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  1. Your analysis and experiments live up to your reputation @mathmanican I love that you may have found a way to reverse the process and generate extra heat. With your feedback and all the other buzz that is happening I think I may have to do a followup video to fill in all the new information for a more complete picture.
  2. @Lifegrow I tried some variations like this and I wasn't able to discern any benefit.
  3. I'm not getting good feedback on that pinned comment. I don't think it explains the issue but it's not a bad place to start looking into it. @mathmanican does indeed seem like a good source to ask about it. I didn't try that. It's a good idea, I'm running some variations on the theme right now and I'll mess around with that idea too.
  4. Thanks to reddit guys /u/Kasuha, /u/AzeTheGreat and /u/DarkenDragon for helping figure this out.
  5. Connect the steam turbine to send power to you main grid, it doesn't supply the build directly. Power the aquatuner and stuff from the main grid as usual.
  6. Updating it to reflect Saturnus's ideas? Probably not. I have an infinity of other topics to cover and as much as I like new and more advanced stuff I could spend literally all my effort making one build incrementally better forever, so I must have the discipline to work on something else until there is some kind of game-changer.
  7. Vole Pups do not auto-wrangle.

    You could be right. I suppose I assumed it because it literally says "auto-wrangle" right on the thing and you can wrangle them manually, so why not automatically? I think it used to work... maybe not.
  8. Vole pups in a stable with a critter drop-off set to "auto-wrangle surplus" do not get auto-wrangled. I think that pretty much explains it, here's a picture of them being not-wrangled, in case that's helpful.
  9. Awesome. The depth of this is fabulous and I'm going to link everything to it.
  10. All builds have strengths and weaknesses, this one is a good design but it deletes much of the heat instead of turning it into power. There's nothing wrong with that, but I prioritized power-generation in my build. To understand how the heat gets lost, have a look at this part of this video here. In your screenshot (for example) if molten gold were to fall on the piece of gold sitting on the airlock door then about 933C of heat in the molten gold disappears. That said, I really like the design and I know ways to stop that problem from happening, but if you save the heat then cooling the metal gets much trickier. That sounds about right for the heat-deletion phenomenon I describe above.
  11. Ah yes! This is great. A gold volcano run much cooler than the other ones so I bet that's why you can get by without a steel aquatuner. I concur with your thinking about water vs. petroleum as coolant, water is more efficient but petroleum can get colder/hotter. The phenomenon of gasses disappearing when they are crowded out is new to me, but it makes sense when I think about some experiments I've done lately, I wonder if it's a recent change. The sand thing isn't making sense to me, sand melts into glass at a high temperature (doesn't it?). Were you using polluted water to make the steam? Because when you evaporate polluted water you can get sand (or dirt, or something).
  12. You might be right. But I'm real paranoid now and I puzzled out at least one weird behavior that makes it lock up with that particular bypass, then I ran it for at least 100 cycles with it set up this way. In that experiment it didn't get stuck, so I'm feeling pretty good about it. The strategy with a shutoff might turn out to be best, but I haven't worked on it enough to say much about it yet.
  13. This isn't the only way but it's the way I like best. Get your metal at any temperature you want and it's (basically) self-powered.