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  1. oof I had weaved those belongings with spools, am I going to get a net loss? D:
  2. I just hope it won't be as minute as Wigfrid's rework. Wigfrid's one sorta works for her since she wasn't at a bad place to begin with, they just added a single new mechanic to her. But for Webber I'm really hoping for an extensive rework, potentially involving all spiders of the constant. After Wilson, Wes, Wx and Wolfgang, his gameplay is the least nuanced and doesn't put much to the table, especially in comparison to a much better mob character like Wurt.
  3. That's a lotta wreckage. Is that a setpiece? I've been seeing similar "snakes" of wreckage lately in the waters of the constant
  4. I really hope we get an encore month befoee it goes to rewards page. There's no way I can afford all the cool skins I missed in the cristaline collection with the rarely distributed reward points.
  5. I've never beaten Ancient Guardian in any way other than sending my gang of Rock Lobsters towards its way. Looking forward to try it with anenemies.
  6. Well it's still just 17:00 GMT, wait for Klei's evening they are based in Quebec or Alberta or somewhere around there.
  7. If you can reliably survive with him, he's one of the greatest assets to the team, he mechanizes the entire foraging basic materials. Unfortunately most of my friends that play maxwel often end up dying constantly and being a burden on the server but a Maxwel that keeps to his responsabilities is an invaluable teammate. Imagine if they add Shadow Foragers in his rework, he'd be the ultimate lazy character.
  8. Well to put more value to the drops; having them drop is an extremely rare occasion but when monetarily a bunch of spliffy items are more valuable if you already have weaved or otherwise obtained the elegant version, it takes away from the occasion. And besides if they tweak the curio cabinet so the heirloom versions never appear unless you have them, like the twitch drops in belongings tab, it would have been fine but it's rather intimidating to have up to four dark slots on a character's item screen, even at 100% complete state. Lastly it's healthy for the skin economy of DST; occasionally increasing the supply of heirloom items instead of having them always go for higher and higher prices due to their numbers getting rarer and rarer is a bit absurd.
  9. Why do Survivor, Guest of Honor, Triumphant and Roseate skins of reworked characters drop in Elegant Quality instead of Heirloom? I was so excited to get a Willow survivor skin drop last week but it turns out the skins I listed for reworked characters only drop at weavable elegant quality. Thus since I already had one from the willow rework chest, I sadly unraveled the duplicate. Why can't those skins drop in Heirloom quality- to be marketable on steam and fill that empty slot in the curio cabinet. What would be the harm in that- you should be able to weave the elegant quality but the dropped ones should be heirloom to grant match their marketability like most of the other items; it seems ridiculous to me to make the Heirloom skins ethernally limited and endangered after a character rework, leaving dark empty slots on curio cabinet that annoy those who want to get every skin without paying hundreds of simoleons.
  10. Don't quote me on that but the "cummunity project" sorts of buildings in DST function similarly to their counterparts in the Animal crossing series and as far as remember they too have a set number of slots regardless of the project. It's probably been over a thousand days since I played Animal Crossing: New Leaf so what I see in DST daily might be clouding my memories but as far as I remember, the insert interfaces were the same for different projects.
  11. Wilson Rework revealed: He can now make flesh autonomous clones of himself. Rather effective to say the least. Fireson, Leafson, Swagson, Scienceson, Iceson and Warson send their greetings.
  12. I am willing to commission any talented modders out there if they can remake a fixed version.
  13. My absolute favorite client mod, Dusk and Night Music, is unfortunately broken. If you havent tried it before, what it does is it adds very well composed and fitting remixes of the daytime working themes of each season to the Dusk and Night times, so when you start cutting trees, mining or doing anything that'd drigger the working music during the day, the corresponding remix would play in Dusk or Night. You can find the youtube playlist of the each 8 tune here - the tunes are in amazing quality and have this official feel to it, I wish this mod could be officially implemented into the game but I feel like it is very unlikely considering Klei's priorities and potential copywright considerations. However the mod is incompatible with the new music added through the RoT updates. When you're using the mod, the sailing music will never play, Lunar island music won't play and Ruins fight theme plays for Malbatross fight. As such I had to disable it to appreciate the new music but I really miss it, the radio silence during dusk and night times is deafenning, especially in the seasons where Dusk or Night are more dominant. It looks like for this reason or another, the creator of the mod, Dragon Wolf Leo, havent touched his mod since 25 September 2019 and thusly won't we fixing it. So I'd like to ask; do you think there's a way to fix this problem- can custom music coexist with new RoT music and if so would anyone be willing to make such a mod, recreating Dusk and Night music mod?
  14. Well, you're right, confused emoji and Warbucks share the same sad fate right now (Until Warbucks gets his well deserved rework for DST) so they'd understand each other the most. However there are currently 16 reactions in the forums and 17 characters in DST so I had to bring back confused and it fitted Winona's expresion perfectly- especially right after getting sucked into the constant by her sister she'd be like "What da..." That said, here's an image of Confused Warbucks reaction running away from the terror of the new reactions.
  15. Oh I didn't know about that, what was a crossover with forge?- are any of the items there used in other Klei games? The only actual crossovers I know of are the GlomGlom skin for Oxygen not Included and Magmatic fire pit for Hot Lava (Although especially latter is a loose reference to the game then being an entity crossing over to don't starve.) I'm fine with these are perhaps things of more weight to cross into DST as long as the designs are compatible with the DST graphics.
  16. I gotta try it myself now Edit: woweew, it's not automatic. It's a miracle how people adapted the same behavior in the same exact way.
  17. Forget the shopcat, what is Happy Hazard supposed to be, I thought that was the new confused emoji. I don't know what it is supposed to be, is it wearing an industrial mask? Is it a thief? a stage actor? Someone screaming out their lungs? And what's with the name? Is it a hazard standing on the way of our happiness? If so it's definitely negative, implying that -your post is a dangerous to people's happiness or more lightly something in light of "Oh Horrors". I scarcely see it so don't know what meaning people that use it put to it. On that note shopcat never stroke me negative, if anything I'd expect Wavey Jones to be the actual negative. Well, in order not to be off-topic, here's a low effort meme on which emoji goes best with each survivor imo. Introducing: Don't React Together!
  18. Here's a meta question: when people quote someone else's to notify them but erase everything in the quote, do they write "snip" there manually or is it an automatic feature of the forum that when there's nothing in the quotation box it writes snip. For long I just assumed people were writing "snip" there as a custom when they erase what's inside the quotation box but I've seen the same "snip" so many times without punctuation differences or capitalization differences or even different alternatives like "snap", "snop" or "[deleted]" that it is getting to feel more and more like an automated feature, as I can't believe so many people can act in such levels of coordination and consistency.
  19. Is that ignoring splumonkeys? I bet they can do quite interesting stuff if they rework Wilbur with a focus on the whole of Splumonkey race.
  20. Inb4 Pearl and Crab King's long lost illegitimate child finds their way to the constant.
  21. Walani and Woodlegs are fitting as an ocean-focused character, Wilbur and Wilba would be other mob characters through pigs and monkeys, giving them a different light. Warbucks would be a treasure focused character filling the treasure hunter role, needing to go to ruins or search sunken treasure. He could also give gunpowder more use through blunderbuss and potentially ecoand swordfighting mechanics.
  22. Yea, I'd appreciate more charecters reworked from singleplayer into multiplayer, especially there's room for at least 1 more SW and 1 more Hamlet character in DST. I personally wouldn't want new original characters filling the roles of old ones; I like them when new characters are original concepts like everybody's favorite mermgirl. In any case I'm fine either way as I got my fave, Warly in the game and together with wormwood they are awesome additions to the game- I believe good reworks can make more single player characters feel really natural in DST too. To your last question I picked Warbucks but I wish it allowed for multiple answers. In a decending order I'd want: Warbucks: Great and mistreated character, would fit great to DST environment, bringing more to ruins/ocean adventures Walani: Perfect fit for return of them. Wilbur: If they bring a new constant creature character, he's gotta be it, expanding spelumonkeys and all. Wagstaff: Would appreciate more role although he clashes a bit too much with the likes of winona. Wilba: Would be a nice rivalry between her and Wurt, could further civilize and sophisticate pigmen. Woodlegs:Fitting within the Return of them Theme, he can be specialized in boat warfare. Wheeler: I feel like we really don't need her abilities in dst. I like Walter as an alternative without fundementally changing and reworking her.
  23. That part made absolutely no sense to me, elaborate please. So eating butterfly wings is only okay if there is a Wortox in the server who needs souls? Why? What else but a potential of buttermuffin and a glossomer's saddle are you wasting when you're eating a butterfly wing? It's not like butterflies are a finite source- they come out of flowers infinitely during the daytime proportion of the day. I don't see a single reason why any character other than Wigfrid, Warly and Wormwood shouldn't kill the butterflies they encounter and eat them to get some hunger and treat their minor injuries. If anything, it spares the whole camp more valuable resources they could use to heal their minor injury like farm roducts, heling food ingredients like fruits, veggies, meats, honey and eggs, spider glands, papyrus or tent uses. Once dead, the butterfly is lifeless and only its wing remain, I don't know what else would you be planning for the said wings that would deem eating them not worth it. The wings themselves don't produce souls, there are a lot more alternative fillers for crock pot and you'd only make glossomer's saddle if you're specifically going for it. What do you mean by "wasting way more flowers than garland"? If you are saying "Dont kill them, catch them with a net and plant them", then what's the limit to it unless you're specifically going for the fanmade "10 000 flowers planted" achievement. When you want to dedicate yourself to make a garden of 20-30 flowers just grab a bunch of bug nets and do it, again its not like only certain amound of butterflies will spawn globally every single day. I still don't see how such an efficient thing would be seen as a waste of resources in any way, please guide me through your logic.