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  1. That is a mod called solar system planets, ganymede has a starting base with 6(Maybe 7? I think my finger touched the keyboard wrongly) bristle blossoms for free
  2. Can we have a setting to toggle the way AND gate(And more gates with new artworks) renders?
  3. I don't know if it's a bug or a feature that automation bridge can transfer 4 bit signals.
  4. I meant using a buffer/filter gate with a not gate is buggy. At first I didn't realized it's because of the not gate until I see @kbn 's post. Thanks for all of your excellent games!
  5. I also suggest implementing a logic circuit that can transfer signal in one direction so they won't mess up other logic gates. Before, I have to do it by connecting 2 not gates or using a buffer gate and set the time to 0.1s.
  6. Buffer gate, filter gate and bit writer are buggy, fix them
  7. I hope this can be added into the game, too! Logic gate circuits can be made simpler.
  8. two different kind of liquids/gas will combine when their total mass is lower than 10000g/1000g and become one kind
  9. Oh, we are losing ways of cooling down in the early game...
  10. The first picture is using internal language pack, the second and the third are using user contributed language pack. No log files.
  11. Oh, my food really had a hard hot time... If the gas range burnt natural gas, where did polluted water go? Disappeared or...Mixed up with my food? Eww, disgusting....
  12. Gas range costs 500g natural gas per second? I can't even find a natural gas geyser! It should be decreased! Natural gas generator only costs 90g per second!