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  1. Thank you for the firefly trick! Do i just release them into the air at the exact location? I know I should plan better, and my only reason for posting was that my world reset itself during my revival animation, but I ended up ranting about all kinds of stuff
  2. Hi forum, when you die at night in Don't Starve Together, you have to wait for daytime to revive, so Charlie doesn't kill you as soon as you wake up. I think a light should spawn and stay for the night, but that's another topic. I had a meat effigy ready as a backup if I was killed, and was waiting for the day to come. When I clicked respawn with only a few seconds remaining before the world resets, the camera quickly pans to the meat effigy, and the revive animation begins, but then a loading screen appears that says "Generating world". I quickly closed the game, but it was too late, my world was gone and so many hours of progress lost. When they put a large timer at the bottom of the screen, I of course expect to have exactly that amount of time to revive my character! I think this game is way too quick to delete so many hours of progress, normally you can just quit the game and revert the save, so why not just let me do that now? I only use it if I die to a bug, but it should be my choice to make.