

    >Killing Koalaphants

    >Killing Beefalo

    >Killing Catcoons.


    And on top of that; as has already been pointed out; When comparing the hunger to meatballs, you also need to keep in mind what you're loosing with the filler.

    If you have 3 berries, then the net-gain on meatballs is going to be comically low. And if you use anything as filling as a carrot; you're only going to be breaking even on hunger.

    Meaty Stew, meanwhile, has a 200% hunger return on the meat you put into it. If you use ice, you are literally doubling the efficiency of your ingredients. Slightly more than that, actually, due to the health and sanity bonus.


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  7. Oh wow, an 8-and-a-half year old thread that hasn't been archived.


    Am I a bit of a cur for necroing such a long-dead thread? Maybe, but it's still facinating to see how the fandom's evolved and changed over nearly a decade.


    And my impression is... It hasn't changed at all. Nearly a decade in, and we're still arguing over whether the game's too easy or not. (Well, arguing about the sequel/spinoff being too easy atleast). Never change Klei forums. Never change.


    But in regards to the actual topic at hand (From a much later perspective), It's honestly hard to say if the game got harder or not as the years went by. Sure, tons of seasonal and survival challenges where added. But so where things meant to counter-act those challenges, such as magic; more food sources, ect.  It really is quite the debate.

  8. On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    so, Warly lacks the ability to bring something new to the table, as in he’s not very unique. Well, his downsides are unique and I find them really fun, but his upsides are like, not usable. So, here’s the stuff he “brings”

    Hiya. Warly main here. Let's go through this list, shall we?

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    Gazpacho: cools down in summer, just go in caves instead

    Dragon fruit thingy: makes warmer in winter, just burn a tree. bruh!

    You really shouldn't be using these dishes as your sole source of warmth in their seasons. They're best used in situations where you want to stay stable, but can't use other heating/cooling items. Such as boss fights or while on the ocean.

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    Fish cordon bleu: literally just an expensive harder to renew less useful eyebrella

    The Cordon Bleu doesn't use an inventory spot. You could just use an eyebrella, but then you can't use a football helmet, miner's helmet, ect.

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    That one thing that switches health and sanity: lol there are better sanity and healing items

    Admitedly a bit niche, but it has it's uses.

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:


    Didn't Warly come out before a lot of the current "fighting" characters? It's definitly been a couple years atleast.

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    Potato thing: basically every low tier food ever, easy fix, just buff a bit

    Yeah, this dish is garbage. It's pretty much just a 1-1 port of the sweet potato souffle in Shipwrecked, but that dish was made with Shipwrecked's equivelent of carrots and Birchnuts.

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    Those two other dishes: they’re just hunger dishes, those already existed

    Eh. Can't really refute this.

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    Glow berry mousse: have you heard of this item called a lantern or miner hat?

    Again, those items take up an equipment slot. You can't have a lantern and a pickaxe equiped at the same time. 'Nor a football helmet and a miner hat. Glowberry mouse lets you have a light source, a backpack, a tool/weapon, and a helmet all at the same time.

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    now the spice

    Chilly flakes: …k-Klei, what did I tell you about fighting characters…

    See the Jelly.

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    That one that gives defence: lol does kiting not exist or something

    Well why not just get rid of armor if this is going to be your argument?

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    That one that gives extra nutrition: it would just be better to make a new dish in 10 seconds rather than spend 5 days getting the spice

    Ok yeah this is garbage. But I guess if you have the salt then there's no real harm in using it.

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    Honey crystals: they’re good I guess, but Bearger exists. It mines faster but Bearger exits for that too. Ruins its good for I guess, but there are also items you can craft to do the same.

    Honey crystals can be made by day 3-4. They're great while Treeguards are still rare and you don't have acess to any other tree cutters.

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    Warly has 1.2 hunger drain for no reason other than in solo he had 133%, the thing about solo is that he also got 133% nutrition. in dst he doesn't get 120% nutrition, he only get 100%.

    He has it because otherwise his refined pallet would be insanely easy to cheese. I mean it's already insanely easy to cheese by doubling meaty stew/Bacon and eggs. But it's better than nothing.

    On 8/13/2021 at 3:50 PM, Bugsworth said:

    as much as i hate saying this about my favourite character, its just true. his ability's  don't bring new stuff, items already existed for those proposes. I like Warly, but he need a rework or something to make his ability's unique-er or actually something to use.

    You're really underselling Warly here. While I would like to see him get a few tweaks, he's a pretty fun and challenging character.

    As it stands, his only real problem is that none of his perks benefit him specifically. All his dishes can be eaten by other survivors (Save for the ones with their own dietary restrictions). It would be great if he got his SW stat bonuses from food back, or if bonus effects on food lasted longer/where more effective with him. 

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  9. 8 hours ago, Sunset Skye said:

    The ocean-specific stuff I'm mostly looking for is salt, sea weeds and the waterlogged biome, with other appealing stuff about the ocean coming naturally during that search (gnarwails, pearl, treasures etc), while staying close enough to outline the mainland. Funnily enough, while I've never purposely sought him out or anything, I have kind of found the Pig King while on a boat before!
    (Don't mind the hud mod)
    Outlining the map like this, while it leaves some blind spots that require a bit of educated guessing, gives a good idea of the world shape and which biomes are where. So for example I can see that bit of deciduous there, combine that knowledge with the lack of space where another would probably generate, and figure that that's most likely where pig king is! It's not perfect, however it doubles as exploring the ocean and I found everything I'd want to out there at the same time. I also could have just jumped onto the shore of the deciduous forest and peeked in and found him directly, of course.

    This scares me.

    8 hours ago, Sunset Skye said:

    It's not really fair to do so. The Fuelweaver's little questline is just a few bosses with an explosion of rewards right at the end, you kill the shadow pieces, you kill the ancient guardian, then you kill the Fuelweaver and get all sorts of loot right at the very end. But the Celestial Champion isn't meant to be an explosion of rewards, and the Enlightened Crown isn't the singular thing you get from the questline, so comparing the two bosses like this isn't really fair. In reality, on your way to the Champion you will get:
    - All of Pearl's trades
    - The Strident Trident
    - The Terra Firma Tamper
    - Astral Detectors
    - The Celestial tab
    Then finally the Enlightened Crown (and its shards)

    While it varies from person to person if all of that is good or useful or etc, I think it's unfair to directly compare the Champion and Fuelweaver loot, as the Champion is a final cherry on top of the stuff you got along the way, while the Fuelweaver gives almost every single reward from their quest line all at once.

    I guess that is fair. Though as I said in my first (Second?) post, most of those are either convenience things or mid-tier items at best. The terra firma tamper is cool, As are the Astral detectors. But that's about it IMO.

    8 hours ago, Sunset Skye said:

    Kind of a broad "you" for something that's so subjective. I pop back onto land all the time while exploring the ocean, see my image above, and I've played with friends before who do the same.

    Alright. And while exploring the surface, I try to pop into any sink holes I find to see what's around them. Or go up any sinkholes I find in the caves to see where they lead. Does that mean the caves and the Surface are the same world?

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  10. 2 minutes ago, Hornete said:

    To be fair though, When Klei was making caves they were able to put all their focus on them(Only with the strange new powers update adding the necessary perks to characters at the time) while today there's reworks, new characters, Qol Updates, a complete overhaul to farming, events, and etc. Heck, not even all the updates in RoT focused purely on the ocean(e.g. Forgotten Knowledge)

    I also believe they're putting more time and effort into the content they create today, I definitely personally find the mechanics and content they've been creating to be much more complex and extensive than the content way back in 2013. 

    Oh yeah, and there's the whole coronavirus thing I suppose, Im guessing that made a bit of an impact(Thought I dont believe it was that big of one)

    Oh right. Pandemic. Yeah that'll knock things back a peg.