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  1. I don’t like this idea because every character has to represent something. I know that Wes was created specifically for the challenge. This idea is good for DS, but not quite for DST.Each character must carry something useful in return, he has some kind of minus.But Wes is essentially cons because he is a challenge.I like him: his nature, his appearance, pantomimes. You can instead make the character a special game mode that will lower the stats and complicate the game. Or a special item that, when used, will also lower stats. (I do not want to download the mod to change Wes.I do not play on my servers. I play on others. If you take Wes, then no one comes, and if you take Wigfried, everyone will fly. Few people want to play with a character for a challenge. This is the problem of Wes. He is almost always alone.) You can completely disagree with me, this is your opinion.
  2. 1.I propose to change the skin of the Triumphant , removing a long forelock. Looks better. Other skins don't have such a long forelock. 2. Improve Wes statistics. Health from 113 to 130 or 133. Hunger from 113 to 130 or 133. Sanity is from 150 to 153 or 180. Remove strong starvation. And change the attack from 75% to 87% or 90%. This is for wes to be selected more often. (And because Wes is weak in DST. Mobs in DST have a lot of HP, and it's hard for one.) 3.Add the ability to improve balloons 3.1. Ballon guy He has a survival form. And so he lures the monsters almost as much as the character. Damage of about 15. HP. 3.2. Spike ballons They do about 30 or 20 damage. But it does not lure monsters. They can be used in packs of balloons. 4. Give Wes the forge bait. To monsters paid little attention. But then long pursued.
  3. Oh poor Wes.I feel sorry for him, what sometimes they do to him
  4. I wish Wes was a more interesting character. (and better without bangs . The triumphant. She does not go to Wes.) The idea of new updates is very good! And so the whole game is great.Thank you very much!