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  1. One of my dupes was on the firepole and got stuck in an idle loop. They would be saying idle, unsafe, finding somewhere safer in a sub-second loop. I couldn't even get them to move up/down/off the firepole, even after pausing and un-pausing. All the squares surrounding this dupe were marked red, as in unreachable for some reason. In the middle of taking screenshots to report this bug, the dupe resolved herself and is now pathing to go build. But I am not sure what caused the bug to start, or resolve.
  2. I have three Hatch farms and a feeder for Pacu, and none of my duplicants are refilling any of the feeders at any priority between 5-9. I even build new feeders for the Hatch farms, but they didn't fill those either. I even tried upping their supply and storage priorities, but got nothing. This has happened now on two different bases, but I am including the save file of the most recent one. I have tried closing to desktop and reloading, but that did not fix the issue. I have tried clicking load game instead of resume, but it's still buggy. I am not sure why they are refusing to feed the critters, but they are. On the Rustic Crashpad save it seemed as though they had originally filled the feeders, but then never refilled them. On Chaotic Colony, they are not filling the feeders at all. I have not used debug mode on either save file, and I am not using sandbox. I did not see an output log to attach. DxDiag.txt Chaotic Colony.sav Rustic Crashpad.sav