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  1. I was noticing regolith tiles on top of my solar panels, under the unbroken window layer. Do solar panels act as normal tiles as far as voles are concerned?
  2. Inactive Geysers?

    Thanks, that helps with my confusion!
  3. Inactive Geysers?

    Oh, so while it is active it has an on/off time (such as 600 on, 200 off for 600 out of 800 active), but there is a third completely inactive state for a potentially longer period than the one listed on the geyser? I was thinking the scientist analysis was to determine when the on/off time began, didn't realize it was a separate active/inactive period.
  4. Inactive Geysers?

    I've waited a few dozen cycles and while other geysers turn on and off, I've never seen these two turn on. I spent something like five cycles or so just starting at them, and I think an 800 second period should be a bit more than a game cycle?
  5. I did some digging first but everything I read seems to talk about geysers being inactive due to over pressure. I've got two geysers here where both remain dormant. I expanded the steam one and stuck an air pump to get the air pressure down (was only 3k) but no I can't seem to find any way to get it to activate. I have two other geysers elsewhere that are working just fine... ?
  6. Yeah, the seed I'm using (picked one with convienent cold steam and slush vents to lean from) has the nearest nat gas vent down in the oil. So I'm going petroleum first and using it to start my nat gas power too. Thanks for the thoughts on food. As soon as power is in good shape I intend to make the dupes more comfortable.
  7. Then I pretty much just need to get my petroleum power in place (no good natural gas sources, could coal farm hatches but prefer to learn petroleum), get my base a bit better organized, and it will be sustainable. Guess working toward space may be closer than I realized.
  8. Part of why I came here to ask, though I could probably sharpen my search skills (but they say good engineers are lazy... I strive to be excellent...). Noted will look to forums more for info. Yeah, bristle berry farming with shine bug lighting may not be the most efficient but I've got way too much food from eggs and plenty of surplus gristle berry in storage. And I just kind of like watching the SPBM (Self Powered Berry Machine... ok, it doesn't provide its own water).
  9. Whichever version steam updated to as of Tuesday I'm using shine bugs for my bristle blossom. The rest comes from gamepedia, is there a better general guide?
  10. Just realized I probably should have made this more obviously a question in the title, rather than looking like a possible example... sorry.
  11. Hi, I've been around the forums for the past couple of months learning most of the ins and outs of the the game and building a base roughly formed after the steam early-mid game guides. Terrific community here, you guys really put a lot of thought into base designs! I think I'm getting close to mid game sustainability and wanted to check my thinking about what is needed to sustain a base, ignoring space for the moment at least. I'm keeping my population to 8 dups at the moment, though this might increase when I start working with petroleum. Food: I've mostly switched from mealwood farming to bristle blossom lit by shine bugs. This with eggs and some meat from hatch and drecko farming provides plenty of food, though not the best quality. Water/Oxygen: I have tapped a cool steam and cool slush geyser to power a SPOM and top off my clean water reserves. A second electrolyte runs occasionally as my base isn't perfectly sealed but I have more than enough water to support this at the moment. Heat: The SPOM seems to provide almost too much cooling with the wheezeworts so I think I'm good here. Power: SPOM + coal provides my power at the moment. I've dug down to the oil and plan on setting up petroleum/natural gas power next which I think should get my power sustainable. Resources: At this point I think the last resources I have that are not sustained are. 1. Algae, renewable only by pufts I think but also there seem to be plenty of alternatives to algae (ex electrolyzer). 2. Dirt, I think the use for farming is fairly slow so may not be a real issue but it looks like the best very long term option is boiling polluted water. This also provides another clean water source but could be a bit of a power hog depending on implementation. 3. Sand, this I think is the biggest initial issue for dealing with polluted oxygen and water. Could be produced by heating the dirt from boiling polluted water. Though once boiling polluted water is implemented, one main consumer of sand is gone. The last consumer here could be removed by liquefying polluted oxygen and then returning it to gas, or using pufts to consume the polluted oxygen. Am I missing anything important here or do I understand enough if my intent were to produce a fully sustainable base (once everything is built), without plans of going to space (so long as meteors don't wipe me out anyway)? Next step of course will be getting to space, but I just want to understand and get working a full sustainable approach if I can, then make the switch to space... and probably find out how badly I killed of everything I need to get to space by using it up to make my base sustainable, and restart with a new base. But that is half the fun right?