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  1. I guess Toadstool tried to cast the spell on Abigail but failed.
  2. In this video, the author shows how to reveal the map as a client.
  3. (Sorry for my English) If you leave the race area during a race, the race will be aborted. Then if the same carrat races again, the game will crash.
  4. You can kill the Antlion in autumn: enrage it on the last night of summer. If the Antlion is killed in autumn, it will not respawn the next summer. However, if you restart (or roll back) the server before the next summer, the Antlion will still respawn. -------- BTW, if the sandstorm disappears at the moment when the Antlion becomes enraged, the Antlion will get stuck.
  5. As long as you run fast enough, the spore cloud can't catch up with you.
  6. The world wetness behaves differently than the character moisture. If it doesn't rain, the world wetness will drop at least 0.01/sec. You can enter the following command to check the world wetness: print('Wetness: \t', TheWorld.state.wetness) The character moisture won't decrease when the ambient temperature and the moisture are low enough:
  7. I checked the code and found that you are right. I studied this mechanism at the end of July and noticed the Chef Pouch and the Insulated Pack won't prevent chilling. Maybe this mechanism changed later because I found the code modified on August 22. It may also be that I made a mistake at the time.
  8. (Sorry for my English) @Electroely The effect of hot or cold food is equivalent to raising or lowering the ambient temperature. The maximum amount of change is 40. For example, if the ambient temperature is -15 and you carry a red thermal stone, your body temperature will be stable at (-15 + 60 * 2.1)/(1 + 2.1) = 36; in this case, if you eat spicy food, your body temperature will be stable at ((-15 + 40) + 60 * 2.1)/(1 + 2.1) = 49. The most effective strategy. If the ambient temperature is -20, this will extend your warming time by 15 + 15 * (1 + 240/30) = 150 seconds. By the way, there is a serious bug about the chilling mechanism: If you split a bunch of hot food into two, the "heat" of the new bunch of food will be reset. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In winter, the wetness of the cave will drop very slowly. We assume that the ambient temperature is constant. We can calculate the time it takes for the cave to change from wet to dry: (The cave becomes wet when the wetness rises to 35 and becomes dry when the wetness reduces to 15.) This means: in the winter, if it has rained, the cave will remain wet for at least 4 days. In my experience, the cave will generally keep wet before spring. In this case, we can fight the Toadstool with the morning star.
  9. (Sorry for my English) Destroy the royal tapestry with merm king. The game will crash when restarting the server. Method 1 1. Burn the tapestry. 2. Destoy the tapestry. 3. Restart the server. Method 2 1. Restart the server. The tapestry becomes destroyable. 2. Destoy the tapestry. 3. Restart the server again.
  10. Attack a lureplant that hangs leafy meat, then one more unit of leafy meat will added to its inventory later. See My suggestion: -- scripts\prefabs\lureplant.lua local function SelectLure(inst) if inst.components.inventory ~= nil then local lures = {} for k = 1, inst.components.inventory.maxslots do local item = inst.components.inventory.itemslots[k] if item ~= nil and item:HasTag("lureplant_bait") then table.insert(lures, item) end end if #lures >= 1 then return lures[math.random(#lures)] elseif inst.components.minionspawner.numminions * 2 >= inst.components.minionspawner.maxminions then local meat = SpawnPrefab("plantmeat") inst.components.inventory:GiveItem(meat) -- Make sure there's no leafy meat in the inventory before giving leafy meat return meat end end end