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  1. Same here. Both rockets have launched before saving, after reloading the save parts are rendered.
  2. Yeah, this one is a real bummer. I try to recycle as much of the rocket's exhaust as possible after every launch, and do not want any leaks into space
  3. When your rocket's fuel tank contains some liquid or oxylite and you save and load the game, the fuel meter indicates an empty tank. It will be updated later (probably when the first change happens). See the attached sceenshot where my rocket is at 100% of oxylite and petroleum.
  4. SimDLL_CRASH_preview_307409_20190209-00.39.58.dmp output_log.txt
  5. The broken planet is floating in front of my diamond window tiles. See screenshot.
  6. Same for me: Bunker doors got damaged by a landing rocket (forgot to open them). Doors were repaired, but behaved as if still absent, i.e. a) air was still leaving the hangar b) meteors were not blocked c) dupes rufused to walk over the bunker door and were unable to go to the other side on top of the door Saving and reloading fixed the issue.