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  1. No. Wonkey is very explicitly a curse for the player. Between loosing your character perks, having to pay to undo it, and; y'know; being turned into Wonkey via Cursed Trinkets. There is ultimately no reason for Wonkey to be treated as anything else. Wilbur's speed mechanics and the fact that some characters can work around their downside with Wonkey is more than enough for them.
  2. Or you could just, y'know. Use an actual boat? Grass boats are great early game for getting out on the water, and frankly I don't see why they should be anything else. They're cheap, They're convineint, and they constantly decay.
  3. No no no. More content is (almost) always good. I just don't understand why this wasn't included in the first Moon Quey beta. It was already in the game, and fully functional. This (and the trawler net) just... wheren't made available until later hot fixes
  4. Nah. While I wouldn't mind seeing a couple things added, Wonkey is; before all else; a curse. Wes and Wilson already get straight buffs from it. No point in making it even more viable.
  5. Is there a specific reason that you've been adding more content with these hotfixes? or did you just want to get the update out onto the beta branch?
  6. Nah. Crockpots on the edge of a boat with an ice box on nearby land
  7. Honestly? Hard disagree. Call me crazy, but I don't think boats are that clunky.and what "clunkyness" they do have only makes them more charming. I love drifting over the open ocean, finding the rare point of interest and grabbing a few resources that I will always be able to take with me. not for everyone perhaps, but certainly enjoyable in it's own right. Unless you use sails. Now *those* are waaaay too clunky to actually use. Oars are where it's at.
  8. Actually, Barnacles are probably the only source of food out at sea that can actually compete with food on land. They're cheap and easy to set up (Boats only cost wood, and relocating Sea Weeds is as simple as killing ones you don't want), They are extremely easy to harvest (Just run around at night with a razor), Each Sea Weed gives 3 barnacles each, and in addition too being great to fufil generic meat/fish requirements, Barnacle dishes in and of themselves are rather effective; albeit they spoil rather quickly. I mean, 2 barnacles and 2 stone fruit in exchange for a Bacon and Eggs-equivelent dish that spoils 70% faster is pretty damn nice in my book. Or 1 barnacle and 1 kelp for a moderate mix of hunger and health. And remember, you're getting 3 barnacles per harvest, meaning even a small colony can net you a stack and a half of the things. Word of advice: Don't bother with sails. A driftwood oar gives you a hundred times the dexterity of a sail, and on an average character is maybe 5-10% slower than 2 sails going at full speed. No no that's- pretty much the issue. If you don't sail for the sake of sailing, then you're not missing out on much.
  9. Yet for some reason, Wormwood can't tell the difference. Y'know. The literal plant.
  10. No, actually. It makes perfect sense. Because what you propose is already how ocean content works. And is the exact reason that it's suffering right now. You certainly can balance the game around players spending more time on the ocean. But the problem is that it means there's no reason for players to go sailing in the first place. The ocean itself actually has quite a bit of stuff to find and do. But the vast majority of said stuff stops being useful the moment you get off a boat. Therefore, if you're not engaging with ocean content for the sake of engaging with ocean content, then you're not missing out on anything. Compare that to the caves or ruins. Things like Lanterns, Moggles, and ruins loot don't just help the player while they're in the caves/ruins. They help everywhere. If you couldn't turn on lanterns on the surface, or if bosses would extinguish dwarf stars, then nobody would go down to the depths to get those items. The fact that cave items help on the surface is why people go down to the caves.