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  1. you are wrong but its ok i wont judge you ^^^^
  2. u guys are right sry but i still think picking up flowers isnt worth it because it only gives 5 sanity back and when u pick a flower u remove one butterfly spawn can tell if you're trolling lmao
  3. PLEASE STOP TALKING TO ME YOU MAKE ME RLLY ANGRY ILL KILL U >:CCCCCCCC btw wx78 should be best girl so this list isnt accurate
  4. you are my best friend now (willow worst girl btw)
  5. i never played and will never play as winona ! and thats thx to YOU !!! >:CCCCCCCCCC
  6. wickerbottom is the best character try me boi also who the hell is flippin winona she succs n o >:C
  7. you are right however i wouldnt consider that a good method of gaining sanity because flowers arent renewable and butterflies spawn from them
  8. I used to be like that tbh I couldnt help but rollback out of frustration whenever i died. But then i started playing the original Dont starve and since there isnt an option to rollback i play a lot more safe and overall a lot better now (btw ik this post is old but uh yea)
  9. thx for your answer, i do know how to kite the nightmare monsters but i wanted to play it safe I didnt think about the cooked green caps tho, ill try to keep that in mind next time so thx for that! anyways its almost winter in my world now and i found a walrus camp so let's hope i get the tam o'shanter and walking cane soon ^^' WELP he dropped everything but i just died in the dumbest way ever so rip
  10. Hey guys, i kinda need to fight a boss rn and i need to get some sanity back to make it easier Anyone know what's the fastest way to get sanity early? (Day 13 btw)
  11. ooh, thx for the answer !
  12. what??? https://steamladder.com/ladder/steam_age/ http://www.oldest.org/entertainment/steam-accounts/ here are my sources
  13. https://steamcommunity.com/id/AbacusAvenger his account was created on the September 10 2003 I showed his items just for proof that he played dst He is a valve developper and the first created his account was created on the September 10 2003 https://steamcommunity.com/id/AbacusAvenger
  14. yea, u can tell with the dst items he has in his inventory he may have bought them tho but that wouldnt rlly make sense