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  1. Is there an ETA on this update for dedicated servers? 490564 is the latest I can download with steamcmd currently.
  2. I haven't played around with modding characters yet but your post got me interested. I had a look at Wilson to see how he worked and in scripts/stategraphs/SGwilson.lua in the "hit" state there is: inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("hit") I assume if you left that line out of your custom character then they won't show a reaction to getting hit. The amount of time Wilson is stunned when hit is based on the length of the animation so you'd need to work out your own value for that. inst.sg:SetTimeout(stun_frames * FRAMES) Hopefully someone that knows more than me can add to this or correct any mistakes I've made.
  3. The Garland(FLOWERHAT) and the Tam o' Shanter(WALRUSHAT) that both give sanity to the wearer are defined in scripts/prefabs/hats.lua To add to what -t- said, dapperness is the property that gives the wearer sanity and the Garland is defined with: inst.components.equippable.dapperness = TUNING.DAPPERNESS_TINY The property that makes the Garland rot is: inst.components.perishable:SetPerishTime(TUNING.PERISH_FAST) As -t- said you'll find the DAPPERNESS and PERISH values defined in tuning.lua DAPPERNESS_TINY = 100/(day_time*15), DAPPERNESS_SMALL = 100/(day_time*10), DAPPERNESS_MED = 100/(day_time*6), DAPPERNESS_MED_LARGE = 100/(day_time*4.5), DAPPERNESS_LARGE = 100/(day_time*3), DAPPERNESS_HUGE = 100/(day_time), DAPPERNESS_SUPERHUGE = 100/(day_time*0.5), PERISH_ONE_DAY = 1*total_day_time*perish_warp, PERISH_TWO_DAY = 2*total_day_time*perish_warp, PERISH_SUPERFAST = 3*total_day_time*perish_warp, PERISH_FAST = 6*total_day_time*perish_warp, PERISH_FASTISH = 8*total_day_time*perish_warp, PERISH_MED = 10*total_day_time*perish_warp, PERISH_SLOW = 15*total_day_time*perish_warp, PERISH_PRESERVED = 20*total_day_time*perish_warp, PERISH_SUPERSLOW = 40*total_day_time*perish_warp,
  4. Thanks for pointing this out. I'm using GLOBAL.tonumber() now where I compare versions in builds.json to GLOBAL.APP_VERSION to force variables to be treated as numbers. That way is should work fine for strings and numbers in the future even if the format of build.json changes again.
  5. When trying to send a chat message by hitting the Enter key, if the mouse pointer is hovering over a skin announcement in the chat history, the info screen for that skin will open instead of the message being sent.
  6. This build and other recent builds don't appear in https://s3.amazonaws.com/dstbuilds/builds.json. Is that still being updated or is there another method to get the current build?