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  1. Pacu OverCrowded

    Not entirely sure about the wild one, but any tamed pacu will always lay an egg before dying even with the overcrowded debuff. A pacu living all 25 cycles of its lifespan, actually 20 due to 5 cycles of being a tiny baby, will produce 20 * 7 = 140% progress towards an egg, or 1 egg to round it up, this is of course with the overcrowded debuff.
  2. @Craigjw, is it possible to use a bridge to nowhere to move the unstorable item ?
  3. Hey! So this is my first post ever on an any type of forum so I ask you guys to please go easy on me. I've seen many builds to achieve a fully automated hatch farm and so I decided to just add on to the pile and submit my own attempt. This is based off of an existing thread on this forum (Almost) Set-And-Forget Automated Hatch Ranch, however this one is pre-QOL Mk1 and lacks the critter sensors, I did mess around with his design without the critter sensors and it is possible though an utter nightmare, using weight plates to achieve a similar setup. This setup is as most hatch farms completely self-powered, even when using regular hatches as opposed to sage hatches, and also tuneable by modifying some of the automation detection values. It will hatch hatches in its "kill chamber"(the chamber with water) and on death in the grooming chamber will attempt to introduce one of the hatched hatches back into the grooming chamber, if no hatch is capable of pathfinding into the drop platform(Mec. door and weight plate leading to grooming chamber) then an egg is fetched and used instead(This is the 200s timer in the automation overlay, should be enough once the farm gets going). It will also control the population inside the "kill chamber", using the weight plate and the second drop platform(Mec. door and weight plate leading to water) which will produce meat and avoid an exponential growth in the number of hatches(This can be changed by increasing or decreasing the weight threshold of the plate itself). So here is the general overlay of the farm: And the electrical overlay: And finally the magical automation overlay: Finally, the shipping overlay to get the byproducts to their destinations: