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  1. Wilba could create farms with the pigmans, making not only her transformation considered useful.
  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa very anxious ps: Wilba for DST is not a bad idea
  3. Wilba loses sanity by equipping her silver necklace even though the transformation time has already passed. She keeps repeating the lines about the curse even if you're not wearing the necklace anymore. By equipping the necklace, you will lose sanity continuously. Unless you restart the game, and then stop.
  4. Well, just saying. If you want to cast Wilba as DLC, I'll totally buy my little princess. I'll give you all of my money
  5. At the beginning of the year it was said that there would be 4 new characters for Together. Wormwood and Warly fit in these places? I think I saw something saying about being totally new characters (but I'm not sure if this term was used, maybe I got confused somewhere I read about)