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  1. The example I was thinking of was any of the earlier Total War games or Space Rangers HD. Both turn based, but both many times more complex in nearly every way, and Subnautica is constantly actively scripting but autosaves without issue or freezing. Save games in total war could reach 26MB or more easily, and it could do it without a hitch even in cases where you modified the game to be 2-4x "normal" size in many cases, especially once you had MUCH more save data due to ocmplex mods like "total realism" and this was on computers with mechanical hard drives that were barely 20% of what even a mid range computer is capable of these days, it certainly "couldn't run Crysis". I would hazard a guess that the reason even a simple mp3 player like Foobar can continue playing a FLAC while I'm decoding that FLAC to an mp3 format in 12-20x realtime speeds is because of a thing called buffering, perhaps you guys could look into "buffering" the scripting so it can continue on while the save happens from a snapshot of the moment the buffer runs? Or at least maybe make some kind of fix so that people don't end up being run into untimely deaths because they were holding "left" while the save happens which then causes the game for some reason to continue moving you left after the save finishes and runs you into a death trap? I don't know, I don't really write code myself, I've just played over 1000 games and seen thousands of youtubers play games that don't have this issue. Maybe something is special about this indie game that doesn't apply to literally any other game that I would think operates similarly, such as minecraft.
  2. To be fair they have been completely contradicting themselves on this all weekend, basically up until this morning when the official line changed to a firm "we're not bringing him back period", almost as if they're challenging their fan base to be pissed.
  3. I'm afraid this is an unacceptable appropriation of ancient cultures, and thus cannot be allowed. The best part is where Joe says his pipe in his avatar is vaping despite being designed based upon an english caricature that predates vaping by literally hundreds of years, he's trolling at this point, and badly.
  4. It's fairly obvious at this point they're currently attempting to prove that they don't and won't be listening to the fans, at least according to mod/dev comments this weekend. Hopefully when they "meet to talk about it" one of the speakers at least holds up a printout of literally any poll results on this.
  5. I have a major performance issue- Why is it I have games from like 15+ years ago that can autosave files 10 times larger than these save files but DON'T lock the game up for 5 seconds to do so? Did you know it's possible to have a game NOT do that? I mean obviously based on the CONSTANT plant man crashes on release you guys don't playtest this game at all, but you HAVE played other games before right? How many more months until you fix the glaringly obvious "million beetles" problem? Can we put Warbucks back until you fix these couple SUPER OBVIOUS AND ANCIENT issues and then maybe rethink the idea of ripping out a character entirely? Perhaps work on fixing the game/immersion breaking bugs before you throw in a half baked new character? Thanks.
  6. Plant man is not "objectively better", if you think so then you need to buy a dictionary before you comment further, because you're saying objective where the correct word is SUBJECTIVE. Fine, rip him out, this whole thing is bull anyways, hopefully at least one person at KLEI learns from this that you don't rip out an established character from a game for no good reason. If nobody complained about Warbucks then there is literally NO good reason he can't be left in, either changed slightly or exactly the same, it's not like you can only have 3 characters per DLC or anything. Really all of this would be a moot point if the developers knew how to code properly and not have a game that "supports mods" but literally breaks CONSTANTLY if there's mods installed and an update happens, I really am keeping Warbucks either way, but your poor code are just going to cause me dozens of crashes down the line, so this is going to be reflected in my negative reviews about this across every game on every platform until you fix it. You may not have had anyone make it worse if he's in the game according to your words here, but you will definitely make it worse for yourselves if you keep him out, because as you clearly state here it is 100% your bad decision, so you rightfully SHOULD suffer consequences for it. We aren't the devs, the only power we have is in our power to influence either you or our peers. Like it or not, some of us are going to be heard. Get back in that room and fix this decision, it's a really poor one.
  7. " Flytraps won’t crash the game for Wormwood now " If you guys have ANY play testers you need to fire them or at least make sure they aren't dead or something, half the "bugs" that get fixed would have been prevented entirely if ANYONE in your office played the game like AT ALL.