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  1. Idk, I kinda like those inland water areas, they spawn schools of seawater fish and sometimes even come with Wobster dens so even if the base is not on the coastline you can continuously fish. Its easy to get all the fish since they get stuck in there.
  2. There isn't even a single achievement in the steam version :O
  3. Reap What You Sow update will already buff him sufficiently; now he has an effective way of farming vegetables all year.
  4. Encore month first, then rewards. I want to catch the skins I missed on a quick round two hopefully. Big Top collection had one, Joew hinted that they might have one for crystaline too and by all means there should be.
  5. Where did you get that idea? Sure this drop isn't a part of the collection but they often halt the current collection and give event specific twitch drops during events. They did it with Hallowed Nights 2019, Winters Feast 2019, April Fools 2020 and Hallowed Nights 2020 so they might just continue with the Crystaline collection after this year's Winter's Feast special twitch drop.
  6. It is. All the pairings are valid by the latest nutrient balancing, Update 44375. Tried most of the pairings myself and they worked finely
  7. Oh wait, You Reap What You Sow is coming to the main branch next week? Did Joew say that? I hope we get a few more tweaks and additions like pocket scale weighing giant crops, guano being more effective and giant plant generator for Winona. Nevertheless can't wait for the update to forever revolutionize the gameplay. BTW what happens to the games saved in the beta branch, do they disappear when the merger happens? Is there a way to save them? I'd like to keep laying in my beta branch world I made for testing.
  8. I think them having shells and six dingly legs is case and point that they are some sort of crustaceans. And you're probably right about them having lungs cause they are almost always facing the surface. Perhaps they also have a relation with Light- sun and moonlight as they are always looking up. I'm not suggesting photosynthesis but I think they have strong light receptors and a natural inclination to face the light, like how baby sea turtles head for the light when they are born. Nevertheless great analysis, I love this mob. They are pretty exciting too. It's always a thrill when you take someone that never did seafaring before to the salt formations. Their reaction to cookie cutters is often a mixture of surprise, shock, awe and horror.
  9. But of course; the constant is renowned for its impressive high rise buildings and narrow streets for swinging purposes. I gotta admit though; it would be pretty cool if Webber gets the ability to get past schisms in the caves by spending silk to climb onto caves' ceiling like a cave spider and reappear on the other side.
  10. Honestly it's called Don't Starve Together for a reason. This game has one of the best social aspects by a mile. Throw random people into an island and keep throwing challenges and adventures for them? Formula for great fun time.
  11. yes, the proposal is that the using ice to refill the water can should restore five uses to the watering can rather than 1
  12. This is great! The fertilizers can now be reliably used for growing crops with no stress pretty effectively. That said, its interesting that Rot and Rotten egg were moved to Compost and Spoiled Fish and Spoiled Fish Morsel were moved to Growth Formula. Thus, this only leaves Glommer's Goop and Compost Wrap as fixers of all nutrients, with the latter being the king of compost. That said, As some others pointed out, I wish Manure family had a stronger member, particularly I don't see why Guano wouldn't fix three point of manure rather than 2. As far as I'm aware it can only be obtained from Batilisks and Caged birds by feeding them seeds, neither of which are very reliable to produce en masse. As such I think this'd be a valuable reward for collecting Guano. Bucket of poop would still retain its comparative power against Guano since it can be used 10 times. You end up with a Quantity vs Quality question, which would help distinguish between two out of three members of the fertilizer family. Past that, I'd like to ask the mechanism of how each crop consumes the nutrients now. Is it gradual? Is it still at each stage with the total consumption divided into each stage? Nevertheless my wormwood is so happy making so many pumpkin friends.
  13. Yes, this is what is missing from the update; it's such a challenge trying to carry all giant crops into the produce scare. Before it's finally released can we please get the pocket scale working for giant crops too (like a luggage weight scale) or have a dedicated tool for it?
  14. Nice, was just going to report how using spoiled fish to fertilise my farms was crashing my game. looks like Klei beat me to it :P Well the new farming theme is so cute :3 I wish like all working themes, it played in dusk and night but that's something to do with how thing are and how the dusk and night music mod is broken beyond repair D:
  15. If we're going full Ancient Greek Mythology, I imagine: Wilson as Zeus Willow as Hecate Wolfgang as Hercules Wendy as Persephone Wickerbottom as Medusa Woodie as Hephaistos Wes as Dionysos Maxwell as Hades Wigfrid as Athena Webber as Arachne Winona as Hera Warly as Poseidon Wortox as Minotaur Wormwood as Artemis Wurt as Pandora/Hydra Walter as Jason
  16. Not entirely true. A New Reign came in with a total of 10 batches of updates and they added the Atrium & Gateway in the 8th update, Heart of the Ruins. When heart was inserted into the gateway it'd do a prototype tape like we have with the three lunar structures right now. The next two updates didn't have special names or posters and were simply called Heart of Ruins Part 2 and Part 3, which added the Fuelweaver fight and gateway resetting ruins. Part 1 was released on February 23, 2017 while Part 3 was released in March 22, 2017 so there wasn't really much time between unusable gateway being introduced and it being given a purpose. Of course the first Story continuation of the gateway, The Forge came in almost after a year, on December 4, 2017 but I wonder if they would be returning to similar non-main game updates anytime soon. I personally hope we still have a lot of Return of Them updates in the line as I've been thoroughly enjoying each of them a lot and the more content there is, the merrier. I assumed the RoT updates would follow a similar course with Character reworks, which we had half of them, 6 character reworks released and 7+(?) more to go so perhaps this time there'll be more time between the introduction of the end game mechanism to it being given a function.
  17. But the items you listed are the actual rewards out of those bosses you defeat. Beat Beequeen? You get to learn how to make Bundling Wraps. Beat Toadstool? Now you can build Mushlights and Funcaps. I highly doubt learning how to make "Feathery Canvases" is supposed to be any sort of reward. Similarly, while accessing Waterfowl Can is a valid reward, the recipe already includes Malbatross Bill, an item you get by defeating Malbatross. This makes the blueprint a very unnecessary step, cluttering up the drops of a boss that already drops so many individual items. As things stand Defeating Malbatros drops a hefty number of Feathers, Malbatross Bill, its Figure Sketch, Malbatross Quill Advent, seasonal ornaments, candies AND 3 different blueprints; only 1 of which making sense. Imagine, if Beequeen rewards were designed with this philosophy, she'd be dropping blueprints for Wax paper and Beeswaxes too; items only useful for making bundling wraps yet always available to prototype from an Alchemy engine. As such, I don't see any reason why Feathery Canvases shouldn't be available to prototype anytime with tier 2 science. Moreover, I think Waterfowl Can should be available to prototype from Tier 2 science too. The reward there shouldn't be "knowledge of how to make a better watering can", it should be the necessary ingredient to build one. In fact it'd make more sense that way because Malbatross Bill is currently a Loot Stash drop but suffers the same fate with the Desert Stone as being a mostly worthless drop without the relevant blueprint. If the recipe is available to all players through alchemy engine, it'd increase the desirability of the item by quite a lot, putting value to that particular boss drop. The system now isn't particularly bad but it's terribly convoluted.
  18. Why do all Malbatross crafts have to be blueprints? I understand that he'd drop Winged Sail Blueprints since upgraded masts are essentially what its boss loot is. But otherwise is there a particular reason why Feathery Canvas and Waterfowl Can are locked behind blueprints? What would be the disadvantage of having those always accessible on the Tier 2 science? They have items that require you to engage with (feathery canvas) and kill (Malbatross Bill) the boss anyway. Eyebrella, Scaled chest, Scaled Floring, Scalemail, luxury fan, weather pain, houndious shootious, insulated pack, hibearnation west, Beeswax, Waxpaper etc are all items with similar dispositions that are always available through science. Having Malbatross drop all these BPs is like having Deerclops drop his eye AND a blueprint for Eyebrella; Beequeen dropping Beeswax and Waxpaper blueprints too etc. I was honestly surprised to find out that Feathery Canvas also required a blueprint when I first beat Malbatross, had to return to the fight scene and search for the blueprint. Quite a meaningless extra step in my opinion.
  19. The real question is do you often dry Monster Meat, Big Meat, Morsel or Kelp?
  20. What's the year of the Carrat Collection? Those huge sets of belongings? I have mixed feelings about them, some I really appreciate like the golden tools, piggyback, fences, torch, campfire and carrat backpack while other aren't pretty to me like bee boxes and pig houses.
  21. If you look at the early concept art for Winona, you can see that the devs planned a bio energy generator through the use of a giant potato but this was scrapped. Now, through the You Reap What You Sow beta, they added the giant crops to the game. So I think it'd be perfect time to give Winona some love and give her an alternative generator that'd use a giant crop that can be have crops inserted to it just like produce scale and use up that energy until the crop rots. Maybe if that's too long the machine may drain the spoilage faster or make the generator power up only one machine. Nevertheless I think it'd be a good idea to give her a bio-energy generator through giant crops, which would give giant crops more use and give Winona players a further incentive to go for them. This would especially make her spotlights more relevant as right now the problem is that spotlights drain too much energy too quickly.
  22. Well, it was the devs first try with a rework and I wouldn't say it was a bad one; in fact in my opinion it might be one of the best ones. They firmly separated her gameplay from Wilson and gave her very desirable tools. Say what you may about the pick and swap tactics but she's a very desirable character now in any server, having structures that noone has, very convenient item crafting speed and cheap, amassable sewing kits/boat patches; As well as noticeable downsides such as being arguably hungrier than Wolfgang and slow crafting when hungry. I'd love it if they added more stuff to her like a new structure, perhaps with the new mechanics and maybe the return of her conceptualized Generator that might use the giant plant crops coming now.
  23. I don't think Orange gems have limited uses at all. Sure I'd welcome more crafting recipes for it but I'd do so for any gem, and Orange is one of the better ones as it has staff, amulet and moonlens structure, latter two being very useful. I hope that Red, Green and Yellow gems will also receive a moonlens structure some day; I can imagine Green gem socketed moonlens making a highly coveted recycle/repurpose bin for excess items. As for the poor forager, it has to compete with Lazy Explorer and Lazy Deserter, both highly demanded and useful items. I'd only consider making a forager if the cave holes are still holding items and there's enough orange gems for an explorer and a few deserters. Explorer has practical and boss fight uses while Deserter is essentially a permanent update to the traveling in your world. Refuelable forager would make it worth using and carrying for me.
  24. Yea it seems like besides the shared collections, they are going for a "Character Unique" collection for each character, as seen through Rework releases. But, what's peculiar to me is that Wortox and Wormwood have 2 unique sets; Minotaur and Uncorrupted for Wortox, and Hollow and Oasis Bound for Wormwood. I'd at least love if they made one set for both characters apply to other survivors too. Arabian Desert outfits and Greek Mythology outfits would be my pick.