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  1. Time boast about something completely unrelated to any of you guys cause I'm really happy, so deal with it!

    I play an alto saxophone in the marching band for my high school(this is my second year), and last night was our first competition of the year. We've really improved since last season, and I've gotten really good at marching and music. I was sure we were going to have a good performance, but I didn't know we were going to do so good. Out of too many bands that I could properly count, we got second place, and we only lost first place by 2 points!(scoring is out of 100, so 2 is nothing) Sadly, recording competitions are prohibited, so I don't really have proof of that happening. But I can show this picture a friend took of all of our saxophones making stupid faces:


    I'm the guy on the left, trying to make a funny face while squinting from the blinding sunlight.

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      I cant see the photo.

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      I just copy and pasted from my gmail.