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  1. Deadpool (updated to shipwrecked)

                                                                          I did not create this mod, I just edited it.
    original mod - 
    I made it be compatible with the shipwrecked and changed a few things.
    I changed the damage from his katana which was 54 to 43.
    I increased his regeneration from 5 every 3 seconds to 8 every 3 seconds.
    I increased his sanity from 15 to 50.
    Before he started the game with a katana, a taco and a chimichanga. I drew this, now, you start the game with just the katana but you can still craft the other items.
    Besides me making the mod compatible with the shipwrecked, now, you can cut bamboo and other things with the katana, before you could cut down trees with it, it did the same things as an ax, now it does the same things of a machete as well.


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  2. Armor durability 2x

    Doubles the durability of some game armor. I do not know how to do mods, I did this, but if anyone there is with some mistake in the mod, something like that, I will not know how to solve it because I do not understand much about mods, I managed to do this by looking at the files of the game and some files of some mods which I used as an example, so I made this mod and it worked for me. Maybe I learn more about doing mods and can update this mod, I think of doubling the durability of some of the game's clothes too but I've been looking at the game files and I still do not know how. This mod doubles the durability of some basic armor, grass suit, wood suit, marble suit, it is not compatible with shipwrecked, until I can make it compatible but it will increase the durability of these armors, it will not change anything in shipwrecked armor.
    *Works in Grass Suit
    *Works in Log Suit
    *Works in Marble Suit
    *Works in Night Armor
    *Works in Beekeeper Hat