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  1. I was building some living quaters up in space using drywall to ceate closed rooms. This of course works as intended. However whenever I want to change the wall layout, I first need to expose the rooms to space (as I have to delete the drywall/wall before I can rebuild) before I can build the new elements. In those situations it would help if we could inplace bulld doors/walls over drywall (and vice versa) basically replacing the drywall inplace with the wall/door. Maybe this is something you might Edit: Seems to be a popular topic, just found this: Sorry for the double post...
  2. The fill stats of various rocket modules are displayed mid air while the rocket is gone.
  3. I did set up an automatic delivery system for my Oxylit to my Rocket. However the automatic delivery snorkel/machine/building (sorry my game is set to german, and I don't remember what it is called in english) Sweeper (Thanks SharraShimada for the Translation ) to deliver the Oxylit when the rocket is away on a misson (see image, the messages in the image says "Delivered: 8.2kg Oxylite" at the spot where normally the tank of the rocket is) .
  4. Font Rendering in German

    Forgot to mention that my UI-Scaling is set to 200%.
  5. When starting a new game the characters on the game mode selection screen overlap the text labels for the play style.
  6. Overlapping Lines in the Vitals Table if the job title is too long.