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  1. "Much uglier"? Wow the preferences are subjective. I have both skins and I don't recall a single time I preferred making klaus cap variant for myself over the pig king variant.
  2. Oh wow that is really interesting. Potato cup is like the Wes of forum reactions, it has effectiveness multiplier of 0.80
  3. Huh, Just noticed from the reactions to this comment of mine that Five Potato Cup reactions don't give a comment "Popular Comment" status. It's the first one from the newly added emotes that I noticed to not do so, and it's the only one that shares that aspect with the deceased "Confused" emote. So is the Potato cup emote intended to be negative emote, as the spiritual successor of confused emote? (in that tone, it can be interpreted as "That's potatoes, man!" or "Even a potato cup has more sanity than you!") Has anyone else found another such emote?
  4. While of course nobody has the skin, how exactly does that timeless potato cup skin work if you happened to have it? Do all the potato cups you summon come skinned? Can you change regular potato cups to their realistic form with clean sweeper? What function did it even have before clean sweeper times? These are questions that need answers.
  5. That part is actually true. I mean I mostly agree with the points provided in this tier list but it's just gauging characters in a vacuum whereas any character you encounter, especially in Klei Official servers and other pubs will often behave differently, which makes me wonder if it's ever porrible to make an "average behavior adjusted" tierlist. For instance, while I agree that Warly is sublime with providing his team with lots of benefits, more than half of the Warly players I encounter barely know a quarter of the recipes in the game at best, constantly suffering with him. Conversely while Woodie is mathematically superior to Maxwell now with not only wood collecting but also mineral collection (While not mentioned in the tierlist, Bearger is also a great tool at mining), a majority of Woodie players I encounter don't bother with basic resource collection despite having the best Axe AND a transfomation specialized in resource collection while mostly having a Maxwell in the team indicates having chests load of logs and minerals since many Maxwel players take it as their mission to hoard materials. And as you said, conscious Wes players are sometimes some of the best players the game can offer, instead of being a detriment with their more hunger, benediting your team greatly. And the list goes on like that...
  6. I believe it used to be 15%. Then it got bumped to 75% and now its 25%
  7. Good points but isn't Wendy the most popular character overall, with Wigfrid coming in second?
  8. Awesome update. Earmuffs, Batbats, Cat o Three Tails and to a lesser extend Cat Caps are all better now. Interesting that the next rework is Wigfrid's. Looks like for the last two reworks popularity was a major consideration since with Wendy, we'll have the most played two characters reworked. I wonder what is the value of Bat Wing in the crock pot. With the outrageous 75% drop rate, we just got another reliable meat and weapon resource. Is it a morsel? Is it Monster meat? Is it Monster morsel? 0.75 Meat? Whatever it is, an interesting addition sure to spice up the the crock pot game. How exactly do beards work, these are my first beards in the game. Do they correspond to the head skin if you have the corresponding beard? And like with Abigail, can you just swap the beard skin of peoples if you're carrying a clean sweeper? The cookbook is exciting, time to catch them all
  9. Well it's kinda hard to notice when my it's always the Rock Lobster wrecking crew doing the dirty work.
  10. Maxwel, Wickerbottom, Wes, Wigfrid, Wilson, Warly, Wendy, Woodie, Willow, Wurt, Wortox. That makes 11. I wonder who the last possible option is, it's probably the rare one. Wonder anyone'll get it :P
  11. Huh, not a character I ever play as but thank you, the description is flattering. The quiz was really fun, awesome work. I wonder what are all the results you can get- do we have all DST characters?
  12. Will we ever get that awesome music piece, which played in place of the actual Autumn theme as a result of a bug when Turn of Tides was released, used in the game for anything? I'd be a shame if it remained scrapped.
  13. Why isn't the Dawn Phase in ruins treated like a proper phase? There is no loud sound signalling the transition from Nightmare Phase to Dawn Phase and it doesn't have its own Thulecite Medallion color
  14. Today I managed to form a polyphonic choir with six different species: Human, Merm, Spider, Beefalo, Chest-dog and God. We gave a concert to the monarch of the pigs and our music was the best thing heard in constant since the fall of ancients.
  15. Agreed! Despite there being quite a number of umbrella skins, big top stands out very well and switches places with Wes' Lover's Umbrella in being my #1 umbrella of choice.
  16. Yep, the sideshow collection consists of: The Amazing Sideshow, Amazing Ringmaster Hat, Big Top Umbrella, Equestrienne Headdress, Spectacular Stationary Wayfinder, The Magnificent Rainometer, Thermal Strength Measurer, World's Greatest Big Top Tent and Amazing Snowball Juggler.
  17. On that fateful day, Wurts of all swamps united to fend off the evil forces of Pugna.
  18. Coming from Winona mains who never had to involve themselves with the agony of boat patches.
  19. Hmm, nothing new really but thank you very much for reviewing last year and restating a commitment to the goals of the last rework. Statistical notes on the success of rhe game is also reassuring. It seems they haven't backed down from the 4 DLC characters promise and we will indeed be getting the 4th one for sure. It's good that they also didn't close the door to any new additions either so hang on, fans of Walani, Wheeler, Wagstaff, Warbucks, Wilbur, Wilba, Waverly and Winnie; no matter how slim the chances are. As for the reworks, I'm now fully convinced that the next one will be Wendy, as if I wasn't sure pf that already. Looking at 2019, there were a total of 7 character updates: 4 reworks and 3 DLC character releases. This year we're likely to get a similar amount of character updates and from the tone of this rework I can tell they're planning way less new character additions and more reworks- might be as crazy as 1 New character and 6 reworks. If that's the case, I sense that klei will be using one rework slot to bring a singleplayer character like Warly to the game for the novelty effect and I hope to stars that it's gonna be Walani. After Wendy, the most likely candidates for the rework slots (~4 according to my prediction) in my opinion are Webber, Wilson, Wes and WX87. My biggest frustration from this roadmap is the lack of anouncement regarding the next RoT update. The next step is really unpredictable and I can't wait for the 4th batch given the awesome quality of Turn of Tides, Salty Dog and Hook, Line and Inker. I got a slight feeling that they'll be focusing more on characters and less on content updates this year but I hope we get at least 3-4 RoT updates this year. The creativity they bring with those substantial updates never seize to amaze me
  20. Weren't they doing that already? Thanks a lot for fixing the backpack glitch though.
  21. Mm, ahem, this is a Constant announcement. It is now 10 P.M. As such, it is officially nighttime. Soon the sinkholes to the caves will be locked, and entry at that point is strictly prohibited. Okay then...sweet dreams, everyone! Good night, sleep tight, don't let the batilisks bite...
  22. Wait you can put carrots in it? I thought it only accepted seeds...but I suppose carrots also make sense.
  23. OMG, Secret add on to the hook line and inker too!! This whole update looks bootiful. Please tell me the new fish are permanent additions. Or are they seasonasl for the event?
  24. Yea, as a Winona main I love all of her skins (Except maybe the hallowed night one) and own each one but the Marrymaker skin, which I'm saving spools for right now. Can't give you any macro number on how much her skins sell but as someone who enjoys her character and gameplay, you can be sure I'll buy or obtain any skin that she gets.