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  1. Higher damage than a spear, But still outclassed by Literally every other weapon in the game. Notably Tentecle spikes and hambats Nope, The DR is the same. The only difference is that Battle helms have higher durability Yes, and those are interesting upsides compared to other characters It's not just about not having a hard time finding food. It's about all the other stuff that She can't use due to not being able to eat meat. Admittedly this has been getting a bit less of a problem as more and more meat sources are added, but there's still a lot of stuff she can't use. She can't eat Mushrooms for easy health/sanity management she can't eat Butterfly wings, butter muffins, or Trail mix for early-game healing She can't eat like, Half of Warly's foods, including glowberry mousse or his tempeture regulators. Her only being able to eat meat takes quite a few options away from her. No, Not really. She already has low hunger and sanity, and only eating meat is one of the best downsides in the game.
  2. Difficulty in Don't starve is in a really... Weird spot. To put simply, 90% of the game's difficulty comes purely from the player's lack of knowledge. To a new player, food is this rare, difficult resource that you need to perfectly manage. But any player who's learned how the crockpot works will tell you that you can instantly solve your food problems just by living nexto a spider den and transplanting some berry bushes. Hunger is a challenge that is entirely dictated by the player's knowledge of the game. And this is a repeating pattern in the game aswell. Health is easy to get once you learn to skip healing salves and go for food such as Trail mix or Pierogi, Combat is (fairly) easy once you learn kiting patterns and that Armor is cheap to get and that even basic helmets quintuple your effective HP, Winter is easy once you learn that all you need to do to stay warm is light an occasional tree on fire, and the list just goes on and on. This however leads to a few problems. First of all, Despite Knowledge being the main driving factor in the game's difficulty, Is often very poorly conveyed to the player. While some things are fairly self-explanitory, Many item's functionality are extreamly hard to discern and either require downright excessive amounts of experimenting, or pure luck. For example, As far as I know, the only character who alludes to bird cages being used as a trading station is Wagstaff, meaning that the average player won't even be able to figure out how to use this incredably useful structure. Second, There are several items that are often percived as "Noob traps". These are Items or structures that are extreamly weak in function. And weather intentional or not, serve nearly no other purpose other than Slowing the progress of the new player. The two worst offenders of this are Walls, Which are expensive to build and mantain and are VERY easily destroyed by creatures. And Farm plots, which are extreamly expensive to build, and who's utility I belive is best described by comparing Fishsticks and Fish tacos As anyone who uses these forums can tell you, This difficulty difference is causing a massive rift in the playerbase, And I don't know how much longer it'll last if Klei keeps favoring one side over the other
  3. Leaked footage of the Wigfrid refresh is looking great
  4. Realistically, Wouldn't that make more sense the other way around? Wolfgang's just the strongman, a Circus freak if you will. The only thing his character has to do with combat is that fact that he can hit harder. It's Wigfrid who's the trained warrior of Valhalla, an actress so dedicated and such a skilled combatant she can leech the essence of her enemies. As far as what I would want from a Wigfrid re-work. I'm honestly not sure. I've said it before, But I consider Wigfrid to be one of, if not the best designed characters in the Game. Her perks are unique, she has a fun downside, and she's only recently been de-throned by Wendy as the most played character in pubs. I know mods can be a bit of a spotty subject for people, but @Toros' Wolfgang re-work mod does an excellent job of bringing in Wolfgang's "Strongman" theme to light while still letting him be effective in combat.
  5. Wigfrid was the most popular character up until Wendy's refresh, at which point they've been fairly neck and neck
  6. Mod character. Tl;DR they could wear different hats to gain different traits to fit in with Various Roles. A concept that many have suggested for Wigfrid, despite how bad of an idea it is.
  7. And at last, The most-played characters list returns to Order Also re-posting this one due to the possible threat of relevency
  8. New short is definitly for Wigfrid. I just hope they don't pull another Woodie on her. Rest of the QoL changes are sick though. Thank's klei
  9. Has this been done yet? I feel like this has been done yet
  10. As has been said, DST isn't just pubs. and thus shouldn't be balanced purely around pubs. Additionally, Wicker's One of the most powerful characters in the game, so if any character where to get an impactful downside it should be her. Kudos for not slipping into double standards territory. You have my respect for that. Here's an idea, Maybe instead of balancing around the lowest level of play, We should assume that players are able to Improve and get better at the game. While DST may not be the uncompromising wilderness survival game that DS was, but It is still, at it's heart, a Rouge-like. A game where the fail state is simply how the player improves and get better. While again, DST isn't meant to be uncompromising like it's predicessor. Balancing the game to minimize this aspect would not be a good direction to take the game in. Additionally, Just because the big 3 are so broken doesn't mean they're particularly fun or interesting. There's a lot more nuance to analyzing lists like these than you give credit for. I wasn't talking about how popular or played Wigfrid is (though this did influence my choice to use her as an example) I was talking about how It was her downsides that made her play differently and uniquely from the rest of the cast. I'd consider myself a mid-range skill player. I don't do raid bosses or ruins runs (Mostly because I don't see the point.) Even if I do want the game to be harder, that's not what we're talking about. We're talking about character design and who needs updated. I've Also explained why I want more prominent downsides. It's not because it makes the game harder. It's because downsides are what Define a character and make them play uniquely from everyone else. (atleast I think I mentioned that. you can stab me if I didn't) alright, you got me there. First of all, The Terrorbeak lunged her, meaning it was also likely between her and the shelf aswell. Secondly, you can't just use Cartoon physics as a cop out. That's like saying "it's all a dream". It's boring and could solve basically any problem depending on how you look at it. See my third point. Yes, There is a mix of player skill and experience. As with what happens in all pubs. But from everything I've gathered, You want the game, or at the very least the characters, To be balanced around the lowest common denominator in the skill bracket. A way which would not be a good way to go. I don't want Willow to be a greif machine. I want willow to be the pyromaniac she was designed to be.
  11. Her downsides are non-existent. Both Sleeping and food spoilage tend to be largely ignorable. Additionally, While balance isn't nearly as important in PvE games, I will admit. It is important to still have balance or you risk the game becomeing stale and boring. Also, but this logic, Underpowered characters should never have gotten buffed on the basis of it being a PvE game This is true. However. A. It is entirely irrelevant to the argument B. Even if I was a more casual player, I'd still want more and better downsides because that's what truly separates the characters in terms of how they play. Wigfrid's upsides may be more suited for fighting, But it's her carnivores downside that makes her play truly distinctly. This is a Strawman. I never mentioned uncompromising mode. Hell, I never mentioned the game's difficulty for that matter. Newbies perhaps, though they'd probably learn pretty quickly not to use the massive ball of fire near base. As far as greifers go, As I said, Klei really don't seem to care about preventing them at all. So I'd consider this a mute point unless Klei takes more initiative. This is fair, Though the fact that that it cuts straight from Willow being lunged at by the terror beak to the explosions is a good sign that she's the source of said explosions. Also, She's not dead. Again, The explosion was enough to, without exaggeration, Blast the door to Smithereens As a matter of fact, not only did she Survive the blast, but a few frames later she's right behind the door standing Menacingly in the doorframe Even if she could survive the blast, She would have been blasted into the walls or doorframe, and would in no way be in shape to stand there like that. I can't think of any possible way for the events to unfold like they did unless Willow was the direct cause of the explosion Yep. Really it all comes down to what Klei wants to do. Weather we like it or not.
  12. How in high Hrothgar is that a downside? It's a well-deserved limitation and nerf to her, sure, but that's not a downside. Again, these where just possibilities for perks that could be added and specifically don't cause greifing. Klei could easily add some other fire-based perks @Ogrecakes did an Excellent Willow Re-work for UM mode, and with some minor changes to make it noob-friendly would be an excellent change in making Willow the Pyromancer she deserves to be Also we're acting like Klei actually cares about greifers. Did I mention that Klei's done absolutly nothing to combat them outside of willow and firespread changes? you literally only need to log out of the game with an inventory full of resources and boom, you've undone possibly hours worth of work depending on what you took. Except I'm not comparing a highly-competitive FPS game to a lax Survival Sandbox game. I'm comparing 2 games with a large emphasis on character personality to demonstrate how consistency in how a character plays and their personality. Except those are extreamly small details that are unimportant in the long run (except for the Warbucks changes, but let's be honest, that's just Klei caving in to social norms) None of those aspects change what was known and loved about the character, or how they play Willow, once again, was Built around fire. Her personality is Pyromaniac, her design in DS was pyromaniac. She was a pyromaniac. What you gave as examples would be like an actor having a different shirt color between scenes. Willow's changes would be more like Changing the character's entire Actor between seasons.