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  1. In all my 4 years of playing this game, I never restarted a world by accident after dying.
  2. So it was your mistake for losing the world, lol '-'
  3. Vou dar uma olhada no seu vídeo e deixarei meu comentário depois.
  4. I understand, as a layman on the subject, I can only speculate what may cause a delay for the consoles. But I know that Klei does everything to streamline these processes.
  5. In my opinion the only two uses of a Beefalo are its ability to carry heavy objects and cover great distances, so a Beefalo runner is the best option.
  6. Why are you surprised? It's always like this and always will be, it's not just Klei who is to blame, clearly Sony and Microsoft don't make things easy and the PC platform should probably be different from working and more practical.
  7. Contra os fatos não há argumentos. Estou tentando fazer você entender que sua ideia não é boa e o jogo não precisa dela.
  8. Buddy, do you only play with newbies? Who will stay on the surface in the summer without being in the oasis desert? You have not yet understood that this resource you are looking for is useless, in a way it already exists in the game, it is called communication. It is not possible that everyone who plays with you does not communicate as little as possible to say: I am going to the caves, I am going to the island, lunar, I am going to leave the server and go back to jump my wave of dogs.
  9. There is no reason to have such a feature in the game, for a person playing on a private server that probably everyone on it is friends and is supposed to be on a discord call. Especially because the game is cooperative and it makes no sense to play it without communication. If you need to know if someone is in the caves or surface, you ask for the call or in the chat just game, if no one answers you close the server and the problem is who was doing something and did not warn you that they should wait a little longer to close the server.
  10. Neither buff nor nerf. The game has enough recipes for you to choose your favorites or the ones that best suit your situation.
  11. I thought we would have some news last week. I think that some new news will be only tomorrow or next week ...