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  1. Own Fanart Thread

    Yup, more in-game-like than portrait-like.
  2. Own Fanart Thread

    Wheeler. The best Hamlet character (for my opinion :P)
  3. Own Fanart Thread

    I do love to draw DS characters in various clothes. A practice in stylisation
  4. Own Fanart Thread

    No, just some details near my signature)
  5. Own Fanart Thread

    Maxwell and Charlie. I hope their story will have happy end, they're both don't deserve it.
  6. Own Fanart Thread

    Medieval blacksmith Winona. Very underrated girl i think
  7. Here we go. I love to draw Willow especially with Bernie
  8. Russian community fanart

    Okay, new drawings i'll post in own thread
  9. Russian community fanart

    I never post my drawings here, but yeah i draw some fanarts too. I hope you like it. It's kinda medieval design or something like that
  10. Who do you main?

    Winona for catapults, Wigfrid for joy (and helmets), Wilson for heart.
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    OH BOY finally i can give her really sweet death
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    R.I.P. morningstar
  13. This bug appeared after recent update.