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  1. Well, just saying. If you want to cast Wilba as DLC, I'll totally buy my little princess. I'll give you all of my money
  2. At the beginning of the year it was said that there would be 4 new characters for Together. Wormwood and Warly fit in these places? I think I saw something saying about being totally new characters (but I'm not sure if this term was used, maybe I got confused somewhere I read about)
  3. With Willow's refresh and the new skins of her lighter and Bernie, I was wondering if there was any button that could select the character's initial item skins before creating a world (or in the character selection)
  4. I know that Winnie is a character that was not implemented, but since you are creating new characters for Do not Starve Together, I decided to create the way Winnie would be, I used her appearance because she was a character that called me to attention. WINNIE * has a double personality * she loves the animals, but her friend hates them * is not strong enough, but her friend is Winnie could start the world with a staff that would make all the animals nice to her, and not run away (even rabbits and birds), she could also start with that hat of her that could give 3/4 points of sanity per minute. She could lose sanity if she killed animals and built items that animals use in manufacturing.But her other personality, Minnie would be very different, when Winnie lost a good amount of sanity, she would activate Minnie, who would have different attributes like life and hunger, she would also emanate an area that would remove the sanity of characters who were very close. She could be carnivorous and also beat stronger than Winnie, would have hate speeches with everything and everyone, she could even scare animals like Beefalos and Pigmans if she came too close it's just a silly idea that probably will not work, but it's up to you to create if you guys want to. tnxx Sign in with Steam