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  1. oh right, I remember the Hambat skin for the default melee weapon, it was quite a popular one actually, with characters, especially like scout beating others with a piece of meat. I think the other one was Wilson's Hair or smt? I believe Don't Starve was to also return the crossover by having Pyro as a playable character in the game? He had all the designs and tools ready in the files but didn't happen for some reason, perhaps due to Willow already filling the role of Resident pyromaniac or they didn't want to insert outsider characters into the lore.
  2. Oh I'd love a desert theme Oasis-bound skin set for everyone, imagine all DST characters in proper desert attires. About the Winter's Feast skins, as far as I see it, Snowfallen is purely an elemental collection, almost like the opposite of Magmatic where the theme is Snow and Ice of Winter. Merrymaker, on the other hand, is very much holiday cheers themed, with characters themselves up with jolly Christmas inspired attire. For instance while Snowfallen turns Wortox to a snowy mountain imp, a Merrymaker skin for him would make him resemble Santa's reindeer. As far as our actual characters with both skins go WX-78 is a Mr. Freeze inspired freezer robot while Merrimaker set dresses up as the famous wooden toy soldier from Nutcracker of festive stories. Similarly Winona joins Wickerbottom in becoming as literal "Ice queen" in her snowfallen skin while her merrymaker skin dresses her up as a carol singer/xmas enforcer. Hollow is an interesting one, like most of the one character only skins, is themed around a specific character, literally turning him to the hollow tusk of a tree. Nevertheless if they were to apply the theme to other survivors, I can imagine very bleak, macabre designs, with little color, evoking feelings of emptiness and caves. In a similar vein, it's exciting to imagine other single character sets being expanded to other characters, like Woodie's Team Player putting all survivors into the attires of their preferred sports, Wigfrid's Winged victory set granting the whole cast Viking themed dressing, and Baby Doll survivors, Blue Collar Worker survivors, Fisherman Crew survivors, Hereditary survivors (could give interesting story tidbits on each survivors' family), Young Innocent survivors, Bioluminescence Survivors, Cop-prisoner Survivors, Ancient Greek Mythology themed survivors etc. I can even see Webber getting an Uncorrupted skin in the form of his uneaten boy form with a spider hoodie.
  3. No. As far as I gather Fling-o-matic has no interactions with new farms and moreover crops don't wither and become grass like they do now in Summer. The only -sorta- interaction I found is that it has an annoying tendency to get the Friendly Fruitfly frozen, who doesn't even have a proper freezing animation and sorta stays in place like a stopped frame for a few seconds.
  4. Thanks for this invaluable guide, I'll keep referring to it while playing to make perfect farms. Let me just place down @lakhnish's Google Docs file on the list of crop pairings up to five crops here, as well as @Bird Up's truly helpful response to me on the 4 and 5 crop designs so that I have all my farming guides neatly in one place.
  5. It's Contender for sure. I love the the skin set so much, especially the fact that it always comes with 1 character 2 item skins. The character skins, while all in their own right, might not always be my favourites for the each character but I always use those awesome belongings- Wild west straw hat-rain hat-miner cap, crowbar, Wigfrid's battle spear and helmet, heart wardrope and umbrella, metal traps, lightning rods, flingomatics, boomerangs... I just hope that it comes back for a third time, potentially for the Year of the Beefalo event.
  6. Literally what I was thinking. I'd be a funny homage to Team Fortress 2 it they made a 'crossover emoji DLC pack' by adding all interactive emotes from TF2 to DST. High Five, Rock Paper Scissors, Square Dance, Flipping Eachother, Skull Bashing. Even the join-in ones like Conga line, Kazotski Kick and Mannrobics. Imagine all survivors forming a conga line behind Wilson, slowly moving towards their target in the forest
  7. Well she's not the only one, WX also got both, and Snowfallen and Merrymaker are two entirely separate sets after all, just like Hallowed Eves Collection and Costume collection.
  8. I think it'd be pretty sweet if bananas were also given a whole plant design-growth stage-nutrient cycle treatment like other farmable crops but only Wormwood was able to access it by planting cave bananas directly to the ground; as they wouldn't have seeds but banana plants with low stress rates would yield a few bananas and almost no stress would make giant bananas with like 6-8 bananas. And why would the same fruit would have two different plants? As always blame it on the influence of the moon; as Wormwood introducing these endemic cave species to the lunar power to of the surface turn it into a friendly plant like other crops.
  9. I'd like new or reworked mechanisms like what they did with fishing with Hook Line and Inker and what they are doing with farming on the beta branch at the moment. Those type of updates really excite me and make me want to rediscover new stuff while also serving to impreve the gameplay experience a lot for me. Character reworks are great in a similar vein but limited to one character and my favorite characters (Winona and Warly) got their reworks already. Still excited what they'll do with the characters deemed as "most powerful" though, including Wes.
  10. Awesome directory, thank you very much, I'll keep referring to it. Though may I get a hint or image on how to design a 4 or 5 crop plot?
  11. Old nutrition values are back, Durian now consumes compost as requested, 3x3 tilling is easy again and there's balancing to deter 4x4? Wow, Klei does truly listen all the feedback on this, thank you very much, this update is shaping to be great and its all thanks to the considerate hardworking developers of DST. Glad to hear that the effectiveness of the fertilizers is on the table. As others pointed out, I'd like composting bin to become more more accepting to various items, especially depleting ones like Garlands and Hambats.
  12. Aw, not a fan of the new nutrition values I'd say; too restrictive and eliminates all the cool options with two crop designs. Now it feels much more restrictive and revolves around a certain dictated model. The only change I appreciate is Durian's movement from manure-heavy to compost-heavy as the community requested so thanks for that, but still I'm not thrilled to be restricted to a handful of 3 crop combinations for perfect matchups.
  13. Oh right, apparently; shows how much I know about Wicker or any other deemed OP character :P Still, I think Silviculture deserves the 3 recipe treatment like horticulture; it's the single book that nerfing of which made people grab torches and pitchforks and take it to the streets.
  14. But bottles are a currency themselves and using growth formula doesn't use up the bottles. They are not hard to amass through a quick trip into waters. I'm not sure about how I'd feel about crafting a currency. Still, if it could be crafted, I can see refining one sand stone into four bottles a fine trade on the refine tab.
  15. Hmm, Applied Silviculture definitely sounds too cheap for what it does and basically returns us back to square one in my seemingly unpopular opinion. Of course considering mega basers is good and it should maintain its OP power if that's what is required to keep people satisfied with Wickerbottom's gameplay but at least the recipe should be changed in my opinion it doesn't even look like a book with this recipe since it doesn't require 3 materials like all other books. My suggestion is to make it require at least two living logs and an additional relevant material like some guano or nitre. Killing one treeguard before first winter equating to six publishes of a book that grows all resources and has multiple uses is still too much for the game balance. Anyone wanting to megabase won't have a problem with getting more living logs and materials since hording incredible amounts of materials is the gist of mega basing, but buffing up the recipe would help match the value of the book. In fact, if it was up to me, I'd make the third material a rarer resource like Salt, Thulecite, Moonglass, Barnacles, Phlegm, Sand Stone or Ambrossia to accurately reflect the power of what the book does but it seems Klei prefers to keep the book obtainable rather quickly for any level of play. In that case, I still vehemently propose that it requires at least one more living log and some additional 3rd material like Nitre or Guano to at least resemble a book, matching the recipe scheme of other books.
  16. No; like the fish scale-o-matic, the produce scale keep the freshness of one giant crop placed on it forever
  17. Yes I agree, approvals often get left out of sight compared to vocal complaints. I really loved these new additions too, they really worked hard in each design and while it all looked scary at first, just a little engagement with the new agriculture system shows how much effort went into it and how nicely it is designed. It finally makes farming much more engaging and rewarding and even if you don't have too much attention to five, it's a much better food source now, to have plots with fruits or vegetables; with each plant given unique stats and personalities and even a nice miniboss with a wonderful reward. It might be my favorite ROT update yet. Very rewarding and beautiful. My only suggestion to improve it, as the other thread suggests, to move Durian into compost-consuming manure giving plants category to give it some character and way to stand out against Dragonfruit.
  18. Splendid idea; it'd also help to have one fruit and one vegetable in each category. Durians also deserve some love and it makes sense to have them consume compost and give out manure to the ground. As it stands, Durian's completely same with a highly desired crop like Dragonfruit, which, along with being the only crop to have just one preferred season, really hurts the poor rare plant. I'd also be a nice contrast to have it matched with Garlic, the only plant that likes all four seasons. Before this update I never willingly planted Carrot seeds in a farm slots because of their natural growth in the world but just seeing how good they matched up with watermelons made me care for them dearly. I'd love the same to happen with Durians; to have a reason to farm them while knowing I'm not losing out on Dragonfruits in their stead.
  19. Oh, that's wonderful, just noticed, thank you ^^ Ahh, now I got it, thanks, yea I'd never have guessed that myself
  20. umm, doing that only makes me talk to my plants, am I doing something wrong?
  21. Nice, especially thanks for taking suggestions on Luxury Hoe and moving hoes to tool tab, Klei is great as always! If I may suggest a further quality of life addition, can you add an item like the cookbook that allows players to access the plant registry in game? Having the information in the Compendium is cool and all but it'd actually be very useful to have a way to reach it in game, through something like a 'Botany Handbook' or 'Gardener's Notepad'? It doesn't have to be an item, it can be a structure too like a stone tablet on an altar of vines. The new agriculture mechanisms are so intricate from soul nutrition to seasonal plants and unique seeds that its impossible too keep by memory. I'd say it would be even more helpful than the cookbook, allowing to decide which seeds to plant in which plots, allocate plots to certain seeds etc. If all the information is stuck behind the main menu, I'm afraid all interested players will have to keep switching between the game and an online guide.
  22. Suggestion Vol 2; can we get the Hoe moved to the Tools tab please? For such a tool it feels so out of place in the foods tab.
  23. Heh, I just noticed you can watch them from the compendium. I had seen that button but never bothered to click it. Apparently, unlike the new reign short, it doesn't play it in the game but it directs you to the steam browser, opening them from youtube so a very inconvenient way to watch them. I'm not surprised noone reported.