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  1. When hitting F, the consumable menu seems to have top z-order preventing any other sub menus from moving around, below etc. Even bringing up the system/gear menu fails. Closing the menu allows visibility.
  2. When dig commands are made showing required skill icon, after a skilled digger returns, the icon persists to show needing skill.
  3. I think it would be nice to have priorities set for each planetoid, so when a duplicant arrives, they may have different duties. It already separates who is where. My main colony digger went to help out and will need to do a few other things than it does when on the main roid. Then again, it does look like duplicants won't have high traffic so I might remember what I want them to do when moving them around.
  4. Not sure if this intended, but creating a porta-pod allows inspection.
  5. After the last major update to ONI, navigating around the research tree using WASD goes from glass smooth to choppy/laggy. Usually have to zoom way out, move to place of interest then zoom back in for quick response. Slider does the same. It randomly starts and stops this behavior. Traversing top to bottom almost always triggers this effect. Alpha is like this pretty much all the time. It's like memory deallocation/collection is happening at the worst time when scrolling? Right-click mouse movement vs keyboard wasd. Oxygen Not Included MOUSE.mp4 Oxygen Not Included WASD.mp4
  6. I have the same issue - with a Sweetle - it becomes inaccessible Pepto-Bismal Brigade.sav
  7. Time for new dups - Got some weird combos - don't know if its a bug or a balance issue for later.
  8. After a shutdown and restart - It wasn't possible - or it depends on where the door is built? Maybe there was water in it?
  9. This happens to anything with a electric port. Effects sublimater as well.
  10. Is the live branch the alpha dlc currently on steam when reporting an alpha bug?
  11. Duplicant can build a tile inside a pneumatic door. Since the game did not crash, I can only provide the player.log
  12. Did the server reset the codes? I like to enter in my own code, then upload them. I saw the maps I added disappear and I wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong.