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  1. Dry Season No eruption

    I have the same issue. Although for my save the eruptions only miss out when I dont play the whole dry season in one session. I basically have to play the transition from monsoon to dry and then dont exit the game for the whole season. If the world gets reloaded for whatever reason (Seaworthy/Enter-Exit Volcano, save, exit and reload the save file) the Volcano eruptions dont happen anymore until one year passes.
  2. I'm on a fairly old save but everything used to work just fine. I have disabled all mods and still the game always crashes a few minutes after the world has loaded in. I Uploaded a pic of the error message.
  3. Game crashes "Rainbow Jelly Migration"

    I just fixed the problem myself. The crash always occured, when the next day should begin, so I enabled the console and skipped the day by "GetClock():MakeNextDay()". The result was weird, cause the daytime was in complete darkness, but it hasn't crashed. After eight minutes everything ran normal. I'm just glad my save isn't broken.