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  1. So like with everything Klei be sure not to loose your Documents folder with Klei games, since there is no cloud backup, but everything is stored locally.
  2. I don't understand this. I am from the almost eastern Europe part of EU, not rich not poor, I'm in lower middle class and still 12,50€ is like nothing. I bought this with plan to buy it on Steam in the end. If I get a Steam key for free great, if not ... its still 12,50, I bet you was scammed by your local shops and bars for much much more by now. But its just me. I have the advantage that I never liked Steam to begin with, when it came into picture years back it was for me like Epic is for you now. So I don't blame you and I don't blame Epic, Steam already did what Epic is doing now and we survived it. If you like the concept then definitely buy it. I spend 2 days having fun with it which is more that you can get out of some AAA games for that amount of cache in these days.
  3. Yeah the kill people thing I already got after the friend I kept from previous try went from bff to ima kill ya just because of that.
  4. Griftlands tunes

    I have a visit from my parents so I went to menu and my dad fell asleep listening to it. He just asked if its some kind of "easy to sleep" music.
  5. How the hell you did that. I have troubles to reach day 2.
  6. Yeah just had an upgraded card offered to keep.
  7. You can try again the same day, you can keep some money or you can keep one friendship and start from the beginning. Also you get some XP for every death and there are some rewards for that.
  8. So, with no spoilers did someone experienced day 3 by now? I was almost there and then I wasn't. Sad panda. But I'm bad at this card mechanics games.
  9. very cool new game

    I can't hate Epic. Because I hated Steam for the same things years ago. I don't really like Steam till this day. Valve was never my favourite developer and they're just cash cows now. No longer releasing games, just milking it with their constantly lagging garbage service. Allowing open gambling on their market. In the end you should buy all your games on GoG. No greed there.
  10. Invite most likely expired.
  11. very cool new game

    I almost got to day 3 by this time and still learning. Its a game you should play forever, dying and dying and dying until one day you finish it and considering its alpha and year till release, there can be much more content at the end.
  12. very cool new game

    It will be on steam by the time it hits final release anyway and for 12,50€ whats to complain about. For that price I can enjoy it as is and get enough entertainment from it. And for an alpha it works very well.
  13. The game changes, I died at day 2, was able to (pick to) keep one friendship to the next game and the quests changed. Also you can play good or bad guy, fight or talk, I think there is a lot of replayability.
  14. At this point you need to read through the chat to know what the response will be. It would be nice to have icons with the chat choice simplifying it at the point of split between combat and negotiation. Like dark/light side choices in swtor for example. To make it easier for non english players. Something like combat / negotiations / generic icon. Edit: Never mind its already there, I'm just blind. I was rushing it to much yesterday.
  15. Damn I'm so confused, but it looks good and original. Got some understanding about combat and "speech", but now I'm stuck with low everything. This will be heavy on 3rd party translations tho. Unlike DS and ONI the conversation are really must read and understand. P.S. Thank you so much releasing this 30 minutes after buying DST Forge skin pack on Steam. What a rip off from valve. You really changed my view point on games. And after watching your GDC vids I don't really care about this EGS controversy or whatever. Wish you guys at Klei good luck with this game. No crunch and happiness.