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  1. I'm glad i can recreate some music in DST now I did Rocket Jump Waltz It requires 71 big shell bells and 61 medium shell bells 132 at total
  2. I choose Wheeler Wes, probably, will be a Sniper~ Meet Wheeler as Scout!
  3. ... And the next one Wigfrid as Soldier
  4. Crossover with TF2 Wilson as Medic
  5. Clicked because of title but get alot of information. GJ!
  6. Somethin' from SAI Medieval Wigfrid, but she's epic
  7. I like to help these cuties to find peace
  8. Guys, i found that douji.... @minespatch dear, are you ok? BECAUSE I'M NOT
  9. Learning a new painting program. Wendy's "wonderland" design
  10. "This season always makes me think of Charlie.” (wow, that's really the big one)