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  1. I agree that a refurbishing structure would be in order- going with composting bin's design philosophy but for inorganic material. Green Moonlens would be perfect ingredient for such a structure, going with Green Gems' theme of Working and giving another colored moonlens a structure it deserves. Green Gems would be sufficiently late game items for the task, locking the item out of the early game and potential newbies.
  2. Is it a very strong team combo? Absolutely! I agree with you that Warly + Wendy + Wolfgang synergizes much better than a mediocre synergy like Wickerbottom + WX78 + Wolfgang. Do I think that its game-breaking? Absolutely not! People love bringing up that 600 number or similar high numbers when talking about how overpowered things are but in my view that's an awfully specific situation that's barely effective in a tiny portion of the game. Fighting is just one part of the game (Building, Foraging and Tending are equally big, if not bigger parts of the game) and bossfighting is even a smaller subsection of it. Volt goat Chaud Froid is a rare delicacy using an item rarity of which is comparable to Walrus Tusks and competes with Morning Stars and Weather Pains in using it. If people are dedicated enough to produce it on top of farming for spices and bring a buff Abigail to make a very fixed scenario like that, then I say all to the power to them. All those boosts are temporary enough not to effect the majority of gameplay and I don't see how much more beneficial it is if people are maintaining that power to fight spiders, frogs, hounds and gobblers alike. Acknowledging that immense damage potential, I'd still prefer a Wigfrid in my party to a Wolfgang anyday as she provides combat gear and songs, whereas Wolfgang just excels in dealing damage without any significant downsides. Still, when an enthusiastic Wolfgang joins, I think it's simply fun to capitalize on the power combos like you described. It's a multiplayer game where each player offers something constructive to the party after all. I don't think it warrants any sort of nerf or extended attention and it just needs to be an issue to consider when the developers are working on reworking Wolfgang.
  3. only Steam unfortunately, since the data is provided by Steam Charts. This tool collects data from all platforms but its accuracy is somewhat questionable and I didn't find any historic data compiling the aggregate player count in it. Though it's great that you observed many new players on Xbox. I too stumbled across many beginner players this year which is always a good thing in my opinion. Sadly, DST's nature with its intensely steep learning curve and long sessions of gameplay often end up intimidating many newcomers away but its good to see that the game is still effective in turning some newcomers into regular players with its charms.
  4. LOL, I'm not a time traveller you guys, just an adherer to the Holocene Calendar, it just makes more sense to me to start from a more relevant point for the humanity so we add 10000 to Gregorian calendars. Here's an infographic on the topic if you're interested.
  5. Without a doubt it was! Of course depends on how you measure success and there'll be many who will have reasonable or insane complains about the changes but regardless 12020 was a very active year for DST with Year of the Carrat, She Sells Sea Shells, Wendy Rework, Walter Character Release, Troubled Waters, Wigfrid Rework, Forgotten Knowledge, Reap What you Sow and two Quality of Life updates, alongside constant new skins and continuous support. The numbers don't lie either, the playerbase has been slowly but steadily increasing, although it's nowhere near what it truly deserves to be if you ask me. Nevertheless, I wish further success and continued support to Don't Starve Together in 12021 and wish everyone a happy new year!
  6. There you go, I made myself and 3 others wear it during winter ^^ It's a nice skin if you ask me
  7. Well I'm sure the developers have something good coming on our way regardless. These Chinese new year events have been getting better and better with each event in my opinion. My only qualm is that, with the exception of the Year of the Pig King event, they haven't been adding anything permanently new to the mobs they focus on, it's a shame. I know Forgotten Knowledge added renewability to Carrats but I'd have still loved a way if we had something permanent from the Year of The Carrat; perhaps Carrat racing equipment from sunken treasures or a Carrat pet from Critter's Den. Beefalos are one of the most substantial and sophisticated mobs in the game with herd mentality, shaving, going on heat, reproduction and domestication mechanisms. I feel like this year's event will mostly be a temporary activity similar to the carrat race, perhaps this time something equestrian like a dressage with a special event saddle or chariot races or even cosmetic items like necklaces you can place on beefs to get some benefits. At the same time, internally I'm hoping that at the end of the update we'll get a few improvements or additions to beefalo domestication as well as a way to prevent their extinction, like what was done with Volt Goats. On the music side of things, the main menu theme from Year of the Carrat still remains to be my personal favorite tune DST came up with, surpassing my other favorites like Starver's Carol, Classic Main theme or Shipwrecked Main theme. I'm hoping the Year of the Beefalo will have a similarly amazing and memorable theme too. Also I'm personally interested a lot too because Ox is actually my Chinese zodiac :P
  8. They look a little withered, but nostalgic nevertheless. I'll miss these nice circular improved farms. Never accepted how terribly inefficient they were before getting an actually good farming system.
  9. Honestly all three are pretty good options to solo a world. But personally I can't be bothered with beating bosses like Beequeen, Dragonfly and Toadstool solo without catapults so my choice would be Winona. Besides, her catapults are very handy in conquering the world and making it bend to your will in comparison to Warly's temporary boosts or Woody's temporary transformations. You can make very convenient hound traps, moonstone battlegrounds, bunnymen farms, Warg farms and all sorts of other designs. Her fast crafting and spotlights for the chest area/kitchen are also pretty useful. Not to mention thanks to the trusty tapes you can largely ignore sewing kits and boat patches, making seafaring and clothe caring so much more convenient. You should also bear in mind how Vegetable Stinger is one of the best dishes to have as your favorite, easily fixing your hunger issues on top of their actual function of never making you have sanity issues. All that for a faster hunger drain makes a very convenient gameplay for me, although evidently the majority of the forums would disagree and deem her a build and switch character.
  10. Beyond Friendly Fruitfly slacking off in the absence of players on screen, don't you also find its range rather small and unreliable at times or is it just me? In my experience, it's perfectly capable of attending to a 2x2 garden but whenever I go bigger, such as two 2x2s side by side and one 1x5 below them, he seems rather incompetent at tending most crops and often gets conflicted due to the crops at the edge of its range, slowing down, spinning around and not even tending the crops within its range. I often end up stationing him to just one portion of the garden where I want the giant crops and tend to the rest by myself with a one man band/ don't bother turning them to giants. Its range and sloth off-screen are stuff I can accept but nevertheless I'd love if its AI got a little improved.
  11. It is pretty convenient when harvesting since the seeds don't randomly go to your inventory slots. I think that is its main purpose. Just having one in your farm area and wearing it while collecting the yield doesn't hurt; it makes stuff easier. I agree that for requiring broken shells from caves/Pearl's island, it is a pretty underwhelming item but conversely there are not many greater uses for the broken shells lying around. There is no doubt that giving it a spoilage reduction would make this item infinitely more valuable though.
  12. Meh, steriotypes go as they may, but to be honest fire, as long as kept under control, is a very simple yet effective solution to menial annoyances you dont want to deal with. And thanks to the Reap What You Sow, ash is a more important resource than ever. Fire consumes all and cleans after itself. It's quite romantic and elegant actually.
  13. Yea, I just got some of my Merms stuck in the Lunar island and some random savannah near Malbatross spawn when I enlisted some for those fights. You still have to get them killed/guide them home in order to keep the population of your merm village in full capacity As for the main question, as everybody said, RWYS fixed the biggest challenge of Wurt, providing her easy and reliable crops all year round, as well as giving her a lot of ease when dealing with wetness. But otherwise she is also a very marketable character for a content creator to play as. She's cute, unique, perky... And her skins are very characteristic and expressive. She can be Cute, Colorful, Edgy, Mysterious, or Macabre depending on her skins that make her almost unrecognizable from rest of her skins.
  14. Wormwood is one of the characters that pairs well with most everyone. Whichever character you pick, you'll benefit from Wormwood perks, but the character that gets the least from Wormwood is Wigfrid as she can't eat mushrooms or farm crops and vegetarian crock pot dishes. (On the flipside wormy receives a lot from Wigfrid as she handles fighting, provides Weapons, Armor, Filling meat ingredients and buffs when fighting bosses) However, the character that helps a Wormwood the most is Wortox, as he provides easy healing to a character that is otherwise mostly dependant on Sleeping, Healing Items and Fertilizers to heal. What Wortox gets from this interaction is lots of unfilling food that he can nevertheless use to restore his hunger without losing sanity, although he benefits more from characters that excel in gathering lots of meat. Wormwood and Wickerbottom is not a bad pair up as she can read Horticulture Abridged to quickly grow lots of wild crops and wormwood can easily plant more and more sanity crops like Watermelon, Asparagus, Toma Roots, Garlic, Onions and Potatoes. Besides the tents and siestas will be all Wormwood's to enjoy since the old woman can't sleep and Wormwood loves sleeping. Wickerbottom also possesses the tools to defeat bosses like beequeen without a sweat due to her tentacle book, which can help out your base. In a similar vein, Winona is also a great matchup. She is another one of the hunger-challenged characters so she'll appreciate all the produce Wormwood can easily provide while she offers the tools to make boss fights like Dragonfly and Beequeen pretty easy, as well as making effective farms like bunnymen farms or moonstone fortresses. Combining her Catapults and Wormwood's Bramble Traps, you can make pretty amazing fortresses all around tbh. She's also one of the best sailing characters with her own easy to produce boat patches and can quickly provide you with the materials for Growth Formula Starter. Woodie is also good as he his skillset is very versatile and can save Wormwood from ever bothering from hurting trees. He can do easy exploration, transportation, boss fighting, crowd control etc. and Wormwood will easily provide products to fix up his hunger, health and sanity after transformations. Warly is an obviously good matchup, as more and easy agriculture provided by Wormwood will allow Warly to make all his special food very easily and more in quantity, helping you out both with his spices and dishes. Wendy is a fine match up as through using Abigail she can crowd control and decimate most any regular mobs, easily providing base with silk, monster meat, bananas, ruins goodies, manure etc; helping Wormwood avoid necessary yet menial fights. Also both characters' favorite dish revolves around bananas and Wendy is the character that excels at mass gathering bananas. Wolfgang similarly is a good matchup as Wormwood can easily mass produce tons of food, including his favourites; potatoes. With his might Wolfgang can handle most fights easily, helping with the bosses a lot and saving Wormwood from unnecessary battles. Wurt also comes to mind since combined, both of you can pretty much live off with the crops and special veggie dishes easily. She can build a merm empire to make gathering wood, mining and boss fighting a simple affair. Wormwood's bramle husk makes fighting tentapillars a walk in the park so Wurt can more easily amass tentacle spots for Merm Flortifications. Willow should not be forgotten too as having her will guarantee more efficient fuel usage for fires so you'll save up on logs, charcoal and manure. Her teddy bear will also handle fighting with shadow monsters for Wormy so that he doesn't bother losing health over getting nightmare fuel. Maxwell is also always welcome as he'll be the master of unliving resource collection - wood, and minerals while wormwood will gather living material. This is a somewhat flawed matchup though as both characters struggle with keeping their health and as Wormwood doesn't need health foods, Maxwell won't need any sanity foods.
  15. > Thank you very much for using Willow's Premium Weed Removal services! We hope you were satisfied with the results and we hope to help you with your weed related problems anytime, any day.
  16. I think you're being a little bit too harsh on Klei; as far as the definition of the Labor of Love goes, I think DST is a super fitting title; still very actively getting updates, reworks and events; a title released in 2016 but still kept very relevant, new and inviting. Sure, I wish that bugs and glitches were more actively hunted and everything in the game were more balanced but as far as new content goes there aren't many games released 3+ years ago that are so consistently getting large content updates. I wouldn't say their updates are very late game focused either. Including RWYS, most of the Return of Them Updates have an overworld focus, aiming to expand the options of players in midgame - players that learned the basics and looking to expand their scope- Sailing, Fishing, Farming all affect the gameplay of pretty much all players besides the first time players. I think only She Sells Sea Shells and Forgotten Knowledge were updates specifically geared towards very late game players, even so still offering content to mid game players. And their Reworks and Events; they are all about enhancing the gameplay experience of players at any stage of the game.
  17. Heh, I didn't even know No Man's Sky was still a thing ever since myself and thousands just refunded the game on release. Glad to hear it still has a small and dedicated fanbase that struck around despite the monumentally controversial release, and the game is still getting supported by updates. Honestly from my personal steam library of 100+ games and what I know of the other nominations I'd say DST might seriously be one of the games best fit for the reward of "released sometime ago, still kept relevant thanks to consistent updates". Town of Salem is also a good nomination but it has a small player base so it could never compete; Team Fortress 2 is still relevant but largely abandoned by the developers since Pyro update; Mortal Kombat 11 got great updates this year but 2019 release date still seems too soon to be considered; I think GTA V and Payday 2 are still being updated I guess so they may have been nominated, Binding of Isaac still got a while for the next update I think...
  18. Huh why is even Among Us in this list, wasn't Labor of Love specifically about games that didn't come out this year and thus couldn't be put into other categories but still stay relevant due to the updates and support it received throughout the years? I though Among Us was a 2020 game, did it just become popular in 2020 instead?
  19. What you're looking for is the Wilderness Mode, an actual mode of the game and the least popular mode one unfortunately. But I think it's really fun.
  20. Perhaps the opposite actually, so that there could be a real trade-off between inventory slots and effectiveness. Imagine Breezy Vest, Summer Frest and Dapper Vest having six slots Puffy Vest, Rain Coat, Hibearnation Vest, Flortal Shirt and Slurper Pelt having four slots. I'm not sure if this is nonesense or not but it seems some sort of pocket system that gives clothing items some inventory slots sound like the best solution.
  21. I have a feeling they'll re-distribute the Salt Box skin in April Fool's Day of 12021. I wonder if they'll start a tradition of giving out funny/memey skins every every April Fools like they do with Valentines day and its Telltale Heart skins. Last year was the first time ever they did that with April fools but I'd love another "minor event" tradition.
  22. I wouldn't really say "just bragging rights". If you grow them regularly you end up with more crops than an 12 player base can eat. I mean just growing giant pumpkins in a monoculture 2x2 farm grants you over 80 pumpkins (around 100 mostly) in merely 3 days; since the low stress conditions for giants also means they'll grow quickest they can. That's days and days worth of hunger, ideal for trips. All it takes is some watering and a few fertilizing. Friendly Fruitfly already covers care and if you go with crop combos you won't even need fertilizing; in spring you likely won't even need watering. Another sneaky perk of giants is that they take about two seasons to spoil so after you produce them smash them anytime for about 3 fresh crops at your convenience. I'd go as far as to say that a well cared farm is quite a sustainable alternative to hunting or even most of the crock pot dishes.
  23. Personally, if chest slot was a separate slot than storage slot, then I'd absolutely be using chest clothing items all the time, even less effective ones like Breezy Vest, Dapper Suit, Summer Frest etc. For now, only the chest feel like they're worth wearing over backpacks and that's because you can just keep them in your inventory and wear them during combat situations. Idk how they can make the chest items more worthwhile otherwise... Harsher seasons beyond year 2 where thermal or head insulation aren't enough? Funky perks to the items like sanity regen, some damage protection, decreased freezing/overheating damage or befriending koelephants? A headgear backpack that you can only use if chest slot is occupied by a clothing item?
  24. Wait, do their rotten counterparts also do that or must they be fresh. I try my best not to rot them due to the pesky fruitflies but it's always funny when hounds or pigs get stuck in my Potato or Pumpkin yield field